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SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

(11 customer reviews)

Unique Design – Original, fashionable, powerful, potable battery clip fan, a must have Best Seller in HOT days
Powerful – High quality motor, max wind speed 75ft/s, high speed and low noise, stepless speed regulation
Better Quality Battery – Replaceable and Rechargeable 2200mAh 18650 battery ( INCLUDED ),3- 6 hours working time depend on different speed, USB charging from a computer, power band, USB Charger, Can be also powered by USB power source. Note: There is a plastic gasket between the battery and the positive electrode. Please remove the gasket the first time you use it
Compact Size – 19x15x10cm(7.5x6x4 inch), portability, handy, lightweight, 360° vertical and horizontal rotation
Clip Style – Can be Put or Clip on anywhere you want, great for baby stroller, home and office, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips and anywhere need cool wind.


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Color: Black. Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor, Indoor. Mounting Type: Desk Fan,Clip On. Brand: SkyGenius. Included Components: USB charging cable. Recommended Uses For Product: Office, Home. Room Type: Bedroom. Special Feature: Stepless speed regulation. Power Source: Battery. Electric fan design: Table Fan.

11 reviews for SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

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  1. Gina L

    I love love love this fan. I use it every day for my 6 month old son. Been using since he was 3 months. I keep the charger plugged in in my car and clip it to his car seat, so it charges while we drive, plus he’s rear facing so the fan helps bring the cool air around to him. Then when we get somewhere, I unplug and go, clipping it to the stroller or my baby carrier (Tula) straps so we stay cool chasing my 2 y/o around in the Florida heat. And breatfeeding! I prefer a cover in public, so when we are outside, I clip the fan to the stroller and aim it under my cover to keep us both cool while he nurses.Read more

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  2. Cairy

    I have purchased many battery operated fans. This is far and away the BEST product in the bunch. I live in an entirely 12 volt, solar bus conversion. I need these fans to circulate heat down from the ceiling and away from my heating source. They clip on and stay put. I clip them into the bus hatch and they serve as a ceiling fan. Also, they rotate fully in every imaginable position. No “rotating” fan I’ve bought does this. They come with a rechargeable lithium ion battery! So no more purchasing triple A’s or cycling through rechargeables that generally have to be recharged with 110. Now, you can easily recharge these with standard 110 just like you do your phone but I only have 12 volt. Get THIS, the fan has speed control! Turn the dial on and the more you turn it up, the higher the speed. On the lowest setting, the fans will run for approximately 10 to 12 hours on a charge. So for me, they will run through the night keeping the warm air circulating while I sleep. In the morning, I recharge them. One drawback, the little red LED that says its charging doesn’t turn green for instance to let you know it is charged so you have to guess. I charged them for 5 or 6 hours and they were ready to go again. There was no visible drop on my solar battery voltage after charging them. 13.7 volts at start and finish so they must not use much power to charge (I have 3 of them). I’m buying 3 more so I can have a set running and a set charging. I’m so flipping happy.Read more

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  3. Victoria

    I was looking for a fan to use on my Peloton and this is perfect! I have seen ones with “arms” that curl around your handlebars but I didn’t want anything I would be worried about knocking off or getting in the way. I clip this to the top of my screen and the fan can be pointed at my face or body. It is perfect for keeping me cool while I jam along to some 90’s music with Cody! The inside of the clip has pads that keep it in place and prevent damage to the screen. I included a picture of what it looks like on my screen. Edited to add- I have had it die on me a couple times. I now just plug it in after 2-3 rides. Also, the clip is big enough to go over the power button without turning it off, so you can have it centered on screen and pointed right at you!Read more

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  4. Jacobo

    This worked great for about five minutes, then became really slow for about 30 minutes, and then died totally. I thought the battery must have died so I tried recharging it and it will not turn on again. The blades act like they want to spin but cant seem to get started. If I stick something in there to turn the blades it will turn back on for about a minute and then quit again. I am returning this. UPDATE: I returned this and the company reached out to me and asked me to give them another chance. They sent me a new fan and this one works great. Its strong and the battery lasts for at least an hour on high. I may have just had a bad one before, and I would recommend this fan and the excellent customer service that SkyGenius provides.Read more

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  5. S. H.

