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Staedtler 512 001 ST Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener No Packaging Silver/Blue

(9 customer reviews)

Staedtler Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener
2 Hole(s)
Blue, Silver


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Style:No Packaging| Color:Silver/Blue Staedtler Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener: This sharpener is for standard-sized blacklead pencils up to 8.2 mm with a sharpening angle of 23-degree for clear and accurate lines. It has a hinged cover that prevents the shavings from spilling. It has a lid with safety lock to avoid accidental opening.

Specification: Staedtler 512 001 ST Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener No Packaging Silver/Blue

Weight 1.28 lbs
Dimensions 1.6 × 2.3 × 1.6 in

9 reviews for Staedtler 512 001 ST Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener No Packaging Silver/Blue

4.4 out of 5
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  1. L Vandermeer

    A year ago I had purchased a top of the line electric pencil sharpener but loaned it out to a friend who had purchased a set of colored pencils that were all unsharpened. Well… this was five months ago and I still haven’t received it back. Then just recently I got in the mood for creating a picture using my large set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. Soon after starting this project I realized, darn, I have no pencil sharpener. So I went down to Staples and bought this Staedler sharpener. I already own Staedler drawing pencils and several other Staedler products and they were all good quality so I figured, this $6 item might be okay as well. It was a choice of buying that one or a very cheap school pencil sharpener or a much, much more “professional” and expensive (electric) pencil sharpener. So here I went. I needed to sharpen a red pencil. Mind you that the core of these Prismacolor pencils are quite soft and have wax in them. For that reason they are known to be hard to sharpen to a perfect point. So I put the pencil in the large hole and slowly but steadily turned the pencil only five times. I thought let me check to see if it needs more turns or not. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The pencil was sharpened to perfection, to a beautiful sharp red point I know there are YouTube videos dedicated to sharpen these pencils because so many people have issues with sharpening them, such as getting broken off points, unevenness, a slanted point, and so forth. Not a problem with this little bad boy. It sharpened my pencil beautifully. The blade must be really good! Since then I have sharpened many more pencils out of the Prismacolor pencil set that I own and never had one single problem. Here are some useful tips: Use the wider opening always Don’t force the pencil in too far. Just as far as it will go without putting pressure on it. If you feel that the hole isn’t small enough, don’t worry, just continue on gently and eventually the sharpener will “grab” the pencil. Sharpen at a slow and steady pace, three turns if this is your first time While turning, don’t start pushing the pencil in harder or apply a lot of pressure on it, let the blade do its job Check the pencil after a just a few turns, turn once or twice more if needed For pencils with a good point but not a sharp point, 2 turns can already be adequate Save time by keeping this sharpener handy Very sharp points are always fragile so handle your pencil gently. On a piece of scrap paper gently make a few circles while holding the pencil vertically. You may see some “debris” come off. This will take off that super sharp point just enough to where you can draw fine lines without breakage while applying gentle pressure. If this is your very first time using this sharpener, start with three turns, then check. After you have used this sharpener for several times on the Prismacolors, you will develop a feel for it and you will only turn them the minimum amount of times needed without wasting any pencil. These pencils are not cheap. The enemy of sharpening any type of pencil is over sharpening and dull blades. Always be gentle using your freshly sharpened pencil. The sharper the point, the easier they can break but they won’t break if you follow my directions. The key is to be gentle while sharpening and count your turns. Check your point after three or four turns, don’t push the pencil in real hard and while sharpening, don’t push the pencil in any further than in the beginning. Lots of explanations, yet super easy to do if you follow the tips above! Save your money on electric sharpeners. They over sharpen no matter how good they are. You will lose valuable pencil lead. This thing is faster than walking to your electric unit to sharpen a pencil plus you can travel with it! I hope my comments and tips will help you enjoy your pencil artwork without frustration. Happy drawing and coloring!Read more

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  2. t0ny260

    The best sharpener out there! The actual sharpener inside is made out of metal and the case is hard plastic! The lid closes completely which I love because it prevents the debris from coming out inside your backpack! I was using the “twist and sharp” sharpener and it keeps jamming! It has no lid so the inside of your backpack gets covered in dusty lead that covers everything you put inside.Read more

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  3. Travelsnu

    As a teacher for many years, I always used the ancient wall mounted sharpeners, which seem to be 100 years old and ready to work for another century. Maybe 1920 was a vintage year for pencil sharpeners. Anyway, once the school buildings were closed and I began teaching my classes from home, I realized that all the small hand held pencil sharpeners are absolute garbage. If I could find a 1920 wall mount sharpener, I would have installed it in my house, but no luck. However, this Staedtler hand held does a terrific job. This is one of the very few cases where the ‘name brand’ (lol) is far superior to any other type. I can’t believe I am reviewing a pencil sharpener, but it is incredibly aggravating to constantly buy sharpeners that break instantly when exposed to a pencil. And the best pencil? Ticonderoga. Just buy Ticonderoga pencils and a Staedtler handheld sharpener, and you will avoid a lot of agggravation.Read more

