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- 30% 1 ft. (0.3 m) Short Extension Cord – 125V at 13A, NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P – Power Extension Cord – Black – Extension Cable (PAC101) 1 ft/0.3 m

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Short extension cord saves space on your power strip or wall outlet
Allows you to attach bulky power adapters to a power strip or a wall outlet without blocking other outlets
Extend your current power cord by 12 inches
Guaranteed reliability with a lifetime warranty / Rated to carry 125V at 13A / 16AWG
12in Extension Power Cord / 1ft Computer Power Cord / 1 ft Power Cable / Monitor Power Cord


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Size:1 ft/0.3 m This 12in Computer Power Cord Extension Cable instantly turns a large, awkward power connector into a smaller, streamlined connector.
The power adapter will fit into any socket, maximizing the space on your power strip, surge protector, or wall outlet.
The power adapter also doubles as a power cord extender, giving you an extra 12in of reach for your monitor, computer case, or any other powered device.

Specification: 1 ft. (0.3 m) Short Extension Cord – 125V at 13A, NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P – Power Extension Cord – Black – Extension Cable (PAC101) 1 ft/0.3 m

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 4.88 × 1.02 × 8.58 in

13 reviews for 1 ft. (0.3 m) Short Extension Cord – 125V at 13A, NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P – Power Extension Cord – Black – Extension Cable (PAC101) 1 ft/0.3 m

4.7 out of 5
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  1. cgoodrich

    I am so aggravated. While this extension cord appears to be durable, I wasted some of my reward points on this and it is Not 6 foot in length. It might me 5 ft 9 if it were pulled as tight as possible and we are talking from extreme end of each prong and not the actual cable. While measuring it made me realize that I should order an 8 foot…this cord is not 6 foot.Read more

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  2. Stephanie Sullivan

    The Startech 6ft Extension Cord is exactly what I needed. It’s heavy duty and has great connectors that are well made. It has polarized slots for 2 prong devices. It’s rated at 13 Amps at 125 Volts or 1626 Watts. Sometimes a shorter cord is better than having a lot of unneeded cable hanging around and 6 ft. is perfect for my project. Startech provides a variety of lengths in this product listing. Nice. An extension cord isn’t rocket science. It’s not something I want to think too much about. Startech has a well made cord and now that it’s deployed and I’ve written this review I am confident I’ll not need think or worry about it again. Perfect! UPDATE Jan 24, 2018: The shop light this extension cord brought power to died so I replaced it with a LED model. While installing the new light was reminded of how well made this extension cord is. Even after more than a year and a half it’s just like new. Well, there was some dust and a cobweb I cleared out of my basement work area 🙂 I’ve bought another since for another purpose. I’m fully satisfied and reaffirm that I think this is a 5 star extension.Read more

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  3. Tim Davis

    I definitely voided the warranty on this one. Range hood I bought on the cheap needed a kit to run electrical, but those kits cost as much as the range hood did and are for wiring it directly to the wall. Instead, I got this. I cut off the female end, stripped the wires inside, watched a few youtube videos to become a master electrician and wired it into the range hood. The plastic is nice and thick and well insulated. the inside wires are also well insulated but there is no internal structure to prevent bunching and the twisties that cords get when someone who doesn’t know how to coil a cable does you a favor and ruins your cable. This is a sturdy cable that will last you a long time as long as you don’t go chopping it all up. You can trust me, I’m a youtube electrician.Read more

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  4. TheHobbyGuy

    I bought this extension cord in order to have my microwave on the part of my counter that I wanted it on. Because the outlet was further than the 3ft microwave cord, I had to get a high quality extension cord that can handle the power draw from a microwave. This cord has done great and the ratings easily cover conventional home microwaves. Just make sure your microwave will not draw ore than 13 amps from the wall. This power cord is indeed 6 feet long. Pros: *Cheap *Great voltage and amperage ratings *length is as advertised Cons: *None Additional Considerations: Make sure you pay close attention to voltage and amperage requirements. Overall: 5/5 stars (>=.5 rounds up, 5 stars If you have any further questions regarding the product in my review please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.Read more

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  5. Bobby W.

