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Summit Mosquito Bits, 20 lb, Quick-Kill Biological Control for mosquitos and fungus gnats 20-Pound Mosquito Bits

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Made in United States
Package length : 10.5″
Package width : 6.3″
Package height :1.0″


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Mosquito Bits a larvaecide that kills mosquito larvae only. It is deemed organic by the USEPA. Bits are harmless to beneficial insects, pets, birds, fish or wildlife. Kills quickly and lasts for up to 14days.Each Dunk covers 100 square feet of surface area. Perfect for Koi ponds, hydroponic systems, animal water troughs, bird baths, rain barrels. Sprinkle Bits wherever there is standing water or standing water will accumulate. For Fungus Gnats, sprinkle on top of the soil and water as usual.

Specification: Summit Mosquito Bits, 20 lb, Quick-Kill Biological Control for mosquitos and fungus gnats 20-Pound Mosquito Bits

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6.3 × 1 in

11 reviews for Summit Mosquito Bits, 20 lb, Quick-Kill Biological Control for mosquitos and fungus gnats 20-Pound Mosquito Bits

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Sue

    I had a gnat problem thanks to Miracle Grow soil, which infected over $300 of new cacti and new planters that I spent hours shopping for and putting together. A week or so later, my house was swarming with fungus gnats! Mosquito Bits was recommended by the local nursery (who did not sell the infected soil to me). I called Summit, the manufacturer and had a great conversation with a gentleman there. He instructed me of a better way to use the product, since the product is new and was just named for killing gnats, and they don’t have all the labeling complete yet. I dissolved 2+ Tbsp in half a gallon of water for about 20 minutes, strained the bits out and watered the plants with the solution. After several waterings, the gnats were gone. This product is a natural biotoxin which will not harm humans, pets, bees or birds, which is important, because I have a parrot and I take no chances with his safety. I hope this was helpful.Read more

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  2. Amber McMichael

    I put this product out and in two days my four month old puppy went from full of life to deceased. Vet said cause of death is believed to be poisoning.Read more

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  3. Alan

    I spread this stuff around 5 days ago (in potted plants, low spots in the yard, bottoms of gutter spouts, patches of mulch that retain water, and 5 red Solo cups stapled to the fence filled with water per another user’s suggestion) and today I’m enjoying a nice, cold beer on the deck and I have only seen one mosquito who wandered away from me in a daze, looking for his Hell-spawn brethren. I used to light a seance circle of Citronella candles and slather myself in bug spray…but now? Peace and tranquility. I’ve set up calendar reminders through September to do bi-weekly applications… I’ll see if that’s the right interval for me as it is for others. The jug will probably last me at least 3 summers. I’m a changed man.Read more

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  4. cooee

    I bought this for “fungus gnats”, those awful critters that appear from nowhere and fly up your nose. Who knows how they got in your house, maybe they snuck in on a plant you bought at WMart and then spread to all your other indoor plants. NO-GNAT TEA: Cover the bottom of a plastic jug with a layer of these bits (probably a good tbsp) and pour a kettle of boiling water over them. Steep for an hour, then add water to fill the jug. Stir it around to be sure the pizen is mixed throughout the water. When it’s time to water your plant, always use this tea, don’t use any regular water. (I like to avoid the bits, so I use a baster to squirt the tea over the plant’s soil.) I’ve been doing this for about 4 weeks and I’m down to seeing a gnat maybe once every few days. Before, it was many gnats every day. It’s an easy routine and what a relief to not have those nasty tiny demons flying in my face. I’m hoping eventually my beautiful plants will be 100% gnat free. And I’m not buying any new house plants ever again!Read more

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  5. RitaBee

    These work. I think everyone in mosquito climates should use these. It’s unfortunate that they put the warning on the label about pets. This product does not hurt wild-life/ pets. Go to their website and read all the Q and A’s about this product. I use this all year in New Orleans because it’s subtropical and we get a lot of rain and a lot of mosquitoes. Love it, Love ,Love it! I use it in all the spots water pools in my yard and in buckets with plants growing roots and my bird baths, etc. I’m outside a lot and I personally attract mosquitoes…if there are 10 people outside and one mosquito, it will bite ME 10 times. So I use this and it makes a huge difference. I have watched mosquito larvae in buckets squirming, and come back after putting this in the water and they are dead. I wish everyone would use this organic mosquito control instead of begging the city to spray.Read more

