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Step2 Busy Ball Play Table, 31.50 x 31.50 x 27.87″

(11 customer reviews)

Three different paths for the balls to travel down
Center spinner works as a carousel for the play balls
Ten balls and scoop included
Balls can also be launched off two catapults
Drain plug included for quick clean up


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This table combines play ball madness with splashing good fun. Your kids will enjoy launching the balls into the table and choosing different paths for them to travel down the ball tower. Take the water out and this table can be used in-doors as well.

By Step 2

Specification: Step2 Busy Ball Play Table, 31.50 x 31.50 x 27.87″

Weight 7.92 lbs
Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 × 27.91 in

11 reviews for Step2 Busy Ball Play Table, 31.50 x 31.50 x 27.87″

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Aundi

    My 3 year old loves this table! He loves putting the plastic balls through the holes and watching them roll through the tunnels. Right now we have it in the house but this summer we’ll have it pool side. Assembling this was honestly more annoying then anything. Comes with 9 screws to screw the yellow pieces and the purple piece but it’s super hard to screw them into the plastic and even when you do the screws don’t hold the pieces together that well. Also the pieces that do go on the table don’t snap into place so my toddler is always taking them off. It’s always an issue. I ended up hot gluing and then pushing it together. It now is assembled and staying together very well because of the hot glue. Also another thing is the packaging and the picture on amazon is very misleading. It shows the table full of plastic balls (I counted at least 40) but in reality there are only 10 included with the table… even though there is a small picture that shows all the pieces and 10 balls it’s very easy to miss. I wasn’t looking at detail when I ordered so that is my mistake. I am disappointed that I have to buy more balls when I already paid close to $50 for this product. I expect way more from step 2.Read more

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  2. M. Yen

    Looks like an awesome water table in the pictures… but it is a complete fail in so many areas. For starters, there’s the instructions. Like so many toy instructions, they are printed in grey scale with small images. It is impossible to tell what part is being used, and the orientation of that part in the pictures. Color images would simplify everything immensely, but they could at least use better images that show up better in black and white. It should be common sense. A red part and a blue part will look identical in grey scale, especially in a darker image. Luckily, you have the packaging box’s image to use a reference for what parts go where. Assembly isn’t terribly hard, but it would be 100x easier if you knew what part was being used in each step, and which way is the correct orientation or upside down etc. Once you get it all together, then you realize how little thought and testing was put into this product. The tower is too tall for a toddler to reach, so they will be very frustrated trying to reach up and get the ball into the top receiver. Our three year old has to go on her tippie toes and lean against the table. This is an accident waiting to happen. The next problem is that the tower isn’t really secured to the table. There are two slits cut out near the front that are supposed to latch onto two respective raised lines on the table. The raised lines are rounded, so the tabs/slits fall right off. There is no “click into place” to hold it. There’s also no tab on the back side, so any force of the tower learning forward causes it to pop right off and fall. Since the toddler is leaning to reach the top of the tower, the natural motion is for them to dunk the ball (if they can reach it), then pull it forward. You cannot leave them unattended with this as they will fall forward face first into the table/pool of water. My other peeve about this water table would be the ball launchers. They look like rounded measuring cups attached to the outside rim of the table pool. You pull down on the outside tab and it catapults the ball up into the top of the tower. The problem is that this is like a carnival game, designed to almost never work. The balls are light and most of the time launch WAY over the tower and out of play. Even if you do launch it at the right angle and power, it usually bounces off the top, since the holes are barely bigger than the balls, and there is no backboard or raised rims to corral the ball. Basically, if you buy this water table, expect some frustration from you, the parent, and your child… and a healthy dose of injuries.Read more

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  3. Kristin

    Arrived on time. It was well worth the time it took to put it together once I saw the looks on my 3 year old and 14 month old’s faces. Hours of fun already and it just arrived today. Very versatile. My kiddos enjoyed playing with it inside sans the water, outside with just the included balls and scoop, and also when they added their pool toys. In the future we will use sensory beads, dolls, trucks, ducks, and many other things. Gave it a 4 star because it was slightly wobbly when we placed on our kitchen floor. Was slightly hard to put together as the screws did not line up all the way – but I got it with a little persistence. I also made sure the legs were in all the way and they were. Don’t know if this is a common problem or not. When we went outside it was hardly even noticeable. And those things mentioned – I would still recommend the product.Read more

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  4. Jardana Henson

    This provides hours of fun entertainment on hot summer days. We bought this for my toddlers 1st birthday back in January, it was still cold then so we kept it inside and she loved it. By time it started warming up outside (around May/June) she started getting kind of bored of it, but once we took it outside and filled it with water it was this new and exciting thing for her! The height is perfect for little ones, the toy attachment is super fun, the little red things were great too (even us adults were having a blast with them). The only two things I was disappointed about were the balls (I wish they were a little sturdier) and the plug (I couldn’t keep water in the toy).Read more

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  5. L. Hickey

    I have a 3.5 year old special needs daughter who is loving this! She has played with it for over an hour now and ABA is using it during their sessions as well!! It went together in about 20 minutes. My little one was leaning on the table with no problems on stability. If you put any pressure on the tower, however, it will come out. I wish it snapped in more securely.Read more

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  6. Nicole Verdugo

    I always purchase Step 2 products. This table is crap. The screws to connect the yellow ball toy go through the product it doesn’t stay together. Then when you finally get the pieces together and your child plays with it the ball play toy falls off because it isn’t secured to the table. Absolute junk. I am so disappointed in this product. Will be calling Amazon and step 2 for replacement parts. I should have know when I unpackaged it and noticed the yellow part was messed up on one side. But all the other other products have been good so I thought it would be fine.Read more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Great entertainmentRead more

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  8. Fiore

    Alles sehr wackelig für den Preis hätten wir mehr erwartet … die Bälle rollen wenn sie nass sind sehr schlecht . Die bälle sind aus sehr dünnen Plastik . Der Turm wird nur drauf gestellt und bietet keinerlei Festigkeit. Wenn sich die Kinder sich daran festhalten was so kleine in dem Alter tun, geht der ganze Turm ab… Weden versuchen ihn zurück zu geben

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  9. Stephie

    Sehr zu empfehlen. Toller Spieltisch. Unsere kleine spielt damit jeden Tag. pPerfekt auch wenn es nicht so warm ist, dann kann einfach nur mit den Bällen gespielt werden.Read more

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  10. B Clark

    Genius!! She loves it !! What a great way to let your little ones play in the water SAFELY :)Read more

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  11. kathy berisoff

    I am sure this will be a fun product, too cold outside to play with now.Read more

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    Step2 Busy Ball Play Table, 31.50 x 31.50 x 27.87″
    Step2 Busy Ball Play Table, 31.50 x 31.50 x 27.87″


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