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Starbar Fly Trap Attractant Refill For Reusable Fly Traps, 8-30g

(7 customer reviews)

Pouches dissolve and activate in water
Insecticide free
Easy to use
Made in the USA


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An exclusive formula that contains four different attractants flies can’t resist in a water soluble pouch format. It can be used with Fly Terminator Pro, Captivator Fly Trap and other reusable water-based traps. Each package contains eight 30 gm. water soluble pouches.

Specification: Starbar Fly Trap Attractant Refill For Reusable Fly Traps, 8-30g

Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 5.5 × 8.6 in

7 reviews for Starbar Fly Trap Attractant Refill For Reusable Fly Traps, 8-30g

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Danno

    To begin this story, I purchased the STARBAR Disposable Fly Trap. The whole plastic dome/cone thing. It worked great; flies jammed it in 2-3 days. Being very opposed to just tossing it, i made it re-usable by boring a 1.5″ hole close to the top, which i could then plug. I dumped out the flies and leftover liquid, sparged the mass, and returned that strained liquid back into the trap. That worked well, too. It attracted flies en mass. I did that one more time before the attraction diminished. I purchased one more complete STARBAR Disposable Fly Trap, and repeated the whole business with that one. Loath to keep buying the whole traps, i decided to purchase this product. Made by the same STARBAR company, right? So, it should work the same as the original attractant, right? WRONG! The attractant in these stinky little packs are about 20% as effective as the attractant in the whole trap unit. I mean that sincerely….about 20%! With the whole trap, flies were jammed in them after 2-3 days. Now, with this attractant, about the only flies i can see are the ones growing from the maggots growing on the flies that got in when first mixed. I see many flies around the areas of the traps, but NOT INSIDE so much. There is something different. They are NOT as effective. I would not recommend to anyone. I will not buy again unless the company improves this product.Read more

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  2. CEW

    At Almost $11.00 for a 3pk of Magic Bait, I decided I would try this as it is 8pks for the same price. I cleaned out my magic bait fly container with gobs of dead flies in it and refilled with one of these. The stink is just as bad as magic bait. However, after 3 days…… dead flies………I mean ZERO! Okay…….so I tried a 2nd package with warm water and got essentially the same results with maybe a few (very few) dead flies in the container. I tried a 3rd time….same thing. I either got a really defective batch even though it smells as bad as magic bait or this stuff just really is an imperfect chemical try for Magic Bait. Finally, I used my last package of Magic bait and within 2 days had almost 3 quarters of a jar full of dead flies and no flies in the house. Maybe this stuff is knock off from China………I don’t know but it definitely does not work for me.Read more

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  3. Tom Guelker

    We live in the country and have half the world’s fly population in our back yard. The Fly Magnet has done a great job attracting the little demonic buzzers to their hellish death. When it came time to reorder, these looked like they might be the same fly crack that is in the Fly Magnet product. My observations : 1) This stuff does NOT smell like Jabba’s butt, which is a plus. That is the only thing negative about the Fly Magnet. It Reeks with a capital R. This, not so much. You drop the packet of powder in the container. (The packet dissolves in water) 2) After a few days the Fly Magnet container with the Fly Magnet product inside would have thousands of flies inside. After a few days with this product in the same container at the same location, I could count the flies in the container. Stick with what works. Sure, Fly Magnet costs a bit more, what there to say you saved money on something that doesn’t work?Read more

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  4. Karen Stone

    Yep. It works. A disgusting amount of maybe 1000 flies in each jar. Totally revolting. (As it should be). Don’t get the stuff on your hands, it stinksRead more

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  5. B. Feist

    I remember growing up on our farm with Starbar fly products being used all the time with great effectiveness. I have now had this refill in use for 3 weeks now and have only caught 3 flies. I has switched from another brand that was greatly effective, but remembered how well this brand had worked when younger. Unfortunately, I bought a multi-pack that is now going to go to waste and will be returning the other brand that actually worked.Read more

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  6. MattG

    Bought this because it was cheaper than the Rescue! brand refills, and wanted to use it in a reusable trap. This stuff smells way worse than the Rescue! formula, and even though strong, bad smells don’t usually bother me that much, the smell of this is pretty stomach-wrenching. I think maybe it smells so bad that even the flies are repulsed by it. That’s the only reason I can think of why this doesn’t attract even half the amount of flies that the Rescue! brand stuff does. Bad thing about the Rescue! stuff is that the refills cost pretty much the same as the disposable trap bags, so there’s not much cost advantage in a reusable trap.Read more

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  7. Q. P.

    I first bought the Fly Magnet quart traps & attractant. It was $18 for the traps & $6 for a 3 pack of attractant. It works too well because I attracted flies from a few acres over & was emptying out my quart sized traps every few days. So the attractant would cost $6/every 3 days for 3 traps. Which equates to HELLA DAMN EXPENSIVE. So this time I wanted fly attractant but didn’t want to pay $6 for 3 packs & I didn’t want it to be super strong that I’m clearing my entire counties fly problem. I just don’t want flies in my home. So I found this attractant pack 8pk for $12 or so. I used One pack of the attractant & split it 3 ways between my 3 Fly Magnet quart size traps. I mixed it with the same amount of water as I would if with one packet then realized it may not be as potent since it’s super diluted. To my surprise I was still attracting a butt load of flies. So that’s a nice discovery as now I have enough fly attractant to last me a couple months for just $12. Instead of paying $6 every week. Also now that the attractant isn’t too potent I’m not attracting flies from a few acres over, it’s just taking care of the fly problem on my acre. Sweet deal. Happy with the purchase.Read more

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    Starbar Fly Trap Attractant Refill For Reusable Fly Traps, 8-30g
    Starbar Fly Trap Attractant Refill For Reusable Fly Traps, 8-30g


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