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SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress | Supersoft Snugable Top, Extra Durable Tough Guard with Built-in Pillow | Raised 18″ Airbed with Built in Pump + USB Charger (69086E) , Grey

(7 customer reviews)

GET A GOOD NIGHT’S REST: SleepLux’s luxury twin air mattress is designed to be the softest sleeping surface with our plush Snugable Top. It provides unparalleled comfort compared to other blow up airbeds, as it helps you retain body heat all night long.
PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made out of Tough Guard material, our airbeds experience less stretching, punctures and abrasion, while still being lightweight and able to maintain a constant level of comfort and firmness for promoting healthy sleeping postures.
INFLATES AND DEFLATES WITH ZERO EFFORT: The built-in pump (110-120V) quietly inflates the air mattress in just 3-4 minutes with just a single push of a button. It won’t lose air, so you don’t lose sleep.
CHARGE YOUR DEVICE: Our airbeds feature a built-in USB port for convenient charging of electronics. No more struggling to find the nearest outlet! Charge your phone while you sleep with ease.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Contents include 1 raised twin inflatable mattress with built-in pump and pillow, 1 storage bag for convenient storage and transportation, and 1 repair patch in case of an accidental puncture or rip.


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Both durable and comfortable, the Sleeplux Tough Guard Air Mattress with Snugable Top has a surface that is smooth and soft to the touch! This air bed is heavy-duty while still being comfortable and soft, making it the premium choice. Durable Construction: Constructed for lasting durability, this air mattress is made out of Tough Guard material. This fusion of PVC and polyester is not just a more comfortable sleeping surface, but it’s also stronger than traditional PVC, while still being 10% lighter weight. The woven material ensures that the bed doesn’t become too hot or too cold throughout the night, as commonly noticed with PVC beds. Luxurious Plush Surface: Featuring a Snugable Top, this bed is just as cozy as it is durable. This luxurious plush surface is soft to the touch and helps to hold in body heat night long. Specially designed to be the softest sleeping surface, the Snugable Top airbed will provide you and your guests with unparalleled comfort.

Specification: SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress | Supersoft Snugable Top, Extra Durable Tough Guard with Built-in Pillow | Raised 18″ Airbed with Built in Pump + USB Charger (69086E) , Grey

Weight 12.79 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 38 × 18.11 in

7 reviews for SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress | Supersoft Snugable Top, Extra Durable Tough Guard with Built-in Pillow | Raised 18″ Airbed with Built in Pump + USB Charger (69086E) , Grey

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought this bed for my move. Beds had to loaded and got tired of sleeping on floor. This bed definitely felt a whole lot better than the floor. The one negative thing is you do have to put extra air in it each night which is not hard to do with the plug in….I am now moved and have my beds back but will definitely keep this bed as a standby when needed.Read more

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  2. Barb Ludban

    When just blown up they are comfortable. But with in about 10-15 mins. They are loosing g air. I am so sorry I bought them.Read more

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  3. -say yes-

    Great productRead more

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  4. AnitaAZ

    The media could not be loaded. This is 10 times better than any mattress I’ve had in the past. BODY The dark gray body is a smooth fabric similar to what you find with a quality sleeping pad, not plastic vinyl. FUZZY TOP and CLEANABLE this has a low pile microfiber fleece type top, similar to a throw blanket. It’s comfortable to lay on without a sheet and what a major improvement over the flocked velvet that you stick to. This can be cleaned, they suggest laundry detergent and water with a clean rag, then use warm blow dryer to finish. I will likely take it outside and inflated, use a bucket of water with soap wash it down then rinse with a garden hose, being careful to not get the air pump wet, then stand it on its end to drip dry on my covered patio. ONBOARD AIR PUMP AND USB PORT, CORD LENGTH The corded AC air pump is fairly quiet, it doesn’t have a really high pitch like my other pumps have. It took about 90 seconds to inflate the bed to my liking. The cord is 5’6″ long, and is stored under a door in a generously sized compartment on the air pump. You won’t struggle to get the cord tucked in. It has a standard, not fast change USB port on the pump, and works when the AC cord is plugged in. This is great for farting around on your device, or a place to plug in USB type light while reading. SIDES DONT COLLAPSE something I really appreciate, when sitting on the side of the mattress putting your shoes on or getting up, the sides don’t collapse. This is roughly 14″ tall when sitting on the side, if your not on it it measures 17″ tall. This also has slightly raised sides helping to keep kids/adults from rolling off. When your sleeping on it and want to let a little air out, you can twist the switch on the pump 1/2 way between off and deflate to let air out without turning the pump on. SIZE I’m 5’8″ and 205lbs, I’m comfortable and my heels stay on the bed, but are at the end. My husband is 6’2″ and 310lbs. He’s comfortable but his heels hang off the end. This has some baffles inside which give it structure so you never feel like your sleeping on an air mattress, it moves similar to a standard mattress. OVERALL THOUGHTS I’m very pleased with it and expect many years of use if some care is taken. It comes with patches for the fuzzy top or fabric body, it Aldo has a non woven polypropylene storage bag, which is okay if used in your home only, but will not stand up to the rigors of camping. I wouldn’t have minded if they made it of thin nylon. Hopefully this was helpful, Thank you!Read more

