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SEAL POD Refillable Nespresso Pods – Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules for Nespresso Original Line Machines (1 Pod, 100 Lids) 1 Pod, 1 Cover, 100 Lids

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✅ 【Compatible With: Nespresso Original】: Pixie, Inissia, Creatista, Expert, Citiz, Essenza,Latissima, Le Cube, Maestria, U, and more. Not Compatible with Nespresso Vertuo / Dolce Gusto.
✅ 【Your Coffee, Your Choice】: With SealPod, you get to choose your mix of coffee from your preferred brands or to support local stores. You got Limitless choices to match your suits of taste.
✅ 【Help the Planet / Save Your Wallet】: Reduce single-use pods going to landfill while saving money using Sealpod’s made in Taiwan stainless steel reusable capsule. Let Sealpod be your lifetime companion of Safe and Delicious coffee.
✅【Rich Crema, Strong Coffee】: Sealpod is specially designed to use with Aluminium Espresso Lids, allowing pressure to build inside in order to brew all the richness of the ground coffee. Don’t compromise your coffee quality when switching to reusable capsule.
✅ 【What You Will Get】: Sealpod Starter Edition: 1 Capsule, 100 Foil lids, 1 spoon, 1 extra O-ring, 1 pack of Coffee Sample(for grinding level reference), and 1 innovative Fresh Covers so you can prefill and store for later use.


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Number of Pieces: 1. Brand: SEAL POD. Compatible Devices: Nespresso Original. Material: Stainless Steel. Date First Available: August 27, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #24,233 in Health & Household. Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,665 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08GSF5K3P. Manufacturer: SEAL POD. Item Weight: 2.82 ounces. Package Dimensions: 4.57 x 3.66 x 1.54 inches.

Specification: SEAL POD Refillable Nespresso Pods – Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules for Nespresso Original Line Machines (1 Pod, 100 Lids) 1 Pod, 1 Cover, 100 Lids

Weight 2.82 lbs

10 reviews for SEAL POD Refillable Nespresso Pods – Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules for Nespresso Original Line Machines (1 Pod, 100 Lids) 1 Pod, 1 Cover, 100 Lids

4.6 out of 5
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  1. GW78

    Received these on Thursday and waited for the weekend to use them, they were wonderful. Upon opening the package it contained two stainless steel pods, two freshness covers, seals, measure scoop/tamp and what appears to be two seal replacements(pic1). I purchased a package of ground espresso and was eager to give it a try. They were easy to fill taking about a scoop and a half, I wiped the excess off as instructed and placed the adhesive lid on, it made a tight seal. As you can see in the pictures the espresso is a nice dark color and had a nice strong taste, however you can see from the picture it had a tad more water instead of crema that you can see in the Nespresso pod I brewed for comparison. If I was going to drink a straight espresso I think this might be a problem, but I usually make a cappacino and once the frothed milk was added I didn’t notice the lack of crema. All in all I enjoyed my coffee the past two mornings and have already prepared the pods for tomorrow. Looking forward to the money savings they will provide. They even sent me a coupon for 50% my first order of seals, which I have already utilized.Read more

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  2. Tom T.

    Recently purchased the Sealpod Refillable Pods to use with a Breville Nespresso Mini. So far, the refillable pods work great. I am still learning about the Nespresso world and I have not experimented too much yet, I just bought some Illy espresso coffee and started to using the pods. The Sealpods provide a nice tasting espresso with crema, similar to the Nespresso pods. The espresso may be a little weaker, since the Sealpods are a little smaller and hold less coffee. Advantages + Easy to use + Can be filled with any coffee with a fine grind + Cheaper than using Nespresso pods + Eco friendly, as they can be reused Disadvantages – Periodically have to clean and refill pods. Recommend getting a least the 5 Sealpods to use – Pods are a little smaller than Nespresso pods and hold less coffeeRead more

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  3. pensivegem

    I love the fact that I can use my own coffee with these capsules in our Nespresso machine. It’s so much better for the environment too. Tips: 1.) The coffee doesn’t come out as strong as I’d like, so I use one capsule using the “small” cup button (espresso button, I think) and one capsule using the “large” cup button and it makes a perfect cup of coffee. 2.) Take out the used capsules and peel the foil off right away or within a few hours or the adhesive will stick to the capsule and it takes more effort – you have to peel off the foil and then carefully peel off the adhesive separately. You don’t need to clean the pod right away, just take off the foil.Read more

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  4. Anya

    I have a nespresso pixie. I was going to get rid of it because the nespresso capsules are ridiculously expensive, and I didn’t want to fill landfills with plastic replacements… So I got this product. It took me a little bit of experimentation to figure out what grind I could get away with (I have a nice burr grinder). The finest setting + tamping choked the machine. Looser settings produced a watery shot. I finally found a happy medium – had to sacrifice a nespresso pod to test the texture! It’s a step above what I’d call fine Espresso grind. Medium Espresso grind? Anyway, the pods still leak a little out the rear into the pod disposal bin, even with the rubber gasket. It’s not a whole lot (I still get a decent volume shot), but it will require a little more cleanup attention. I may try tamping a little less and see if that resolves the issue… The shot is ok. It’s comparable to nespresso. A bit under extracted (sour sour) but with good crema. I usually make lattes so that’s not a big deal for me…the sourness is beaten by milk. And I did a side by side taste test with a nespresso pod (granted, an old pod….) and thought they were pretty close. All in all, I may pick up a couple more. It beats the price of nespresso for sure. With this and my coffee, it is maybe 20 cents a pod. Not bad. Maybe a bit more if you factor in the high startup cost of buying the pods. I wish it didn’t leak out the back, though. And that the replacement foils were a little cheaper.Read more