    I bought a fan nearly identical to this one at Toys ‘R Us and use it on a baby carrier. That Toys ‘R Us fan is okay, but the motor is not very strong and does little to cool the baby during summer months. I also tried to use it to get breeze in a tent while camping, and it was worthless for that. So, when I saw the glowing reviews for this similar fan on Amazon, I thought I would give it a try, hoping that the motor would be more powerful. I was not disappointed. Holding the two fans side by side, the top speed of this Amazon fan is about twice that of the Toys ‘R Us fan. This Amazon fan provides quite a bit of airflow for such a small device. I also love the fact that it can be recharged by USB. Our family has USB plugs everywhere, including the car. It’s just so easy to plug this fan in for a few minutes to top off the charge. Finally, this Amazon fan is more flexible and can point in just about any direction. I was initially skeptical of this fan because virtually all of the glowing reviews (at that time, about 70% of them) were from people who had received a benefit for reviewing the product. I hate that practice and wish Amazon would shut it down. I’ve been burned before by buying a product with glowing reviews only to find that the product stinks and the reviews were bogus. Why not let a good product speak for itself? Despite my skepticism, this fan basically lives it up to the hype. It’s a little flimsy/lightweight, but it has a powerful, adjustable speed motor and convenient USB charging. I’d recommend it. (And for the record, I’m just a regular Amazon customer who paid full price for this thing based on the good reviews.)Read more

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  6. David Schumacher

    I’ve been testing out fans to be used for camping – this might be the most powerful fan I’ve tried – I was so impressed how quickly it charged and how strong the fan was – I easily could feel it from 5- 6 feet away – when put in front of my face it was like a hair dryer on the high setting. Didn’t test the battery life but I’m not too wired about that – since it worked great with my solar charger and external usb powerbanks I had. I really like that you can run it with out the battery. This is a clip on fan but it also sits very nicely on a flat surface which is a big plus. Update – I just used this on a 10 day camp out – and I’ve got to say this little guy is awesome. I used my powerbanks to keep charged. I did several 5-10 miles hikes and decided to clip on to my day pack. It was great relief and I use it almost every night now to go to bedRead more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    This fan is great. I love it. But… This fan is marketed for using with a baby (like clipping it on the stroller) and that is why I purchased it. Yesterday I noticed a plastic cap in my sons car seat. It was the cap that covers the screws on the fan. The cap is about the size of a quarter. I’m not 100% sure how it managed to find its way into the car seat but that is beside the point. Thankfully I found it before my 6 month old son did. Both caps pop off very easily and now that I know, I will leave them off. I just hope that anyone planning to use this fan around an infant/toddler doesn’t learn the hard way. At no time did I let my baby handle the fan, it was clipped above his stroller and the cap fell off at some point and found its way into his seat. Other than that, this fan is great, charges and holds the charge for quite a while. It is very versatile and can clip onto many things or stand on its own on a flat surface.Read more

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  8. Trudie Mander

    This small fan does a good job of keeping the air flowing in a small space. The battery didn’t last more than about an hour the first time I used it. Luckily I had a spare power bank that I charge and use with it. If you’re not running the fan directly off your computer, then you definitely need a source of power other than the battery that comes with it. The clip is sturdy and the fan direction can be adjusted.Read more

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  9. DBT

    Very noisy at lowest speed when using the speed controller. At the lowest speed, it can be heard at 20 feet, and the sound level is 85 db using Decibel X on my Sony Xperia phone and recorded 1 inch distance from the fan. Too noisy for a desk fan or bedroom. I wish the lowest speed was lower and less noisy. However, the fan feels sturdy, it can be used without a battery and connected to usb cable at only 1 lower speed. The speed controller won’t work when the fan is connected with a usb cable.Read more

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  10. Amit

    if you’re going to disney world/land, you need this. the 18650 battery it comes with is amazing. also take a usb power pack with you and have it connected to the fan with the 18650 runs low. excellent for kids and adults. fits well on strollers/backpacks/etc. there were other fans you can wear as a necklace but looking at other folks and how hot they were compared to how cool this fan kept us, i would seriously, highly recommend.Read more

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  11. Dug

    This is battery powered and charged with usb connector. I have it plugged into my USB hub, so very convenient. It’s very quiet and really keeps me cool. The alligator clip is great, strong and sturdy, hooks to shelf so does clutter the desk. Makes working on my computer even more enjoyable.Read more

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    SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black
    SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black


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