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Skip Hop Toddler Step Stool, Double Up

(13 customer reviews)

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Ages 9m+


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A big-kid boost to toddler independence, our 2-in-1 step stool makes everything easier for kids to reach. Perfect at the bathroom sink and toilet for potty training, it’s also great as a kitchen helper and more. Use the space-saving nesting stools together as a stepped design for an easier climb, or separately.

Specification: Skip Hop Toddler Step Stool, Double Up

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.7 × 2.4 × 4.65 in

13 reviews for Skip Hop Toddler Step Stool, Double Up

4.6 out of 5
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  1. TxLnghrnSam

    Make sure to check the measurements of what you need. Basing this on the picture I thought the smaller part was a normal step stool height and the bigger one would be like the higher ones so my 1 yr old could reach to wash his hands in the bathroom sink (which really isn’t that high) but that is not the case. The bigger one is the height of the usual standard of smaller step stools like the ones that fold up flat and you can put by the toilet or something. The smaller one wouldn’t even be high enough for my kid to get on the toilet. Fine if that’s what you’re looking for but having a stair kind of thing for that short seems silly.Read more

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  2. Kikikins

    We have one side our our house that faces the street, and one that faces the street. As far as my 18 month old is concerned, the street side is the only interesting side. Unfortunately for him, we live in a 3 story townhouse with all the windows designed for the 5+ crowd. We have a number of stools, but none are easy for an 18 month old to climb. Enter the skip hop. The stair step design is GENIUS. I put it up while my kid was at daycare, and he came home and immediately climbed it. He spent 30 minutes happily watching the cars and activity in the streets. As a parent, there are few better instant gratification moments like the one that comes with watching your child immediately take to a solution you’ve found to their problem. 110% recommend, especially if your child is a bit to small or unstable for a standard foot stool.Read more

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  3. Nicholas

    Our half bath is tiny and so this great. I also appreciate that down the road we can just use the top piece for a single step. No problem moving it as a single piece.Read more

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  4. Thai

    I bought this as a foot stool for myself under my desk and I liked the idea of two different heights for when I want more or less. After getting pomeranian puppies and seeing them play under my desk with the foot stool, I decided to take it apart (there are two stools) and give them the taller one to play with. One will lay inside and the other will stand outside or on top and they play like hungry hippos nipping at each other or just screaming. Its hilarious and cute. Being that they are puppies, they also like to chew on this but to my surprise, there are no teeth marks, scratches, NOTHING. Whatever this is made of, it’s small dog puppy proof! So the bigger piece has become a permanent play thing for the pups. But for any pet parents out there, this step stool will withstand the little ones at least. I can’t speak for bigger pups.Read more

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  5. Kyle

    These steps are very sturdy and easy to use. They’re good for my two kids who are different heights (ages 5 and 2). I wish the steps were both a little taller, just so my kids could wash their hands without stretching so much. I’m also using a step for my toddler to get to the toilet while potty training.Read more

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  6. A

    This is a helpful addition to our bathroom. Actually, when we had higher counters, she couldn’t reach. However, if you have older counters that are a little shorter than it should be good. Our toddler loves to move the stools to use around the house, so they’re not too bulky or heavy. I’ve even stepped on them and they felt sturdy. They wipe clean nice and easily.Read more

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  7. Miranda B.

    My intentions for our almost two-year old son was to use in the kitchen. He’s beginning to love helping in the kitchen – whether it’s cooking/baking (we love to crack eggs, one usually winds up on the floor/stool, so it’s also easy to clean), pour his own milk, or open the microwave door! However, it’s been used to help do laundry, stand at the sink to wash hands and brush teeth, we love it! When he’s not helping, you can find him just using it as a pedestal to jump off and back up again! The two pieces, like small stool and larger stool, never have locked together all that well. We, of course, tried when we first bought it, but the fight to keep together was getting tiring. He’s big enough now anyways, so it’s not needed, so it’s been turned into a table for our dog’s drinking water – what can I say? At least it’s being put to use! Overall, great quality buy! Easy to clean, light enough for them to pick-up on their own (there’s small slot, which doubles as a handle for little hands), and burns a little energy all at the same time!Read more

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  8. Johnathan L.

    Works well. Seems sturdy. Have had it a few days, so far so good. Helps our 2 year old reach the bathroom sink and aids in assisting him to the height of a traditional toilet. This and the magnetic skip hop toddler toilet seat work great together! Once he got the hang of using the potty we quickly transitioned to this, so that we don’t have to constantly empty the potty. This is much cleaner, quicker and makes toileting much easier overall. Would highly recommend.Read more

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  9. T & K

    This is a fine stool and is exactly as described. It is sturdy and there is rubber on the bottom to prevent it from sliding. I’m only disappointed that it is not high enough for my one year old – I think it is more useful for older toddlers. The reason for my 3 stars is because I wish these two stools could be stacked in a different configuration (ie. smaller stool on top of the larger stool). This seems like a real missed opportunity. As it is, the smaller stool is slightly wider than the larger stool, and not very durable. I have not decided if I’ll duct tape them for now until my toddler grows up, or just buy a different stool. Please consider giving my review a helpful vote if you found it useful!Read more

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for what I’m looking for. Can grow with the kids, my older one uses the smaller stool for hand washing and the younger one uses the larger for hand washing. At night time they move the stools to the access the bed. When they are older I plan to move the stools to the kitchen were they can use it to reach the counter top. Very happy with my purchase especially for the price point and quality.Read more

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  11. Morgan

    Thought these would be a good solution for my eager 18 month old to get into her bed. However she’s repurposed them in order to be able to get on every surface of the house. These are great quality and so light even a toddler can maneuver them. I hope to get more use out of them in the future but for now I have exiled them from the main floor of our home.Read more

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  12. A.M.

    4 steps tools later… we finally have a winner. Perfect for below the toilet for potty training. Looks great, and works perfectly. Find it the perfect height and love that it has the little step. Wish I would have just bought this one first.Read more

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  13. nworbdk

    I admit it. I bought these stools for me, a short adult and not a toddler. They are sturdy and they do not slip when you go to stand on them. They are light and I can easy move them around.Read more

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    Skip Hop Toddler Step Stool, Double Up
    Skip Hop Toddler Step Stool, Double Up


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