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  5. Count Orloff

    I have been cutting open used Nespresso metal pods, cleaning out and drying, and repacking with these seals. They stick fine if you really press the rim seal down. The trick is to PACK as much coffee as you can into the pod. It should weight the same when you are done as a Nespresso brand pod. The super-dense packing is the key to the Nespresso pod. You have to use powder-fine ground coffee, and fill, pack, fill, pack, maybe 3-4 times. Clean the rim with a little artist paint brush, seal with one of these lids. I then turn the paint brush handle over and rub the seal around the rim very firmly. I usually do them in batches of 12 or 18 pods. Made a little wood rack with 1″ holes to do six at a time. Without this rack it’s hard to support the pods for packing. Made a special tamper but any old broom handle or 3/4″ dowel cut into a 2 or 3 inch section would work great. Yes it’s kind of tedious but the result is quite good. The crema is every bit as good and thick as a commercial pod. (If you are not getting the strength or the crema, as happened to me at first, I would say the coffee simply has not been packed in enough.) The taste is as good as the coffee you put in. But I find that even La Llave cheap espresso or Bustelo or other brands I get in the Latin markets is quite good and cheap this way. I mean, 5c for a pod instead of $1.Read more

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  6. KayUK

    I’ve used these now for nearly a month and though I was disappointed at first, I’ve found a couple of work around hacks to make them perfect for me. If you like stronger coffee, use a finer grind or espresso, tamp with slight pressure as you fill and use the Sealpod lid. Once it’s ready, get a pin and make 4 -8 fine holes around the outer perimeter of the lid next to the metal Sealpod lip. This will let through just a tad more water flow and seems to be perfect for stronger coffee made with finer grounds. It seems to have no effect on the lid integrity and the pod works as it should in the Machine. I’m very happy with the pods, if you want better coffee that’s more economical give them a try.Read more

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  7. Jan S

    I have been using these for three months. My reason for trying these is that I spend a significant amount of time in coffee growing countries and thought I was missing out by only drinking Nespresso coffee. (My machine travels with me.) We enjoy Nespresso pods and will continue to rely on them. So my motivation was not to reduce spending. Filling the pods is reasonably straight forward. You develop a feeling for how tightly to tamp the coffee. Too tight and the water doesn’t pass through the pod. After trying these pods I also started to re-use Nespresso pods. I have never re-used the Nespresso pods more than once. I recycle all my pods. (I regularly have a recycle bag in my suitcase on my way back to the UK 🙂 The work flow is: the used pods need to be set aside. Pods need to be emptied/ disassembled. Pods need to be washed. Pods need to be allowed to dry. Pods need to be filled and sealed. So you can see the real work lies in the preparation. The main disadvantage I find with the stainless steel pods in comparison to re-filling Nespresso pods is that the adhesive from the seals sticks to the metal and the gummy residue needs to be scrubbed off with some effort. I always seem to have a bowl of pods waiting to be emptied and washed and a bowl of empty clean pods ready to be filled. I would say if the pods are not washed, dried and ready, one would never start with emptying yesterday’s pods to make the morning coffee. It would be 15 minutes from start to finish for a practiced hand! With all the necessary items standing ready on the counter, I have easily filled pods on a Saturday morning while chatting with my husband. Typically, after breakfast I will sit down and fill enough for the weekend. On the other hand, I have gone two weeks without the time to start the emptying/washing/filling process. All in all I have developed a rhythm where I probably drink fresh roasted local coffee 50% of the time. The sticker seals are excellent.Read more

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  8. Sebastian Dunnett

    These are fantastic. I had retired my Nespresso machine due to the environmental concerns of that much wasted packaging but these have reanimated use of it. Some people complain of the fiddly nature of filling the capsules, but honestly it doesn’t take long and I actually quite like the process. Haven’t had a problem yet; they really are pretty easy to fill. Also means you can fill them with your choice of coffee. Would highly recommend them.Read more

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  9. max thomas

    Been using for 2 weeks now & finding it easier to use. Getting the seal lined up can be a bit tricky at first but gets easier. *I tried using the covers to fill the pod & use later but when it’s taken off it disturbs the coffee so have to press it down again before sealing so now I just stick a seal on as using the same day.* Love that you can use different coffee & make your own blend though I haven’t done that yet I will certainly be trying that soon. *edit*- I was using the rubber cover on the wrong end! It goes on the bottom & stick a seal on the top*Read more

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  10. Wils

    I did a lot of research before buying these. I was humming and hawing as these ones are pretty expensive compared to alternatives available. But on balance I decided to buy these in the hope that they would give me a decent cup of coffee, and I’m so glad I did. My main reason for wanting refillable pods was to help the environment, but they had to do the job, namely a lovely strong coffee. I have had no problem achieving this with these pods. You don’t need a separate tamper, just use the back of the spoon provided, it works fine. I don’t know if the cheaper alternatives work, but these definitely do.Read more

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    SEAL POD Refillable Nespresso Pods – Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules for Nespresso Original Line Machines (1 Pod, 100 Lids) 1 Pod, 1 Cover, 100 Lids
    SEAL POD Refillable Nespresso Pods – Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules for Nespresso Original Line Machines (1 Pod, 100 Lids) 1 Pod, 1 Cover, 100 Lids


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