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  5. W. Frazier

    This is a good inflatable mattress, in design and construction – Sleeplux Twin Mattress – 18” height. There is also a Sleeplux 15” option, but this model is decidedly better – both in comfort and design. It inflates quickly, the cord is a nice 6’ in length, there’s cord storage built into the unit, and a carrying bag (better quality than 15” bag). The 18” height is good for adult use, it’s about couch height, so handy. The controls have only an inflate or deflate option – no auto shutoff, no auto-refill, no firmness options. The top of the mattress features a super soft fleece for comfort. The quilted top is comfortable to lie on. Outside of the fleece, the mattress is just one fabric, rough and stiff. The seams are sealed flat and sit exposed along the bottom edges. Durability is an issue, but here’s where the 18” shines over the 15” model. This design offers more stability and support, with an extended wall and a lip border. It looks and feels more durable. I’ve included pics of both models. As of this review, there’s a $1 price difference, this one is less. I’d definitely go with this 18” upgrade.Read more

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  6. AmazingGrace

    The media could not be loaded. This SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress is super impressive. You simply open the cord storage cabinet (built into air mattress), plug the cord into a power source, and turn the dial to inflate. This fully inflates in approximately 3 minutes. It’s about 18” off the ground when inflated. This twin air mattress is super comfortable and the top has a plush cover on top of the mattress which creates a soft and snuggly feel to it, but also helps you maintain body temperature all night long. It even has a built in pillow. The bed is equally easy to deflate. Simply turn the dial to the deflate position and the bed completely flattens so it can be easily stored on the storage bag provided. This bed even has a USB port so you can plug devices into it to charge or use while the bed is plugged into a power source. The manufacturer literally fought if everything and there’s not a single thing I would change about this twin air mattress. This will be perfect for when kids have spend the night guests over, to take on camping trips, to use when spending the night at a hospital to be with a sick loved one, etc. This is super easy to take on the go. I highly recommend this air mattress. See my video and pictures for a complete demonstration of the product. No hesitation – just get it!Read more

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  7. jww

    This mattress with a built in electric pump is very effective. Inflates and deflates really quickly. Controls are quick and easy to learn and the cord is attached to and easily stored. Thing is, I can’t figure out why the thing has a USB port. The manual doesn’t explain. Is it for power cords with a USB connector? No idea. Good news is that the mattress is nice and firm. Bad news is it is so firm that people with back issues may want to avoid this. Not a soft mattress, but I felt it does the job. Length is decent. I’m a tall guy, and I appreciate that. My feet go over, but not at an uncomfortable level. I like the height on this, and that they started inventing taller air mattresses. EDIT: Realized I was sleeping on the mattress upside down. The correct side is definitely more comfy. However, it still didn’t feel ideal for people with back issues and the such. Found out what the USB port is for. You can charge your phone or other device with it.Read more

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    SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress | Supersoft Snugable Top, Extra Durable Tough Guard with Built-in Pillow | Raised 18″ Airbed with Built in Pump + USB Charger (69086E) , Grey
    SLEEPLUX Twin Air Mattress | Supersoft Snugable Top, Extra Durable Tough Guard with Built-in Pillow | Raised 18″ Airbed with Built in Pump + USB Charger (69086E) , Grey


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