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Shelf Reliance Pantry Can Organizers – Customizable Can Lengths – First In First Out Rotation – Storage for Canned Goods in Kitchen Cupboard, Pantry and Cabinet – USA (Pantry Plus 2 Pack – 120 cans)

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Easy Organization (2 Pack) – Our patented FIFO can-rotation is a system you won’t find anywhere else, saving you from expired food and wasted space and money! Designed to store tuna size cans all the way to 30 oz cans. Holds up to 120 cans and 200 pounds. Perfect for your pantry organization needs.
Fully Adjustable – Unlike other FIFO systems out there, our design allows you to adjust to your can size needs. Perfect for small chili cans, soup cans and large 30 oz tomato cans, you get to decide!
Compact Design – Product dimensions are 11” H X 30” W X 16.5” D (30″ at its widest). Easily connect additional Cansolidators to expand horizontally. Units may also be stacked for space optimization.
Easy Installation – With simple instructions and dowels that click together, your new pantry organizer fits on your already existing shelves and are ready to go in a matter of minutes!
Made In USA – Built to last, this product will be a perfect solution to your kitchen organization problem.


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Need some serious organization but don’t know where to start? Our Pantry Organizers consolidate your food in a patented FIFO can-rotation system you won’t find anywhere else. Our Cansolidator helps you declutter, organize and manage your food so nothing goes to waste! The rotating system you will keep every can in one convenient place for quick finds and easy cooking! Keep up to 120 cans stacked, organized, and right at your fingertips with our large front loading system.

7 reviews for Shelf Reliance Pantry Can Organizers – Customizable Can Lengths – First In First Out Rotation – Storage for Canned Goods in Kitchen Cupboard, Pantry and Cabinet – USA (Pantry Plus 2 Pack – 120 cans)

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  1. Newly Minted Math Nerd

    On the one hand, I am very happy I got this because now my pantry is super organized. On the other, it was a PAIN to put together. If you have varying can sizes, like I do, you’d better COMMIT now to the sizes you will buy for the rest of eternity because once you put this together you’ll never want to reconfigure it. And I was disappointed that I got 90% through my pantry project and had to wait to order more parts from the company. I am “short” at least 15 tracks. The packages I received had the correct number of tracks in them; it just wasn’t enough to use all the “riser” parts. There is a little leaflet in the pack where you can contact the company (ThriveLife) to get more, but now I have to wait at least a week to get those plus pay shipping. I’d still probably buy it again, though. Advice: Organize all your cans first, and decide in what order you want to put them in your pantry (I did mine alphabetically). DON’T use the ‘space saving’ option of flipping over the top track – that will mean not all cans can be slid in there. Pay attention to what is “right side up” on the ‘risers’ – it’s easy to get them upside-down. And finally, when you put the assembled track in your pantry the first time, test the whole shebang with ONE can each in each slot. If you fully load from left to right, you’ll be pretty mad when you get to the fourth or fifth slot and find it’s a hair off, and then you have to unload the whole thing to fix it. Just do one can each to test the sizes and then fully load it.Read more

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  2. J.O.

    I almost love this product! When you are putting this product together, you literally need to count groves from one side in comparison to the other side to ensure they are exactly the same – and that seems very archaic for something like this. There simply has to be an easier way. Also, when placing the final stabilization “tracks” on the top, it’s an absolute nightmare as they pop out when you are setting them. You end up needing about 8 hands, or a partner (or a teen like I used…LOL). However, I do like the fact that you can alter it to different size cans, and once you have it set up for your pantry, it works well and exactly as designed. I would not recommend it double stacked.Read more

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  3. Andy

    Got two units from Thrive Life, not Shelf Reliance. The pictures look the same. The brackets, once snapped together, have a curve to them. That made it difficult to place all the tracks on without it coming apart on the end you started from. Plus the tracks do not snap onto the brackets. It took two of us to hold things in alignment before we could get it to hold together. They are very flimsy and pop apart just setting them on the shelf. Do not waste your time or money.Read more

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  4. Walt & Jaq S.

    I did a huge amount of research on the FiFo (First in First out) system. I have always been a bit… OCD with my kitchen organizers. Plus I have volunteered in foodbanks and grocery distribution centers. Si I have been around several types of FiFo systems. This product is 100% the best system I have ever seen, anywhere. Plus we figured out we can use it, gently, with our home canned jars! Bonus on top of Bonus! We have already ordered more! A couple of pointers… have a small hammer or small piece of wood and hammer, have some of each item you plan to put in and have it already roughly figured out how you want them set up. Line everything up first, get it roughly where you can just go down the line, gently knocking things into place. Please notice that you are on aligned number on one side, to the same number on the opposite side as you assemble. This is such an easy assembly, then just tap everything, just put the right amount of pressure to click things into the locked position. If you have the hand strength, you might be able to do it on your own. I used a previous reviews suggestion and used a small hammer. Don’t bang it, just give it some taps. If you don’t have a small hammer, just lay down a small piece of wood on top of where you need to tap, then tap that wood. Don’t fear, if you mess up, gently tap up from the bottom and things will come back apart. I assembled it on our kitchen island. I have a tendency to not have enough hand strength to do anything and the hubby always has to help. I did this on my my own. Once I was done, before I removed the place holder canned goods, I took a picture and used it to print out some labels. I installed the labels before I placed them in our pantry. When I took the cans out to move it, I was amazed at how sturdy these felt. Once filled with the cans, we checked the stability again and they really do seem to be made VERY well. I honestly wish we had room for more!Read more

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  5. keyock

    This item was very cheaply made. The idea was fantastic but the execution just wasn’t there. It was a struggle to put together and once we actually got together the pieces did not want to stay together and it kept falling apart in the cabinet. Really disappointed it didn’t work like I hoped it would. I returned this item.Read more

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  6. Michelle Shaw

    Very convenient. Now I don’t have to worry about old dates on my cans because it keeps the oldest one coming out first. The only thing I wish for is that I got the larger one but my shelves are only 12” deep so I had to get the small one.It would be nice if it would hold more then 6 cans per slot.Read more

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  7. Tami

    I was really excited about these as I was looking forward to the cans moving the front of the shelf every time I removed one. However, the unit takes so much space vertically and horizontally you lose a substantial amount of inventory space. I found that with the unit I can only store less than HALF the cans I can without the unit. I can store more than twice as much WITHOUT the unit. Although, keep in mind by not using the unit I will have to continue to shift my cans forward and stock to the back of the can rows to keep the older cans in front, but I find being able to store more inventory, which includes savings with buying in bulk, hold much more value than the convenience of the unit. I will say to those of you that the prefer the convenience of the storage unit, it is VERY sturdy and well made and should it only lowered my inventory by say 25% I probably would have kept them.Read more

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    Shelf Reliance Pantry Can Organizers – Customizable Can Lengths – First In First Out Rotation – Storage for Canned Goods in Kitchen Cupboard, Pantry and Cabinet – USA (Pantry Plus 2 Pack – 120 cans)
    Shelf Reliance Pantry Can Organizers – Customizable Can Lengths – First In First Out Rotation – Storage for Canned Goods in Kitchen Cupboard, Pantry and Cabinet – USA (Pantry Plus 2 Pack – 120 cans)


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