    This brand of power cord extender is very nice for the price. Good, sturdy construction – the plugs are heavy duty, and the cord itself is a bit stiff, but reasonably flexible – it’ll probably loosen up a bit under use. I purchased the 6 foot length, and the actual length seems to be pretty close to that. This will provide me with just the right amount of extension on a lot of my gear without having too much excess cord clutter. :)Read more

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  6. JB

    Sure, there are a plethora of choices in 25 foot and 50 foot extension cords… how nice. BUT, trying to find a sturdier, heavier cord for just those extra 5 or 6 feet… yeah, good luck with that. These are PERFECT. I have an upstairs and downstairs vacuum… too old to be lugging those things up and down stairs. (and lazy… yes) These cords are exactly what I needed. They are never in the way, tangled, or a problem but with one on each vacuum cord, I can reach all areas of my two story by moving the connection only once per floor. Before I had to move it 3 or 4 times; everything was “just” out of reach and I never pull on a cord.Read more

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  7. PJ

    I noq have two extension cords from this brand. Both are used for power recliners in my living room. My living room only has 4 outlets that are not controlled by light switches. 6 total. So I have to extend certain things. This extension cord fits the fits the bill. They seem sturdy and long lasting. It doesn’t feel cheap by any means. I decided to go with startech again. Especially since the one I already had is almost 3 years old and has worked flawlessly. Case in point, good buy if you need to extend a powered device. Look forward to using this for many years to come.Read more

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  8. Kenneth Keller

    Well made and very flexible, this is one sturdy 25-foot power home extension cord. It’s load specs are more than perfect for all kinds of around the home and garage usages. You’ll have this cord for many years and hundreds of uses by simply not abusing it. It’s black color is a plus. It hides all the usual scuff marks and smudges that are picked-up during normal use, especially when you’re in hurray. It coils nicely for storage and doesn’t kink. OK, you’ve found the power extension cord you need. Now buy it and get on with those electrical projects you have waiting! You won’t get a better price at your local hardware store or home center. I know, I tried. Buy Amazon and ship with Prime. (UPDATE: 6/3/’17). I just ordered and received the 10-ft version of this same power cord for when I need a shorter connection run. Hooked together, of course, I’ll have a 35-ft extension capability–more than I should ever need around the house or garage. The quality control on the 10-footer was identical to the 25-footer. Both sizes are recommended to all.Read more

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  9. Inderveer Grewal

    Very durable and gets the job done. Either as one long piece (used it once like this) and as separate plugins for a variety of places which is what I mostly use them for. Sometimes when using them as one long piece, they don’t easily slide into one another, but it could be my lack of strength. I haven’t had a problem otherwise. Seriously durable, you could probably smack someone upside the head with each of these at least three times before needing to swap to one of the other dozen. Please don’t do that, I was just saying they are durable.Read more

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  10. Cynthia

    We just spent a lot of money on a big screen tv and needed this cord to join with the power cord safely. You don’t want to mess around with an inferior cord and I couldn’t find anything suitable in local bricks and mortar stores. Amazon came through with next-day delivery on this excellent extension cord. I highly recommend it.Read more

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  11. Un comprador.

    La extension electrica es de increíble calidad; El cable es más robusto de lo que pensé. Una de las principales razones por las que me decidí por este artículo es su tamaño. No es muy común hallar extensiones de un metro y son realmente funcionales si no quieres tener exceso de cable atrás de los muebles. El artículo es excelente, luce duradero y por su precio no pude haber hecho mejor compra. Totalmente recomendable.Read more

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  12. Juan Ángel

    Gracias a esta extensión pude conectar sin problemas la fuente de energía de mi PC al respaldo de energía que la alimenta. Dado que éste último presenta los enchufes en la parte de atrás, esto limitaba el movimiento de mi PC en mi habitación, pero gracias a este cable extensor tengo ahora libertad de movimiento en mi computadora. Estoy satisfecho con este producto (el cual es robusto, bien aislado y bien construido), con su precio justo y con Amazon que me lo entregó puntualmente en mi domicilio!Read more

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  13. Steve

    Needed a couple feet more reach on a power cable and didn’t want to spool up a massive extension cord underneath. The 3ft length of this one was just perfect to keep things tidy. Durable, well made cable and the ends are also great quality.Read more

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