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Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] – 2 Pack

(12 customer reviews)

Includes an innovative, auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application
Tempered glass durability rated at 9H hardness
Made case compatible with every Spigen case
Oleophobic coating for daily fingerprint resistance
iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector, Designed for iPhone 12 mini


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Unit Count: 2 Count. Item Hardness: 9H. Screen Size: 5.4 Inches. Brand: Spigen. Material: Tempered Glass, 9H Hardness Tempered Glass. Compatible Phone Models: IPhone 12 Mini. Compatible Devices: Cellphone. Date First Available: October 12, 2020. Manufacturer: Spigen. Colour: Glas.tR EZ FIT. Best Sellers Rank: #2,083 in Cell Phones & Accessories. Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,619 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars. Item model number: AGL01811. ASIN: B08DQBT5P2. Item Weight: 1.06 ounces. Product Dimensions: 1.18 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches.

Specification: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] – 2 Pack

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 1.18 × 4.72 × 3.15 in

12 reviews for Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] – 2 Pack

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Holt

    I tried both protectors and struggled with unlocking my phone and getting the flashlight or camera feature to quick start. It seems the bottom of the screen doesn’t recognize my touch consistently. Very frustrating to have to try multiple times to slide from the bottom to unlock your phone.Read more

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  2. Rasputin

    This was the easiest screen protector installation ever for me. It was completely bubble free on first attempt. Follow the instructions as provided, and you will be good to go. As described, please wait for 30 – 60 seconds after installing the screen protector, before you peel of the top adhesive to remove the frame. There were no bubbles anywhere, and even the edges were perfect. Some minor cons: 1. The screen seems a little sticky, when you move your finger on the screen, especially when your fingers are a little oily or sweaty 2. Cleaning cloth provided with install is leaving a lot of lint on the screen. This needs to be lint-free. Avoid using this cleaning cloth if possible, it actually made things worse.Read more

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  3. David M

    UPDATE: Latest iOS update may have cleared issue. I did not think there was any way this was due to software since the problem didn’t manifest until after I got the screen protector, but after the latest update seems to be working fine. For this reason I am raising my star rating and I may raise it again after I’m sure the problem is not going to reappear. Original review: Loved the super easy installation but like several others on here, I found out the hard way that this screen severely impedes the force touch rendering the Lock Screen torch and camera shortcuts nearly inoperable. After several tries I have found if I press hard in just the right spot I can get them to work but that basically destroys the usefulness of having them on the Lock Screen to begin with. In any case, please consider the loss of functionality before you buy.Read more

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  4. Amy

    I’ve purchased two sets of these for my mini iPhone and my husband has purchased one set for his regular iPhone. I have been really happy with the quality of this screen as protection for just everyday use. But the other day, this protector really paid for itself and then some. I never drop my phone (“I nEvEr DrOp My PhOnE”), so I don’t have any other kind of case on it. Outside playing with my three year-old on our concrete patio with my phone perched on the arm of our patio furniture (great move, mom) so we could listen to some quality Daniel Tiger content. Toddler knocks phone off the arm and it falls three feet flat face down onto the concrete. I cringe and try not to cry as I pick the phone up and inspect it. A single large crack has appeared across the face of my beautiful phone and I try to take deep breaths and remember that this is not the end of the world and there are more important things in life and I love my child. But GRRRRR and ARGGHHH and #@$#$%. After we went back inside, I lifted the screen cover to get a better look at the damage. Lo and behold, the crack lifted too. This selfless hero protector gave it’s life to save my actual screen which was amazingly still smooth and pristine. I will continue to buy these babies.Read more

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  5. Michael D. Mcclure

    I usually buy MaxBoost screen protectors due to them being thin and having the least interference with the touchscreen. The last couple purchases from them have not gone well though. Protectors didn’t fit right at all and the edges on one had a major halo effect. Contacting MaxBoost was an absolute waste of time. But, I bought them again for my iPhone 12 mini. They fit ok but did not work well with my OtterBox Defender and Defender Pro. They are just a little too big and the case will push against the edge of the protector which causes it to raise. I decided this time I’d give the Spigen protectors a shot. Have used them before and they worked well. The application instructions were clear. Installation frame is very helpful. Fit perfect on the phone. Touch functions work as they should. And best of all – they are just small enough to work perfectly with my OtterBox Defenders! No more raised edges! I have a Spigen case that they work perfect with also. But, I use the OtterBox most of the time because of the heavy duty protection. I work in construction and need something heavy duty. Spigen screen protectors are a home run for me! Worth every penny!Read more

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  6. Brian Ledbetter

    Unlike previous glass screen protectors from this and other brands, the area covered by the screen protector is now LARGER than the lit area of the screen of the iPhone 12 mini. This is possible now that the glass on the phone is flat again. Fits very well with an official Apple case. Application tool is a great idea and works very well. Only negative is that the single-use application tools do seem a bit wasteful.Read more

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  7. Michael G.

