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Roundup for Lawns Wand + Refill Combo Pack Comfort Wand + Refill

(6 customer reviews)

For use on Northern grasses (please refer to label for grass types)
Kills weeds not the lawn
Works on crabgrass, dandelion, clover and yellow nutsedge (and other listed weeds)
Use in your lawn
Convenient, no-mix formula


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This season, enjoy your lawn and don’t worry about weeds thanks to the Roundup Lawn Weed Killer Bundle. The Roundup formula found in the Roundup For Lawns1 (Northern) Extended Wand kills the toughest lawn weeds like crabgrass, dandelion, and yellow nutsedge but it won’t harm your lawn (when used as directed). It starts to kill on contact, while the extended wand makes it easier than ever to spot-treat weeds. The Roundup Lawn Weed Killer Bundle even includes a refill container so you can be ready to keep your lawn beautiful all season.

6 reviews for Roundup for Lawns Wand + Refill Combo Pack Comfort Wand + Refill

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  1. Brandon Graves

    I was leery of the product just because of the name (Roundup) and it’s reputation using Glyphosate, but this is not that same product. This uses 2-4D and Quinclorac. I was skeptical because I know how stout and difficult Crabgrass is to get rid of…well this stuff blew my expectation out of the water! Not did this only nuke Clover, Dandelions, and Plantains, but this destroyed the Crabgrass that I had throughout my lawn. Could not be happier and I’m not even sure if I’ll have to do a second application, but even if I do I have plenty left for the next time. Quick Tips: (My Two Cents) 1. To help the product and set it up for the best success I mowed the lawn before application to better open up the weeds so they would drink in their death lol. 2. Pop the spray nozzle to access the contents, then put one light squeeze of some dishsoap (Dawn/Similar) in there, shake it up lightly to mix, and it will help the product last longer and be more effective.Read more

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  2. Kole

    I purchased a refill for what I thought was Roundup for ‘Southern’ lawns, as Roundup’s marketing (or their seemingly incomplete product catalog) make no mention of of Northern formulas to Southern customers. In fact, at the time of purchase Roundup’s website omitted any mention of the Nouthern formula from their website, and Amazon’s unclear listing added insult to injury. Unknown to me at the time of purchase and after refilled my sprayer and having applied the product, it dawned on me that Roundup for lawns is available in TWO versions; one formulated for Northern lawns, and the other for Southern. At the time of purchase and application, I believed that the lawn formula was singular (Southern) and universal; this is because there are no immediate or obvious differentiators present on Roundup’s website or on amazons product listing. The labels are nearly identical. The formula I received from amazon and ultimately applied to my southern lawn (St. Augustine) was formulated for Northern lawns, resulting in the immediate death of all grass in the area that had been sprayed… I sure wish the branding for either version could make a clear and obvious distinction between the two formulas — even many of the product listing’s images don’t make any distinction between the two versions — could have saved my lawn instead of killing it.Read more

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  3. Michael W. Black

    I live in Virginia, in the Hampton Roads area, and have quite a few of the Norrthern varieties of weeds. I have tried this for two years now, and I can tell you it does not kill grass, which is of course a good thing…but it also does not kill ANY weed either! I have sprayed lightly, and even saturated the clumps of clover, including the ‘boquet’ variety that are common in Northern climates, and nothing has ever gone away…oddly enough, this so called weed killer actually works more as a fertilizer, causing larger patches to grow, so obviously I cannot recommend the product…Read more

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  4. P. Lee

    Got Field Bindweed in the backyard, not crazy amount, but it is spreading. My kid and I have been pulling the sprouts on weekly bases, but each week we see the same amount grow back and some, finally declared losing the battle and turn to chemical for help. Talked to few master gardeners and few suggested to use Roundup for it, but only to apply on the leafs of the weed, not spraying all over. So I followed directions, let Bindweed grow till it’s about to flower, dilute it to the right amount, take a tiny paint brush , hold the Bindweed vine in the palm(with rubber glove) and brush Roundup on the leafs one by one. Took me couple of hours (and a week of backache) to apply the first time, a week later, all the Bindweed has turned yellow and died. There was ZERO bindweed in the yard for almost a month, then few re-surfaced, applied Roundup again in the same way. It has been 5 months, and I have applied total about 4 times, each time is less than the previous. I think I have won.Read more

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  5. American Made

    Three years ago dug up my old “lawn” and planted plugs of red fescue as a no-mow, drought tolerant replacement. Late this past fall I over-seeded the area to get it to fill in more, but red fescue grows very slowly from seed. Bur clover started coming up but I was concerned about using an herbicide on fresh fescue so I held off, and before I knew it that bur clover had just taken off and was everywhere, thanks to the previous “lawn” having been nothing but mowed weeds for years. There was too much to even consider manual methods of abatement, and too much for spot treatment, so I bit the bullet, purchase a hose-end sprayer, sprayed this product and hoped for the best. Having read a few reviews that said this product killed the weeds *and* the lawn, I was worried that my hard work with the fescue would whither up and die with the clover. Not so! This product worked fantastically, exactly as the manufacturer claimed. My fescue wasn’t effected and the clover is dead and ready for removal. Applying this with a hose-end spreader was insanely fast and easy, and I’ve just purchased another bottle because I think this battle will go on for years until all the old clover seed has terminated and been killed off. I’ll also be applying a pre-emergent when the time’s right. Great stuff!Read more

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  6. ConsumerSL

    I did not use a pre-emergent this year and have a lot of crabgrass and a few weeds. There are a number of good weedkillers (i.e., Gordon’s Trimec) available but I have not yet found one that works well on developed crabgrass. I’ve tried products from Bayer and Ortho and others with very limited, or no success. I applied this product as directed and there are noticeable results on the crabgrass. It didn’t do miracles but it does a better job of killing than the others. I will do a second application this weekend and expect continued results. This is the best product I’ve found yet for dealing with growing crabgrass. A note of caution: do not over apply or you will see some minor damage to the normal grass.Read more

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    Roundup for Lawns Wand + Refill Combo Pack Comfort Wand + Refill
    Roundup for Lawns Wand + Refill Combo Pack Comfort Wand + Refill


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