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SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive – SDCZ880-128G-GAM46

(13 customer reviews)

Blazing-fast performance for super-speedy transfer of photos and 4K video
Work as fast as you need to with premium performance and huge capacities
Durable aluminum metal casing means less worry about everyday wear and tear
Help keep critical files safe with SanDisk SecureAccess encryption software(3)


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Custom built for people who need to move huge files fast, the SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive delivers maximum performance so you can set your own pace. This over-achiever boasts blazing-fast speeds up to 420MB/s read and up to 380MB/s write and comes in an elegant yet durable metal casing so you can grab it and go without worrying about everyday wear and tear. Security features(3)(4) backward compatibility and a range of capacities up to 1TB combine to give you peace of mind and flexibility no matter where your passion takes you. The SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Flash Drive is the perfect tool for creators and doers who demand premium performance. [1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. 1TB=1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user capacity may be less, depending on operating environment. Read speeds up to 420MB/s, write speeds up to 380MB/s. USB 3.2 Gen 1 or USB 3.0 port required. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device, usage conditions, and other factors. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. (3)Password protection uses 128-bit AES encryption and is supported by Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS v10.9+ (Software download required for Mac, see official SanDisk website for more details).(4)Registration required; terms and conditions apply.]

Specification: SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive – SDCZ880-128G-GAM46

Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 2.79 × 0.84 × 0.45 in

13 reviews for SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive – SDCZ880-128G-GAM46

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Kyle S.

    I paid for 1 TERABYTE. I need to use 1 TERABYTE. Why on Earth does the drive only actually come wih 920 GB? And, WHY ARE CUSTOMERS NOT INFORMED? *Eighty gigabytes* is an enormous amount of storage to lose.Read more

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  2. E. Mendoza

    Excellent flash drive. It is expensive, but if you need to move large files often, this is the flash drive to purchase. The read AND write speeds can’t be matched. Many flash drive have excellent read speeds, but this one has both. Lifetime warranty? Who gives lifetime warranty nowadays? This is my second unit and both are still going strong. One of them is plugged most of the day and it’s still going after two years. The ONLY drawback is the thickness of the flash drive. I don’t mind the size considering the performance. BUT I have a thin laptop (Ultrabook). The flash drive will bend a little against the desk. With time, I can see the USB connector damaging. This is only an issue with thin laptops. Likewise, using the next USB port next to the flash drive is challenging. You can’t go wrong with this Flash Drive.Read more

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  3. Hinaghani

    I recently bought this to replace another Sandisk 128 GB flash drive which appears to suddenly show errors of drive being inaccessible (still have data on it and researching ways to recover the data atleast). Got Sandisk again as they still seemed to be on top of the list for reliability. The issue I noticed when trying to write on it, it appeared to be excessively hot to touch within just couple of minutes of use, so decided to use my infra red temperature reader and indicator showed surface temperatures of 104.5 F consistently much above the max 95F operating temperature listed. The bigger problem I have now is I cant even return the device for the sensitive data I already have on it now and since it uses AES 128 encryption (and not the new defacto-standard now of AES 256) so as a Security professional I understand the risk and since I have also read some known issues where the drive may go into write protect mode when using some desensitization tools so I have to absorb the loss now, buy another and securely dispose this one or wait for it to just fail one day (hopefully before damaging the port on my laptop). Not happy about the trouble I have to take for the price I paid.Read more

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  4. Cesar C.

    Barely had it for five minutes and I already love it. I especially love the included military strength encrypting software and password. Now I won’t have to worry about my brother screwing around with my important documents when he borrows my laptop. You’d also expect to pay nearly 12k for this kind of storage capacity. $170 is definitely worth the price for around 980gb of usable storage space. It’s not exactly 1tb because the flash drive’s special features need their own dedicated space to operate. I also tested its durability and its quite strong for simple aluminum. It’ll definitely hold up to normal responsible wear and tear usage.Read more

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  5. byron boyer

    I purchased this encrypting thumb to backup sensitive files from my PC hard drive in case of crash. I moved my files but discovered during setup that I had to *PURCHASE THE UPGRADE* -OF $15 RIPOFF DOLLARS- if I wanted to use the drive across platforms or other PC’s. The thumb is useless if your computer crashes because it will not work on any other computer to retrieve the lost files. No where in the advertising does it mention payment for upgrade. I have not owned the drive long enough to rate it’s performance. BUT I SURE FEEL BURNED… I feel like a chicken who’s been PLUCKED- don’t let SanDisk PLUCK you. SanDisk -just another player- and champion of the RIPPOFF culture.Read more