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  6. Joanna M Tiger

    I purchased a new plant and brought it home and, unbeknownst to me, it had those pesky fungus gnats. Within a week all of my house plants were infested and there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of fungus gnats, in my house. Yuck. They nearly killed my peace lily in less than 10 days. They pulled so many nutrients from the plant. It was seriously struggling. I have had to trim so many leaves/stems off of it. I purchased these mosquito bits after looking for a natural way to treat my plants. I am very pleased that I did. It took about 1.5 months of treating my plants but the fungus gnats were less and less after each treatment. These things work. What I did: I sprinkled the bits on the soil each time I watered my plants. I typically water once a week but with the fungus gnats I allowed the soil to dry out a little more in between watering to deter the adults from laying their eggs there. I also think allowing the soil to dry some harms the larvae already in the soil. Each time you water, sprinkle the top of the soil with the mosquito bits first. In addition, line the edges of the pots with yellow sticky traps. The adults are attracted to the yellow color. I found the adult gnats hang around the edges of the pot, so you will capture the most by lining your pots there with the traps. The yellow sticky paper captures the adults so they can’t lay more eggs in the soil and the mosquito bits kill the larvae already in the soil. I am not sure you will be successful if using the mosquito bits alone. The traps were integral in not only capturing the adults but being able to monitor how bad the infestation was and if the bits were working. After about a month, the yellow sticky traps went from having hundreds of fungus gnats on them to less than 20. I went from using huge sheets of sticky traps to much smaller traps over time. 1.5 months later the traps are fungus gnat free. I don’t have fungus gnats flying around the plants or house. This product is a safe and effective way to treat fungus gnats!Read more

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  7. P T

    I’d been doing battle with fungus gnats on my houseplants in the living room for months, after they hitched a ride in on a new plant from the garden centre. I had the gnats on the run (sticky yellow traps) but couldn’t get rid of them completely. I think this product finally did it. As others have said, I put some in some water and left it for a couple of days, then watered the plants. I watered all the plants in the house, not just those in the ‘infected’ room, just in case any gnats had migrated. It’s taken a few weeks of weekly watering, but I haven’t seen a gnat in over a week now. I’ll keep going for a bit, then will start using the bits for maybe one watering a month just in case. This is an expensive product, but if you soak them in water (rather than sprinkling on top of soil), you hardly need to use any. My pot is pretty much full still.Read more

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  8. JM

    After bringing a new plant into our home not knowing it had fungus gnats – it soon spread to others. I tried Neem Oil, which did not work very well and stinks! I had heard soaking these bits in warm water to make the mosquito tea to water the soil will work. I’ve watered the soil once to kill the larvae and used the sticky yellow sheets to catch the adults and the result has been outstanding, super pleased with the results and would recommend. I made my solution two heap tablespoons of bits in 2 litres of very hot water, leaving to cool before watering. This strength worked exceptionally well for me.Read more

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  9. Sarah

    I used this for fungus gnat infestation in pot plants. If used as per instructions, this very expensive tub does not last long. It says to cover the top of the soil with the bits, then to water, which I tried first. I didn’t totally cover the soil, admittedly, and it was somewhat effective. I found it far more effective to dissolve them in water first, then to water the plants. This way, you use far less, and it seems to be more effective, too. I would prefer a liquid solution of BTI, but they have stopped selling it. I used nearly the whole container of this, and still had some fungus gnats coming out, although a lot less. I then bought the mosquito dunks, and did the same with them: dissolved them in water first, leaving it to stand for around 24 hours before watering, and finally managed to get rid of the fungus gnats altogether. I don’t know whether this was because the dunks are more effective than these, or because I had been using this and the dunks dissolved in water for quite a few weeks, and it just took some time to kill them all. Overall, I would say it does work, but at a steep price…Read more

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  10. Bory

    Really happy with those. Helped me get rid of fungus gnats in no time. They do get mouldy of you pour them straight in the pot though. I definitely recommend soaking them in water and then pour them together with it.Read more

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  11. Victoria

    quite not useful product. gets moulded, and looks not nice around the plant. sticky yellow strips helped me to catch gnats better than use of this expensive productRead more

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    Summit Mosquito Bits, 20 lb, Quick-Kill Biological Control for mosquitos and fungus gnats 20-Pound Mosquito Bits
    Summit Mosquito Bits, 20 lb, Quick-Kill Biological Control for mosquitos and fungus gnats 20-Pound Mosquito Bits


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