skoko [2 Pack] Paper-feel Screen Protector Compatible with iPad 10.2 7/8/9th Gen, Matte Texture, Premium PET, for Writing/Draw, Compatible with Apple Pencil

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[Compatibility with iPad10.2 7/8/9th Gen 2019] Accurately measured and tested by our outstanding researchers. It is a Korean product already certified in the Korean market.
[Paper-feel Texture] Increase productivity by applying matte texture to a screen that is too slippery for writing or drawing.
[Anti Glare] If you’re tired of light reflections when using your iPad, try using a matte texture that reduces reflections.
[Minimizes Apple Pencil nib wear] A lot of research has been done to minimize the wear and tear of apple pencils, which are quickly worn out when using a paper-feel protector.
[Easy Installation] Easily pasted from the customer’s point of view.

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