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SpeedArmis Retro Ladder Toss Game Set, 35In Rubber Wooden Ladder Ball Golf Lawn Game with 6 Bolo Balls & Carrying Case – Outdoor Yard Game for Kids Adults Family

(8 customer reviews)

✔CLASSIC LADDER TOSS OUTDOOR GAMES – The ladder ball set is designed for 2 to 6 players. Packing List includes components of 2 retro color wooden frame ladder-shaped targets in disassemble state, 6 pair of ladder toss bolas separated in 3 red and 3 blue, 1 thick carrying bag and 1 game instruction. It comes with everything for a quick start ladder game toss on the lawn, the backyard, the beach, the park and the driveway.
✔STURDIER PREMIUM MATERIALS – The ladder-shape targets are crafted from premium rubber wood, measures 35-in tall and 24-in width. Much sturdier than the PVC version and chicer than the metal one. The bolas are made of 2 pcs Solid PE material real Golf Balls and the 16” length of high strength wearproof nylon rope. No rope break worries and play the ladder ball in proper weight won’t leave dent on the wooden ladder. The premium ladder toss set could serve you and your family for longer time.
✔EASY TO SET UP AND PALY – The yard ladder toss game set comes with accompanying screws and a little screwdriver, easy to assemble and disassemble according to the guideline. We offer all the tools you need. You could store the golf ladder game set in assemble or disassemble state as you like after the yard game. It won’t take too much space in your garage. The built-in scoreboard beside the ladder wood leg makes the yard game more convenient when compete with the opposite team.
✔VINTAGE STYLE & CONVENIENCE TO TRANSPORT – We specially develop a new classic retro ladder toss game set for those who love any vintage elements. It stands out on the market, we are the only one offering retro ladder board. The thick carrying bag is big enough to transport the ladder targets even in assemble state. It is also a good covering that protects the unused wooden game from dust and weathering. Extend the service lifetime of the ladder set in some degree.
✔DECENT GIFT FOR ADULTS AND FAMILIES – The golf ladder ball game is a suitable outdoor entertainment for age 12 and up. It is a exquisitely prepared present to your friends, families, kids, parents, a must buy for your next family outing, backyard BBQ’s, camping trip, various parties etc. SpeedArmis cares about your game experience, you have our 100% satisfactory guarantee. If any product issues, please reach us at any time. We will be online all-round-the-clock.


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Date First Available: January 29, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #60,015 in Sports & Outdoors. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 34 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08VD79GPH. Part Number: ‎CAS-Ladder35. Manufacturer: ‎SpeedArmis. Brand Name: ‎SpeedArmis. Package Weight: ‎6.85 Kilograms. Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎35.4 x 7.3 x 4.4 inches.

8 reviews for SpeedArmis Retro Ladder Toss Game Set, 35In Rubber Wooden Ladder Ball Golf Lawn Game with 6 Bolo Balls & Carrying Case – Outdoor Yard Game for Kids Adults Family

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Aigeus

    This is actually a really fun game to play. The game needs assembly, but it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get it all together. It also comes with a blue carrying bag, but it seems to only be for the unassembled game. So, I guess if you want to transport the game easier, you would take it apart and put it into the bag. The bolas are quite heavy, so make sure to set up the game away from anything breakable and fragile.Read more

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  2. Anthony ferguson

    It seems nice!? It folds flat but that’s it. You have to bring a scewdriver to the beach for assembly It wasn’t designed to be put back in the bag without it being completely disassembled. The multi tool didn’t fit the bolt and wingnut. Only works for the screws. 30 minutes to assemble and no spare screws. It’s great for the back yard but not for a trip to the park. Lose too many screws in the grass and it’s game over. Bollards are small and hard like golf balls.Read more

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  3. Jennifer Gingras

    It broke.

