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SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books, Premier Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending, Holiday Gifts for Artist Drawing, Oil Based Colored Pencils

(9 customer reviews)

★【PREMIUM QUALITY】: The design and development of SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 colored pencils has listened to the professional opinions of thousands of colorists and artists. This colored pencil is designed for artistic success. It has professional quality and versatility, and can create a series of bold, vivid, subtle and exciting effects. It can help you find exclusive fun in your creation, so as to create works of art that you are proud of.
★【3.8mmLEAD CORE and EASIER SHARPENING】: Strong and reliable 3.8mm lead core to guard against frustrating breakages during general use and sharpening so that you can color with confidence. They are made up of quality pigments and an oil binder for smooth blending and layering. Basswood and Special Glue Craft, tightly held lead core and slats.
★【PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFTS】: Your children and friends will love this colored pencils set, because this is your hope for them to be artists. Whether coloring their favorite secret garden coloring books or simply drawing on their sketch pad, these coloring pencils will always be a best gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday and otherspecial occasions. Colored pencils are placed in trays of the exquisite creative tin box. It will always be an amazing gift for everyone.
★【Safe and Non-Toxic】: Conformsto CE Certification, ASTM D-4236 and the European Safety Standard EN71, it is non-toxic. Note: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
★【Satisfaction Guarantee】: Buy Now- worry & hassle free! Creating beautiful art should be easy and fun. This Gold Edition colored pencils set is a resourceful range of 120 colors guaranteed to eliminate drawing or painting restrictions. We are so confident that you will love it. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will abide by the free return or exchange policy.


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SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition set is designed for artistic success. Time to Upgrade Your Coloring Collection!

SJ STAR-JOY Art Brand have built a great reputation for their high quality, value for money art products and are very excited to launch their ‘new and improved’ Gold Edition Colored Pencil set. These colored pencils have professional grade quality and versatility that allows for creating a range of bold, vibrant,subtle and exciting effects.

· This set is numbered in consecutive order. Each pencil was placed according to its analogous trio on the color wheel.

· The barrels were created with the environment in mind, cut from eco-friendly soft wood that is biodegradable and self sustaining.

· The barrel paint has a matte finish to prevent glare when reading the color and the font is large and bold. The name and number has been placed on the back end of the pencil. This means less handling and less worry that the name will be ground off as you use the pencil.

· Each pencil has a consecutive number and a color name, alongside, is a code for the undertone color. This makes matching pencils for seamless blending as simple as reading the number onthe pencil.

· The set is made up of several color palettes that match the style of artwork you are creating. These palettes include Analogous, Primary Saturated, Grayscale, Skin tone and Pastel.

· We care about how your pencils arrive, so we have pre-sharpened them to a short point instead of a long one. Shorter tips mean less breakage.

★【After-Sales Service】★

If You Have Any Problems, Please Contact Us, We Will Help You As Soon As Possible.

We have enjoyed growing a loyal customer base and look forward to welcoming you to our Brand.

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Specification: SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books, Premier Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending, Holiday Gifts for Artist Drawing, Oil Based Colored Pencils

Weight 2.56 lbs
Dimensions 14.3 × 7.3 × 1.3 in

9 reviews for SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books, Premier Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending, Holiday Gifts for Artist Drawing, Oil Based Colored Pencils

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Vantastic!

    I have been a Colorist for two years and own over 15 colored pencil sets, to include the flag ships Caran D’Ache, Faber Castell,,and Prismacolor. This is the BEST budget friendly set I have ever run across! It is no stretch of the imagination to say that they could easily challenge the big boys, and tell them to go sit in the corner! No task is too difficult for this set! Blending? A snap? Lay down? Like butter! Smooth as silk!Read more