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  4. William

    This sharpener breaks the lead off, a millimeter or so *inside* the pencil wood. I’m left with a stub that I have to laboriously sharpen back to the lead… only to find that as I get close, the sharpener breaks the lead off again! And it does this every time! Further, the lead that breaks off gets jammed inside the tip of the sharpener, so I have to open it up, and use a small tool to push out the lead. Think Sisyphean aggravation and frustration… I’ve never bought a product from Amazon that’s tempted me to random violence… except this one! The design appears flawed. At the tip of a pencil being sharpened, there is nothing but air opposite the sharpener blade, so the blade pushes asymmetrically on the pencil and breaks off the lead.Read more

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  5. amberfox

    Did not know that coloured and graphite pencils should be sharpened at different angles, which explains a lot of breakages over the years. Have used this and decided to update my review. This is simply the best pencil sharpener I’ve used over the years – have tried craft knives, various other barrel sharpeners but will use this in preference to any others. Having sharpened many of my watercolour and graphite pencils, suffered no breakages whatsoever. Easy to empty. Bought this for my travelling journal pouch which I keep packed and on standby for any spontaneous travel – am giving serious thought to buying another of these sharpeners to keep in my desk. Staedtler products, I’ve found, are always trustworthy.Read more

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  6. Bar.

    I needed a decent pencil sharpener for use with my coloured pencils. A lot of those I have at home tend to chew up the lead or just don’t sharpen to a fine enough point. This sharpener was attractive because of it being dual hole, so suitable for both coloured and regular pencils and because it collects the shavings for you. I tried this with a large number of pencils; Faber Castell Classic’s, various Chinese oil-based coloured pencils and Pentel watercolour pencils, and it sharpened them all very well. Only a few turns were needed and although the hole for coloured pencils seems overly large it did the job very well. Performance-wise I am very satisfied with this sharpener so far but I have a concern that when the sharpener blades dull I will not be able to replace them. I couldn’t find any mention online of Staedtler selling them so your choice would be to either see if 3rd party ones would fit or to treat this sharpener as disposable, which would be a shame and a waste. My other worry is how plasticky this sharpener is. Squeezing as instructed to release the tub (for emptying) doesn’t inspire much confidence in its sturdiness and I do wonder if it might break before the blades become blunt. Overall I am really happy with how this sharper performs for my intended use – sharpening coloured pencils. I have though deducted a point because of the slightly dubious construction of it and the price, which seems to jump around a bit, and would perhaps be okay if replacement blades were readily available.Read more

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  7. Mark Cornell

    As a primary school teacher, I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the pencil sharpener department. I’ve seen them all. Smiggle pencil sharpeners look pretty but are rubbish at sharpening pencils. Some metal pencil sharpeners fool you into thinking they will be excellent but are actually blunt as anything. This pencil sharpener is well designed and engineered. They’ve thought of literally everything. Even the way the body is recessed to accommodate the lid while it is in use. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. So much so, I actually took time out of my busy life to write this review.Read more

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  8. S. Williams

    I have found this pencil sharpener to be excellent, I was having lots of trouble sharpening the pencils with two metal sharpeners, the pencils kept breaking. So i looked at loads of different types of sharpeners and eventually decided upon this one. it has performed Brilliantly so far and I am extremely pleased. The added advantage of the pencil shavings being caught in the plastic holder is great as saves, having to turn towards the bin etc. To empty there is a side push, you may find this tricky but there is a trick to it. Push down on the blue ridges button and then push up, you should find that you successfully open the tub, so that you can empty it,Read more

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  9. Jazeebee

    Just started using Derwent Coloursoft pencils and realised very quickly that they didn’t fit any of my regular sharpeners, and the one that they did only sharpened to a blunt point. Found this in desperation and it’s fantastic! Look at those points! On only a couple of turns. No breakage either. The sharpeners are very sturdy, heavy-weight metal, which I think makes a lot of difference to the quality of the results. And amazingly the Coloursofts fit the smaller of the two holes – the larger one is definitely not for jumbo pencils, by the way (the smaller graphite sharpener has an aperture of about 8mm, and the larger graphite & colour about 10mm). Otherwise it’s nice and neat compact and very portable .Read more

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