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Sekcen Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike 4×4 Metal Post Stake 24 Inch for Mailbox Deck Railing, 4 Pack

(8 customer reviews)

MAN-POWER SAVER: Sekcen fence post anchor supports your wood posts with no digging, concrete or mess while keep the post sturdy and long lasting; fits standard 4 x 4 (lumber size 3.5” x 3.5”) post. It truly is a time saver and man-power saver!
MULTIPLE USES: Ideal for securing or fixing fence, mailbox, bird feeder, decking, garden arbor, trellis, gazebo, pergola, flag pole, railing, address post, swing set, timber frame, shed support, road signage, wooden structure, street lamp, signage board, monkey bar and more.
HEAVY DUTY & LONG LASTING: Made of heavy duty 13 gauge steel for maximum longevity, while the attractive durable powder coated finish keeping fence and mailbox posts safe from water, rot, fungal and insect damage.
EASY INSTALLATION: Take a scrap piece of wood to hammer the ground anchor into the soil by using a mallet or a sledge hammer; replace wood block with your post and tighten the post base with included bolts. We include an easy-to-follow install instruction.
GREAT VALUE: The pack of 4 screw in post anchors comes with bolts included for easy tightening or removal, and also ensuring a firm and stable connection to withstand even the most extreme conditions.


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Best Sellers Rank: #71,957 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 55 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08LMMT9KL. Manufacturer: Sekcen. Item Weight: 16.66 pounds. Product Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 4 inches.

Specification: Sekcen Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike 4×4 Metal Post Stake 24 Inch for Mailbox Deck Railing, 4 Pack

Weight 16.66 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4 in

8 reviews for Sekcen Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike 4×4 Metal Post Stake 24 Inch for Mailbox Deck Railing, 4 Pack

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Janet

    Like it, but I did have to dig somewhat first due to a lot of large stones that needed to be removed. This project was for a railing I needed for a steep slope on my sidewalk for the winter. Have already used these before for a wood shed I made this past summer. Took me no time at all. but they were 3′ spikes though, and I used pallets for floor and inside walls.Read more

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  2. Joshua Breinig

    Beware the bolts are mm size not sae , overall great product but make sure your area is not full of rocks or roots broke one but thankfully I only needed three , fast shipping fair price.Read more

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  3. Linda Nichols

    These are the best things to use for installing a fence!! Instead of buying a 6′ 4 x 4 and digging a 2ft hole to bury it, pound this in and use a 4′ piece. This is the second yard I’ve used these in. Great for temporary fence, or in my case now a permanent fence. Much easier to install and remove if necessary.Read more

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  4. Robert H.

    Easy to drive into the ground. Very sturdy and well constructed.Read more

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  5. kv

    This anchors spike are easy enough to drive into the ground using some scrap wood to and a sledge hammer to pound it down with. The anchor spike and clamps are durable with a good coating that does not crack with a little pounding and tightening. Note that neither a 4×4 post, nor two sistered 2x4s will fit exactly into this base, and the posts need to be shimmed. That is nice as shimming is easy enough. I replaced a rusted base support for my garden wooden post. They have heavy coating and I think 2mm thickness steel. The four spikes are welded together below the 4×4 bracket in 3 spots. I thought they will not be sufficient but apparently they are. The nuts needed 13mm socket. I did the first installation by putting spike in place, using level to push into ground, then hammering while checking level. This proved inefficient as one of the nuts went into the ground and I had not put the post in yet. Also considering sometimes the posts don’t fit well, it is good to put post in first, tighten, and then hammer into ground. Also helps for the post level, since it can tie to the post now, and not just the spike. I did not want to work with concrete, and this is a faster and convenient process.Read more

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  6. Jeff

    I have to say that using these is MUCH faster than digging. There are some trade offs though and it will depend on your area that you live if these will be factors. If you are a stickler for your posts being plumb, here, in my opinion, is one of the trade offs. You will need to make sure that this post anchor is checked for plumb on 2 sides while you’re driving it into the ground. If one of your sides is off, its harder to fix than setting a post in concrete. One of the other factors to take into consideration is the frost line. In my area, the frost line is 27″. For those that do not understand what this is, it means that if your post is above that frost line, your fence could fall over within a couple of years. If your post is below that frost line, your fence stands a chance of lasting longer. The problem that I have with these for my area is that these are not deep enough to go below the frost line as they are only 18 inches into the ground. Now what I really like about these is that the wood post is encased around a metal frame. This is nice when you’re edging your fence. No damage is done to your fence posts.Read more

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  7. WD

    I have looked into many different fence post stakes and this was a good compromise of price and durability. There are versions outhtere that are much heavier duty but they are also 2-3x the price of these. I am looking to put in a low front fence that is more decorative and mainly there to keep neighborhood dogs from using my front yard as a litter box so there isn’t much moment force from the fence itself because it will be pretty ight weight and low to the ground. I would be more concerned about using this for a full height (6′ tall) privacy fence where the fence will be heavier and the moment forces are much greater especially when you factor in wind loads on the fence. These stakes are perfect for my application. Cost effective, easy to install and looks pretty good in the ground. I ‘m not keen about how much of the hardware is exposed after you but with a little planning that can be hidden by the design of the fence and trim.Read more

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  8. AmazonAddict

    I used this to mount a 4×4 post into the ground to mount my hose reel on. It had to be sturdy because the last post kept leaning every time it rains. This has been installed for almost a month and it has held solid ever since. I even pull harder than normal sometimes just to test if it will budge, and it is SOLID. I would trust this for much more than a hose reel, not sure about a fence though… But that is not my line of expertise to say with certainty. What I can say is that this was much better than digging a giant hole and pouring concrete for a simple hose reel post. So if you are going for convenience, and saving time and physical labor, these are exactly what you are looking for. 5 stars all day, no complaints on these!!Read more

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    Sekcen Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike 4×4 Metal Post Stake 24 Inch for Mailbox Deck Railing, 4 Pack
    Sekcen Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike 4×4 Metal Post Stake 24 Inch for Mailbox Deck Railing, 4 Pack


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