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  6. e l

    i’ve had good experiences with sandisk back in the day so i decided to try out their flash drives… i was simply moving some files around and this thing gets really hot to the touch. it could be a hazard to the computer and other devices around it. also, the transfer speed is not as advertised; maxed out at 200mb/s. why the huge gap between the nominal storage size and the actual storage size? i know this isn’t particular to this brand or product. but i really don’t understand why the big gap…Read more

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  7. Cubes58

    This is not a cheap device. It is actually the most expensive one I’ve seen, however it feels really sturdy and the most important issue for me, is the security of my data. The data is encrypted and I feel this feature put me at ease.Read more

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  8. sspudich

    Great flash drive. Excellent storage capacity. No complaints about speed, both read and write. I am totally satisfied with one exception. I have a 256gb SanDisk drive and the case on it is aluminum. Wish this one had one also. The case seems to be sturdy enough, even though it’s plastic. Other than that, I would recommend itRead more

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  9. Ranjan

    A review of Sandisk Extreme Pro 3.2 USB (256 GB) indicates that the relatively new entry does shine well in its read capabilities although as others have noted it does not write too fast! I compared its performance on two platforms. On the PC side I used a Dell Latitude Win 7 Pro 64 which was using a PCI express card to provide USB 3.0 port performance (barely so) vs a Macbook Pro running Mojave and built in USB 3 ports. Essentially, the sandisk was working in a less than ideal (speedwise) enviroment and so the values presented are an underestimate. On a full-steam, newer computer and port, it is expected to perform even faster, although probably with the same relative lag in the speed when writing to the flash drive than when reading data. The attached data images are of data transfer rates using ATTO software for the PC with sandisk formatted as NTFS (as received from factory). On the Mac, I formatted it using APFS which is claimed to be better optimized for USB and other external drives than the older Apple formats. Diskmark for Mac was used for speed testing. In addition to the screen-shot, the values have been provided in an excel table for clarity. The performance of Sandisk on the Mac was way better than the Lexmark (untitled) 16GB, Kingston 64GB (weakest performer), Crucial BX 500 SSD used as a USB drive in a UGreen SATA-USB case, Samsung T3 (all were USB 3 drives). Samsung was almost as fast as the Sandisk in sequential read and write performance. Sandisk was a lot slower in the random read performance and slightly slower in the write as well. The crucial SSD was slower than Sandisk and Samsung (both somewhat older generation compared to the new Sandisk stick), but faster than sandisk and samsung in the random write performance. The 3.2 Sandisk drive did not get hot even after a couple of hours of use including read-write testing and using software with lots of reads and write, creating backups (prolonged reading and writing) but just a little warm which is a good sign! Overall, Sandisk in my judgment gets four stars (maybe 4.5 if possible) but gets half a star less because of its heftier price and less than advertised performance. It must be noted that on a faster optimized newer computer system and upgraded port it might perform better, particularly if the improvement is across the board in all read and write functions. On the PC platform it is performing better than traditional USB 3 flash drives in my testing.Read more

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  10. Asifa Salehmohamed

    I bought this item for over $200 only to find it being defective. I called Amazon and they diverted me to the company. Of course the number on Website was disconnected. I went through their website and was connected to live chat. Again, they were not helpful at all. I believe that you should do quality control before selling such an expensive item, and I do realise that things go wrong. But if you have a client complaining about your product, you don’t just beust them away by rekking them that they can’t help you it’s a shameRead more

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  11. muzaffer

    bought this one mainly for recovery software turns out software is only good for 1 year cheaper sandisks had 2 or 4 years but tis one didn’t specified any limit i assume u get the full software since paying double the others!! sandisk if there’s is time limit make sure put that on description other wise it is a scamRead more

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  12. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used a variety of USB sticks from Sandisk and others. This is the fastest I’ve seen. Fantastic read and write speeds if you need to do large transfers. It’s even noticeably quicker than the also quick Sandisk Extreme Go. That said, if has two flaws (or maybe one flaw and one limitation). Firstly the little slide mechanism to retract the usb plug is a little fussy. It can be hard to slide in and out and it doesn’t feel like it locks into place well. This is problem all the Sandisk sticks share though it is a minor one. Secondly the stick heats up quite a lot while in use. I suspect this is not so much a flaw as a limitation of the technology. Transferring huge amounts of data at high speed is going to generate heat. And possibly the fact the body is aluminium that heat is dissipating quickly and noticeably through the body. It’s not enough to burn you but it is uncomfortably hot.Read more

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  13. Bruno Trejo

    Si eres Dj y necesitas una buena Usb, esta es la indicada, me pasé 4500 canciones de Recordbox a la Extreme Pro en menos de 7 minutos, cuando con otras Usb’s supuestamente 3.1 me estaban exportando 400 canciones como en una hora, 100% recomendada, me sorprendió de másRead more

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    SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive – SDCZ880-128G-GAM46
    SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive – SDCZ880-128G-GAM46


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