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  4. Patricia Miller

    Good quality, but not able to put into the bag unless you take it apart. It’s suppose to fold away.Read more

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  5. Kimberly Bradick

    Broke first time used itRead more

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  6. Eric

    Pole broke after first use. Cheaply made poor qualityRead more

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  7. Atomicwasteland

    I cannot get over these three production failures so I am going to list them upfront. 1) The Allen wrench they provide to you (which doubles as a phillips screwdriver on the other end) is TOO SMALL. It doesn’t fit into the bolts they provide. This is an inexcusable engineering lapse, and from reading other reviews I see that it wasn’t only me that had this issue. 2) And though #1 above was a simple annoyance, something that could be forgiven, it’s the second item that really grinds my gears and proves that the marketing guys, engineering guys, and manufacturing guys DID NOT TALK TOGETHER AT ALL when making this product; the carrying case is about 10 times too small to carry the set. Let me make it clear… the case… as designed… is only for a single use… and then has to be thrown in the trash… when the product is assembled. This blew my mind. Look at the picture of the case. Then look at the set. There is 0% that anything other than the golf balls (or the UNASSEMBLED pieces) could fit in there. I am astounded at this ridiculous waste of resources. (Look, it would be SLIGHTLY different if the case was used to store the pieces originally, and then you carry them somewhere and unzip the case and create the set, but the pieces are plastic shrinkwrapped NEXT to the case -which is ALSO wrapped in plastic, so I didn’t even need the case, ever, because I assembled the set once I opened it.) The reason why this is so irksome, is that this product takes at least 20-30 minutes of assembly, and requires you to screw in every single piece permanently. Once created you really can’t take it apart again because it would take you 20 minutes to disassemble and you wouldn’t be able to reassemble it as well next time, because the screw holes would have already been used. The only thing that makes this set at least semi-portable is that the base of the set has sliding bolts which allow you untighten the base, allowing it to lie flat and more easily be transported in a car. But, in a million years you could never use the bag that came with the set to store anything. 3) this is the oddest one of all. The instructions tell you how to play a game -instructing you that the first person that reaches 21 wins, and that you get 1 point, 2 point, or 3 points based on the run you catch with your throwing balls. HOWEVER, the magnetic plate that you screw on the sides of the bases -which tracks your score with magnets on the metallic numbers- ONLY GOES UP TO 15!!!! What the heck kind of shoddy communication is this? You give me instructions how to play the game, and the game that I assemble does not support playing that very same game. (My young son kept telling me that the game didn’t work, and I didn’t understand until I looked at the numbers. The score was 13 to 15, and yet we ran out of numbers to mark, and couldn’t play the game to 21, unless we only did so in our heads. This is ridiculous… either give us a game that only supports 15 numbers or give us number plates that go all the way to 21). Venting aside, the set is fine. My children and I have played several games with it so far and have not had any durability issues. The golf ball throws seem to work very well and spin nicely when you hit a post, and the fit and finish of the set seems decent. If the manufacturer of this set simply stopped sending out the ridiculous carrying case, provided an Allen wrench that fit, and updated the numbers on magnets, I would have given it 4 stars. And, if they had updated their instructions to make them more user friendly, and provided some way to more easily transport them (perhaps with removable handles?) this set might have even been 5 stars. If you want to play the game, and bring your own tools, and realize that you ought to assemble it BEFORE taking it somewhere, then it might still be worth a purchase, but shame on the manufacturer for sending it out with these flaws.Read more

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  8. Jeremiah L. Olson

    The media could not be loaded. This is poorly designed but has good intentions. It took 30 minutes to put together. The Allen wrench they provide is too small. You have to unscrew most of it to put it away in a bag that is too small. When screwing or unscrewing the screws strip the holes in the pegs making them unusable. The balls are made of something harder than normal. It has a nice magnet scoreboard. I am not happy with it and have put it at the curb for free if you want it!Read more

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    SpeedArmis Retro Ladder Toss Game Set, 35In Rubber Wooden Ladder Ball Golf Lawn Game with 6 Bolo Balls & Carrying Case – Outdoor Yard Game for Kids Adults Family
    SpeedArmis Retro Ladder Toss Game Set, 35In Rubber Wooden Ladder Ball Golf Lawn Game with 6 Bolo Balls & Carrying Case – Outdoor Yard Game for Kids Adults Family


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