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Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) Snark SN5X  Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner

(11 customer reviews)

Full Color Display
Features frequency range tailored to guitar and bass
Tuner can be used on front of back of headstock,Rotates 360°


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Style:Snark SN5X Guitar Tuner| Pattern Name:Guitar Tuner Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model)

Specification: Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) Snark SN5X  Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner

Weight 1.58 lbs
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.8 × 3.5 in

11 reviews for Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) Snark SN5X  Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Amazonian Customeronian

    DO NOT GET THE ST-8HZ RIGHT NOW! THEY ARE MESSED UP AND YOU WILL BREAK THE THING AS SOON AS YOU ADJUST IT! I have been through TWO of these things so far and they initially arrive fine until I turn the tuner a little bit, then suddenly one of the three plastic pieces breaks off on the tuner part (not the clip) and the tuner is completely useless. I’ve emailed Snark and haven’t received a response back. There Is a manufacturing defect with these things. The 3 plastic tabs holding the ball joint on the back of the tuner are so weak that you can nudge them and they’ll snap right off. There is a manufacturing defect with the batch Amazon has right now or something. I don’t know. Do not get these from Amazon. Buy them somewhere else. This is as of 12/28/17 so whatever batch they have is garbage.Read more

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  2. silversmith

    I bought a Snark from Guitar Center a few years and still use it. I thought I would buy additional Snarks for each guitar and eliminate relocating or forgetting to take the tuner when traveling. This Snark is different from the original one I purchased a few years ago in the following ways. 1. The plastic is NOT the same. One of the units cracked at the back ball collet. I had to re-glue and permanently mount a cable tie to support the broken collet tang(s). The glued one held but cracked another tang during re-assembly. The original Snark is made from a matt finish elastomeric plastic. the new one is shinny brittle plastic 2. The electronics are different. It seems to take longer to find the string and indicate the correct bias. This is a minor issue. I suggest when purchasing a head stock mounted tuner you have first hand tactile examination. Snarks are convenient but are either offered in decontented versions or they have cheapened them up. Hope the former.Read more

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  3. Seattle Buyer

    Easy and simple to use. I leave it on the guitar. Simple controls. I see why it is so popular. But there’s a problem. The Snark has a poor design and uses low quality plastic that breaks easily, rendering the tuner useless. The part that clips on the guitar, has a neck with a ball shaped end. That ball fits into a three pronged receptacle. Those little prongs are cheap plastic that break off easily. If any of them break, then the tuner can not pickup vibrations from the guitar, making the tuner useless. I was never rough with the tuner, yet it broke. Disappointed that Snark uses cheap, breakable plastic.Read more

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  4. OboeAmy

    Based on other reviews I really had high hopes for this tuner. However, the tuning is not nearly as tight as other tuners I’ve used. But the bigger problem leading to submitting a negative review is the fact that one of the three prongs on the back of the tuner head which cradles the tuner stem and allows it to pivot broke within a few weeks, just past the allowed return date. I may be able to crazy glue it to the stem but honestly I don’t think I’ll waste my time. The quality of tuner just isn’t worth it.Read more

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  5. amy mccay

    I played the violin for years as a child but was never taught to tune it. This product is so simple to use and I get a perfect tune every time. My 9 year old is learning right now how to keep her violin in tune and sounding amazing independently. Very happy with the simplicity and ease of use.Read more

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  6. Grandpa Moses

    It works just fine. However, I just received it today, clipped it on the head of my guitar and the unit broke right off its mount where it swivels. It took no effort at all for it to break. I was simply turning it so I could see the screen. Now I cannot use the Snark as it no longer will attach to ball at the end of the swivel. I am seriously bummed. .Read more

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  7. R. Teaney

    Seemed to be easy to use. I took it out of the box, clipped it to my guitar, gently adjusted it to view the display and it broke. The ball joint where the tuner connects to the arm of the clip if defective. Tried to return but was told it is ineligible to be returned. Waiting for further assistance from Amazon. Very disappointed! Amazon responded quickly and is refunding me the amount of my purchase. Thank you customer support!Read more

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  8. Star

    The problem with all of these tuners is this. A simple program and mic on your phone will be able to accurately convert the frequency to a digital format that can be read for accuracy. i.e. you can download a tuner software on your iPhone and tune your guitar. But – that’s just not easy for me – and many others. I want something right there on my guitar that I can use. I have looked for super high end, high quality tuners but have not found one. I wanted one with extreme accuracy that is made of high quality materials – that will last a very long time. Here’s the problem. Every one of these guitar tuners (similar to this one) believes they are competing with the iPhone software that’s free. So they make these things and CHEAP AS POSSIBLE! yes – low quality plastics and parts. They try to hit the 10 dollar mark. If you look around, you will see ones that come with capos. (really?! how much money did they actually spend making that tuner if they are including a 5 dollar capo for 10 dollars total?!) That said. you will see these cheap plastic tuners for around 10-30 dollars. I have bought and returned the ones above 10 bucks for various reasons (reason 1) they could not tune the guitar. hitting a D string seemed impossible – which meant their components were junk – thus they are making bank by putting super low quality parts inside. Reason 2) the plastic buttons were so cheap that you could not turn it on. yes, I bought a 25 dollar “best of the best” recommended tuner and it struggled to tune the d string A AND I could not turn it on as those super cheap plastic buttons were just broken on arrival – complete garbage. there are other reasons – just assume all cheaply made – poor quality components). After buying the – “best”, I went and looked at this brand. keep in mind that I bought a few of the best of the best (as I wanted a tuner on my guitar that I could access at any time). they all had crazy problems with quality. yet – I bought a few of these at completely different times and all worked. that’s amazing as zero of the expensive ones worked. For around 10 bucks, you can’t get better. Memo to these tuner makers (yes – I am an engineer). you are not competing with that software app on the phone. Guys like me would pay to get a super high end quality tuner with super high end parts to have off the end of my high end Martin guitars. I have no desire to use the software on my iPhone. yes – I have a great ear but in concert – its super hard to hear and that thing at the end of my guitar had better be amazing. for now I am ok with 10 dollar cheap tuners (and this brand has proven to be the best that I have found) but I plan to either make my own with great parts or find a maker willing to make something high end. in any case – get this one if you are looking for a solid tuner. they are very nice and cannot be beat for the price. Nicely done Snark! you get my 5 star award!Read more

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  9. S. Lornie

    Talking about a guitar tuner is not something I can do in detail, I have only been playing guitar for a short space of time. But from the tuners I have bought and used, this is easily my favourite hands down. I love the fact that the item is quite simply a case of turn it on and tune your guitar. No fiddly buttons etc like others. It is a very sensitive device so it picks it up the strings a lot better than the other tuners I have used, the other positive being that the screen is very bright so it is very easy to see in different enviroments. This guitar tuner is nothing particularly special, it is simple and does its job. For a tenner, I certainly can’t complain.Read more

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  10. Jay Fletcher

    You strum it tunes. Does exactly what it says on the box . Very easy for anyone to use even if you have never used a tuner beforeRead more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    C’est n’est pas mon première accordeur Snark toujours aussi fiableRead more

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    Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) Snark SN5X  Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner
    Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) Snark SN5X  Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner


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