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Ice maker DA97-07365G is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some bottom-freezer refrigerators in Samsung series RF26, RF42 and RFG29.
Ice maker DA97-07365G includes the 9-cube ice mold, control device, 12-pin wiring connection and housing.
This ice maker produces about 84 cubes in 24 hours.
Replaces original Samsung bottom-freezer refrigerator ice maker part number DA97-07365A.


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SKU: B002MYZ106

Replacement ice maker assembly. Genuine replacement part. This manufacturer-approved icemaker is for refrigerators, including Samsung refrigerator model RF267AEPN/XAA-0001. Unplug the refrigerator and shut off the water supply before installing the icemaker assembly. Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the refrigerator is shut off for this repair.

Specification: SAMSUNG 9 CUBE ICE MAKER ASSEMBLY DA97-07365G OEM Original Part

Weight 2.79 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 3.75 × 0.5 in

7 reviews for SAMSUNG 9 CUBE ICE MAKER ASSEMBLY DA97-07365G OEM Original Part

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  1. The Doug

    In searching for a replacement ice maker for my Samsung fridge, I found 2 different ice maker models on the internet that said they fit my fridge. It was difficult to determine which model was correct for my fridge, but I finally figured it out. Here is what I found, in hopes this helps someone else: My fridge: Samsung, model RFG295AAWP/XAA, French door with bottom freezer. Ice maker is in fridge compartment and discharges thru left French door. Problem was faulty heater element. Ice tray would fill with water and freeze, but motor would make clicking sound while trying to push frozen ice out of tray without help of the heater. This ice maker: Samsung model DA97-05422A. This ice maker fits my fridge, and comes completely assembled with ALL PLASTIC HOUSING PARTS INCLUDED AND ATTACHED, including top hanger bracket, ice guide fingers, and ice tray paddle. If you buy this ice maker, all you do is remove one Phillips screw to remove a small panel to access the cable plug, unsnap and pull out the old ice maker (no tools for this), and reverse the steps to install the replacement ice maker. This literally takes 5 minutes and you are done. This is a very simple customer repair. The other ice maker that fits: Samsung model DA97-05554A. This ice maker also fits my fridge. The difference is this part number gets you the guts of the ice maker (motor and motor housing, tray, heater, and cable), but does not include the top hanger bracket, ice guide fingers, or ice tray paddle. These 3 plastic parts generally do not break, and can be removed from your old ice maker and attached to this new ice maker before installing this ice maker in your fridge. Two of the plastic parts just unscrew from the old ice maker frame, but the ice guide finger bracket contains tabs that fit into other parts of the old ice maker frame, so the entire ice maker (motor housing etc.) must be disassembled to get this part off. So, if you want to save a few dollars, buy this ice maker part number, but plan to spend an extra 30 minutes getting the plastic parts off your old ice maker and installed on your new ice maker before snapping it into your fridge. I elected to spend the extra money and purchase the DA97-05422A complete unit, and was happy to eliminate the need to swap the plastic parts! The new ice maker makes lots of ice, and is faster than the original. TIP: Have patience when it is first installed! When I plugged in my new ice maker, it did nothing. I pressed the reset button on the unit and held in for 10 – 15 seconds, still nothing. I put the fridge and freezer into “power freeze” mode (since I had the door open) to quickly cool the insides, and tried the reset button several more times, still nothing. So I gave up and went to bed. Next morning (7 hours later) the ice tray was full of ice, and it’s been working fine ever since.Read more

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  2. Darren Chaney

    First let me say that is product fits and replaces the original just as it should. Although when I plugged this unit in it would not make any ice. I went online and researched why it would not make any ice. After about two hours, I called Samsung, which was pointless. They wanted to schedule a service call, and the CSR was useless. I asked if there was a reset on the unit. Samsung said “NO”. so after about another hour of looking online. I found a blog that explained that there was a reset button on the ice maker. I kept thinking that there should be a reset button on the unit, if I would have looked at it carefully I would have seen it. So I pushed the button and it started with the water and soon I had ice. I will say that after I pushed the reset it took the unit about five hours to make enough ice to fill the bin. FYI, When you push the reset unit it will take it about 15 minutes to start working, because the unit goes through a series of test which makes it start working. You hold the reset button of 8 seconds and then it will work. You would think that the unit would come with a paper that explains about using this. For that reason I only gave it 4 stars.Read more

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  3. Pete

    Here is what I found out. If you hear the clicking sound coming from your icemaker Samsung IMC 701 or GE DA97-05422A, it has no serviceable electric parts so replace the icemaker. Most likely the heater on the tray has failed. The clicking is the motor trying to turn the paddles against a mass of ice that has not been pre-empted from the tray for paddles to discharge the ice cubes. Do not replace the motherboard if replacing the ice maker with clicking occurs. If the icemaker does cycle (paddles move to 3 oclock position facing it) with a clean ice tray then you may have a motor failure or something further up the line (in the motherboard). I went round and round on this and spoke with GE customer service. The bulletin by Samsung everyone talks about on the Internet is misleading. Start with the icemaker, it is the cheapest solution and can be purchased Amazon verified as of 3/15 for under $100. Our ice maker lasted 7 years which is close to when all icemaker fail. It is a tough environment for motors and electronics in general. Hope this helps someone. Cheers!Read more

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  4. SWeakley

    Ice maker in my 8 year old Samsung refrigerator stopped making ice. Watched a few youtube videos and purchased this replacement product. Install couldn’t have been easier. The most difficult part of the install was the removal of the screw holding the connector cover in place! Just turn the refrigerator off, remove the access panel, disconnect the Molex connector and remove old ice maker. You don’t even need to turn off the water since the water flow is controlled by an electronic valve. Snap in new ice maker, plug in connector and re-install panel cover. Wait 24 hours and ice bin is full again. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I give this a 2. Tools required: phillips screwdriver.Read more

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  5. Rey T

    Samsung fridge stopped making ice so I checked Google and Youtube and I narrowed it down to two parts, the filter housing containing the solenoid valves or the ice maker assembly. Unfortunately I replaced the housing first…I have an extra one now as that was not the problem. I ordered and installed the ice maker assemble and it works great. Perfect fit for my fridge. Fixed just in time for the refreshing warm weather drinks.Read more

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  6. Ada

    It was very easy to replace the old one with this one. It has been working fine since installation. Quickly delivered and cheaper than buying it directly from SamsungRead more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    doesn’t workRead more

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