    These screen protectors are my favorites. I have purchased them for three different model iPhones and they all fit perfectly. They have a coating that helps reduce the finger smudges and they wipe clean very easily. I’ve never had a problem with the adhesion, or the “touch’ response from my phones. They are made of glass and -can- crack if dropped hard enough but c’mon, it -is- thin glass so that’s to be expected. Their purpose is to protect your screen from day to day wear/scratches, not so much a hard fall. I’ve had mine on my iPhone XR for 2 years and never cracked it. I put one on my grandson’s phone and he cracked it within a month. Typical teen. But probably my favorite feature is the installation. Spigen makes it absolutely fool proof with their included trays that fit your make/model phone perfectly. I admit to being a bit anal and I always hated trying to install screen protectors previously because it was so hard to get them on perfectly straight. These installation trays make it a snap if you simply follow the instructions.Read more

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  8. Hubert

    This comes with huge amounts of single-use plastic, cover sheets, peel-off-able film, unnecessary dry wipes and more. Eco-friendly it ain’t. And the instructions, while apparently comprehensive, miss out on one thing: Turn Off Your iPhone Before You Install This Screen Protector. I probably should have realised, but I blithely followed the step-by-step leaflet that came with the protectors. I wiped my screen, I de-dusted it, I applied the massive plastic framework to the front of my iPhone mini, I started wiping up and down… Ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo. The phone opened an emergency call, with all the controls and on-screen icons inaccessible as they were obstructed by the aforementioned giant plastic grid. In a mad panic I whipped off the plastic contraption, randomly pressing buttons to try to stop the call before PC Plod knocked on my door with a very sarcastic smile on his face. The protector, meanwhile, had settled on the screen with a giant bubble smack bang in the middle. I had to pull it off, smooth it back down with the very useful squeegee and marvel at the fact that the notch in the top isn’t a particularly exact match for the notch on the screen of the iPhone 12 mini. I’m left with an applicator that can only be recycled if I take it to the dump, and the nagging suspicion that the protector isn’t as securely fitted as it should be. Apart from that, it’s rather good.Read more

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  9. Aaron

    I’m so glad I bought this! I see myself as a perfectionist and have removed screen protectors in the past for not sitting perfectly central or for having the tiniest air bubbles. The EZ Fit system changes that, making a frustrating process quick and hassle-free. The application process was so simple – Spigen provides a clear video guide that you can watch. The screen protector fits the screen well and is perfectly positioned thanks to the bespoke applicator. I exclusively trust Spigen to protect my devices and I am really pleased that they have created an affordable, simple and tidy method of applying screen protectors.Read more

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Bought for my new iPhone 12 mini. It is very simple to fit, in fact it’s amazing easy to fit correctly. Just make sure to clean the screen properly before applying. Does not interfere with screen controls like others have mentioned, must be due to the update. I’ve had no issues with it as yet, but still only early day. Have used spigen previously and can confirm they make excellent protectors. The fit allows for an iPhone case to fit with enough space at the edges. Also the screen looks amazing without any discolouration or distortion at all. Highly recommend.Read more

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  11. Ray Raglan

    Just fitted this screen to my iPhone 12 Mini. It was really easy, following the online video instructions that they include a link to in the pack. Amazingly, there were absolutely no bubbles at all to squeeze out and, with the template to guide the screen onto the phone, the alignment is faultless. This is the easiest, most foolproof screen protector kit I have ever had. The kit is comprehensive with wet wipes, cleaning cloths, a scraper tool for smoothing out bubbles etc. Obviously, it’s too early to comment on durability, but since the pack included a second screen protector, then when the first one gets damaged I can use that. Overall, great value! I have seen in a few reviews that that say the screen sensitivity is diminished and force touch doesn’t work, but that is not the case for me. I believe an iOS upgrade fixed the issue and I am running the latest OS so no problem.Read more

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  12. J Williams

    *I have NOT been coaxed into leaving a review – Honest feedback* Very impressed. The instructions are clear and the application kit is very easy to use. I didn’t have to use the wipes or dust removal stickers as I was fitting the screen protector to brand new iPhones. However, very pleased to report not a speck of dust or a single air bubble can be detected underneath the freshly fitted screen protector. Have only ever used Spigen cases in the past and I am pleased that the same quality has carried over from that department. Many thanks to previous posters who left encouraging and positive feedback. I do not respond well to bribery/encouragement to post positive feedback and will only leave reviews when I am genuinely pleased with a product.Read more

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    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] – 2 Pack
    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] – 2 Pack


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