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  2. Eileen

    I own the original set of Star Joy 120, and decided to order the gold set in the hopes that it would be better, especially since I knew that the set was designed by colorists at a YouTube coloring channel and designed with the colorist’s needs in mind. In some ways it’s better, but in some ways it’s the same or not as good as the original set. The set arrived in good condition. No broken pencils or pencil tips, or dents in the case. The pencils are arranged in a strange order. They start out in color family order, but after pencil number 54, things turn wonky. The remaining colors are clustered by the code letter that follows the color number, and nowhere in the accompanying brochure does it explain what the code letters stand for. So if you’re looking for greens, for example, you can find most of them in the first grouping of colors, but other greens are scattered throughout the rest of the set. I had to reorder the colors into a much more workable arrangement before swatching and storing. I found no problems in sharpening or using the pencils, and they laid down slightly smoother than the original set. There was very little dust produced by the pencil, which is a definite plus. The core is 3.8mm (thicker than the original set), and the pencil felt comfortable to hold. The barrels are round like in the original set. I would have preferred a hexagonal shape to prevent rolling. The printing on the barrels is in a large black font, which is a godsend after barrels with small, hard-to-read metallic color names and numbers. However, the color names and numbers wrap around the tip of the barrel, so that you have to spin the pencil around to read them completely, and that got irritating very quickly. Plus, on a number of pencils, the black paint on the color names and numbers was already starting to rub off. A few were barely legible. And this was before I even started using them. I can imagine that the names and numbers will disappear after some serious use. So two negatives there. The vibrancy of the colors is about the same as the original set. The colors layered well, but I could not get even close to a seamless blend from one color to another in the same color family. That is often a failing with oil pencils, so I won’t consider that a minus. But the colors did not erase cleanly. Instead of erasing, an eraser smears the colors to the surrounding area. That’s a negative to me, since I sometimes use an eraser to lighten areas as highlights, not to mention to remove a stray pencil mark outside the lines. There were some elements of the set design that seemed odd considering they were designed and vetted by a group of colorists. It is stressed all over the brochure that the colorist is supposed to view the YouTube videos made by the designer. The video channel URL and designer’s name is everywhere. Without viewing those videos, the user will not understand what the code number and color arrangement means, nor why there are two copies of the enclosed swatch chart, nor the meaning of such color theory terms in the brochure as “analogous trio” and “primary saturated.” The brochure write-up claims that to be an successful colorist, the user should watch the videos. Nope. A lot of that verbiage was simply blatant advertising for the YouTube channel. This set should be able to be understood intuitively by the most inexperienced colorist without spending a few hours watching videos, so that was a definite negative to me and to several others who told me it had too steep a learning curve for the casual colorist. Moving on to the colors themselves, thankfully there are no metallic colors like the original set has. The color names are sometimes straightforward and familiar, and sometimes cutesy like they are in Black Widow (although some people might take offense at the color name “cheap blonde”). But what I could not understand is how some of the color names could be misspelled. For example, “maize” is spelled “maze.” I expect this type of mistake from a bargain Chinese pencil, but not one designed by a native English-speaking YouTube artist. One of the two truest reds in the set is called “Georgia peach.” Georgia peach is normally a peach color (just ask Pantone). But red? Really? As for the color range, it is different than that in the original set. I wouldn’t say it’s better – just different. And once they’re placed in a more workable order, there are a few that are very close in hue. But a glaring error in the color selection is a lack of a white pencil. I know most whites can’t overwrite darker colors to produce bright white highlights, but a white pencil is good as a blender. Unlike a colorless blender, it slightly lightens the tint or mutes the color while burnishing. How can the set not have a white? There are a lot of greens and green-blues in the set, but very few pure blues and few browns. There are a lot of good flesh tones, however, and some nice pastels. There are a lot of grays, but they are a poor selection of grays. There are four French grays. French gray has a brownish undertone. There are 3 warm grays. Warm gray also has a brownish or beige undertone. This set has no cool grays, however. Cool grays have a bluish undertone. Plus, there are a very pale blue gray and a green gray. To me, this is another glaring color selection error. I use warm or French grays to deepen warm colors and cool grays to deepen cool colors. The way the color selection stands, I can neither lighten the tint of a color with white nor darken the tone of a cool color with cool gray. To me, that does not make for a very effective coloring system, so overall it’s disappointing. The upshot of this long review? The new gold set is OK but not great. After all the hype, I was expecting a true colorist-in-mind set, but it’s not. There are other oil-based sets that are better, like the square Brutfuner 120 set (which has more vibrant colors and won’t roll off a table). If you already own the original Star Joy set, the gold might not be worth buying, but if you don’t, it could be a worthwhile purchase, especially if you don’t use lots of grays, blues, and browns and want lots of flesh tones.Read more

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  3. Orchidlady

    The pencils are nice but they were not rebranded Deli pencils as we had been told. Lying to customers is a no no. I like the color selection so I am keeping but they are thinner than Deli and not as creamy. But they are ok. If you like the color choice get them. But if you want super creamy then get Deli. And tell the truth in the future.Read more

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  4. Pilar G.A.

    This product is one of the best that I’ve tried. I’m artist and I color with colored pencils. I have all brands possibles…prismacolor, faber Castell polychromos, marco Renoir and raffine, kol-I-nor, Arteza…. This product is Arteza quality but half price. Good pigment, colors, blending, no toxic smell (for me it’s very important ) and the price is half than Arteza for 120 colors. If you want to start to color with professional colors I recommend this brand. The best quality for the price…no doubts!!Read more

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  5. Color Me Celestial

    This is an updated review for the new Star Joy Gold set. I think I like them even more than the previous set. The colors are great and I especially love the skin tone selection.Read more

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  6. BarbH

    I bought these pencils to color in color books. They arrived in excellent shape and I swatched them out according to my idea of how they fit together in color families. They have good pigment and sharpen well. They are light in the hand so would be good for someone with hand problems that can’t use heavy pencils. They are definitely oil not wax pencils. I plan on buying another set if they come back in stock.Read more

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  7. Lady Kikyo

    Ok, I bought the original set of Star Joy pencils, which this supposedly to be the original 120 set, but it’s not! This is for the Star Joy Gold pencils!!! And don’t buy in to the hype that all the YouTube influencers tell you, they’re called influencers for a reason, because they influence you to buy whatever it is they are trying to sell. So, for the original set, I gave 5 stars, but I subtracted stars for the deception that these are the original Star Joy set when in fact it’s the new Gold set, which I don’t own and I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy. If you lie people won’t trust you anymore.Read more

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  8. S. Batten

    I really like these pencils. They are a mix between prisma and Polychromos. Only con is they break easily when sharpening but for the price still good quality. Wish the skin colours were betterRead more

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  9. Fabrizio Serati ladaga

    No se mezclan los colores

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    SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books, Premier Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending, Holiday Gifts for Artist Drawing, Oil Based Colored Pencils
    SJ STAR-JOY Gold Edition 120 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books, Premier Coloring Pencils Set for Layering Shading Blending, Holiday Gifts for Artist Drawing, Oil Based Colored Pencils


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