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SUNLU Clear PLA Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament Transparent PLA Dimensional Accuracy /- 0.02 mm, 1KG Pla Transparent

(12 customer reviews)

【Toughness Enhanced PLA Filaments】—SUNLU premium PLA filaments have the advantages of incredible ease of printing Optimized printing quality, high purity with low shrinkage and superb layer bonding, meeting your demands for printing projects of functional parts with higher toughness.
【Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency】—These tough PLA filaments to be strict tolerances. Diameter 1.75mm, dimensional accuracy + / – 0.02 mm without any exaggeration; 1 kg spool (2.2lbs)
【Clog-Free, Bubble-Free & Easy-to-use】— Complete drying for 24 hours before packaging and vacuum sealed with desiccants in nylon re bag. Recommended PLA Filament Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 215-230℃, bed 70℃ .
【Wide Compatibility】 — Works and harmonizes perfectly with all common 1.75mm FDM 3D printers, thanks to the high quality standards in terms of manufacturing accuracy and the small tolerance in diameter of +/- 0.02mm.
【Risk-Free】 — One-month free trial, 30 day Money-back if you’re not satisfied. Spool Diameter: 8″ – Spool Width: 2.5″ – Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.20″


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GTIN: 791352106785. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific. ASIN: B07ZNG4L9P. Manufacturer: SUNLUGW. Date First Available: November 1, 2019. Package Dimensions: 8.23 x 8.15 x 2.76 inches; 2.2 Pounds.

12 reviews for SUNLU Clear PLA Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament Transparent PLA Dimensional Accuracy /- 0.02 mm, 1KG Pla Transparent

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  1. Sonia

    The media could not be loaded. I wanted to try out some filament from a couple different providers. Sunlu did not disappoint. It was also vacuum sealed upon arrival. I printed a couple dice towers in draft settings with 0.20mm layers. I was going for a rough aesthetic for the tower itself. Base was Sunlu Black PLA, then I used Silver Rub’n Buff on top of it with old t-shirt scraps. Very happy with the overall results/project.Read more

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  2. William Assad

    So first I want to say that this is a very silky looking filament, but it is a little troublesome to dial it in. I’ve experienced this with all Silk like filaments I’ve used and this is no different. After doing some testing and comparing it to other Silk silver filaments I have I noticed that this one has a blueish tint to it which I like very much. It is very subtle and only really noticeable when placed next to other Silk silver prints. At .16mm layer heights made the models almost have no layer lines. I think if it was done at a .12mm layer they would disappear completely. This filament for ME worked best at slightly higher temps. I was printing this around 210-220C depending on the model and if it had steep overhangs. I ran the parts cooling fan @100% and had no issues with color consistency. So if you’re looking for a really nice, smooth, shiny silver silk like filament then SunLu silk silver is a great choice.Read more

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  3. seabumb

    Sadly, I bought four rolls of this stuff before testing because of the great reviews. I cannot get it dialed, trying three different printers – railcore with mosquito, prusa mk3s and Tevo Nereus with Hemera hotend. I can print other PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, and even some carbon infused filament without issues on all of these printers yet this Sunlu filament is useless for me. It acts as if it is very moist (as another reviewer noted) but drying it did not help. In order to keep it from clogging I have to run it at 235C, where all my other PLA runs between 195 and 205 without issues. Layer adhesion is abysmal. It acts as if it is cold and under-extruded but tweaking all the settings for three days (yes, I have been trying to get this stuff to work on all three printers) there is not combination that helps. Every print just peals apart in strings, if it manages to finish without clogs or other issues. Just to make sure there was not something wrong with me or all three printers, I tried the same print using three other brands of filament (Hatchbox, Overture and IC3D). All three of these brands worked excellent and within the 205C range. Running a couple of heat temperatures towers with the Sunlu resulted in all many levels (200-245 at 5C jumps) showed that the filament would not adhere at any temperature setting but it would not smooth out until the 235C range but even then, no layer adhesion. The colors look great. It would be great to have it actually working. For those of you who have had success, I hope it continues. As for me, I will either give my remaining to a friend to test or trash it.Read more

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  4. Travis

    This filament was very distructive to my printer. I constantly had to do repairs where the filament jammed. I have never had this problem with other filament. I think it might be because the filament had little hard chunks in it. I have a Prusa and was constantly having to unjam or replace the PTFE tube. I never got a good print out of it and I have finally decided to throw the filament away.Read more

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  5. Namtr0

    Overall it looks good if you read and set heat bed accordingly. My low review is do to it dirtying up my tip. Thought I’d take a chance and try a new brand. Now I’m sitting waiting for parts cause my tip was so clogged with gunk after just 5 prints with this….and I have a very small print size. Couldn’t do cold pulls or get it cleared. Maybe it was just timing but can’t believe how bad it was clogged. May change review if I get my replacement parts and can finish the roll without issue but I’m doubtful. –Update: got parts, was able to get 2 small prints, then glogged again. This is such garbage, I printed an entire roll of Hatchbox white without one clog, can’t get anything done with this garbage. Worse part is it’s not just the clog issue, it’s not consistent in size so prints are not good and have feed issues as well. Checked to see if a cleaner would help with the cloggs, but can’t keep the system working enough even after cleaning the filament to get a filament cleaner printed. Dropped to one star for time wasted on this garbage.Read more

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  6. Matthew VanZante

    After running through nearly this entire roll of filament, my overall impression of it is not very favorable. The silky silver color is beautiful, but the filament is not great for small details, and any exposed seams in your prints will be very obvious. Additionally, I find the filament to be quite spongy. While feeding filament through the nozzle it will come out in a normal bead, but as soon as pressure stops, the filament retracts upon itself into a marshmallowy string. Because of this, the end of any print path gets a small blob (even with good retraction settings). Lastly, I had poor performance on overhangs with this filament. This is partially due to needing to print at higher temps for a better shine. But, I also believe the silky/shiny filament additives make it retain heat longer than regular PLA, this it doesn’t cool and harden as quickly as regular PLA.Read more

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  7. 1GR

    This is my first time trying a silk type filament and I’d heard good things about Sunlu, so I figured I’d give it a try. I took my base PLA settings and printed a temperature tower. For my setup, I found that printing it at about 205 was giving me good results. I’m very pleased with the color / sheen effect. It looks even better in person than in pictures. It’s rare I have the confidence to go with a 14 hour print when trying a new filament type for the second or third print, but I was able to do it with this one. Bed adhesion on a clean mirror heated to 60c is fantastic. Overall, I’d highly recommend this filament to anyone looking for something a bit different that’s easy to print.Read more

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  8. Andy Waterhouse

    The media could not be loaded. First I printed 2 vases using the PrettyPLA v4.0 profile on the Prusa mk3s , 3 walls thick and with the octagram spiral pattern top and bottom layer, the bottom layer has text inset at 0.2mm (see 2nd pic.) which I have had trouble printing in the past, with this filament the adhesion to the bed was excellent and I had no problems printing the single line extrusions with sharp edges, worked first time. The silk effect is stunning and really adds a nice touch to my prints 🙂 The flexi-rex was printed using Prusas own 0.2 quality setting with generic PLA filament setting, again this print turned out great and the silk really adds a nice finish to the print. Overall the colour is brilliant as is the ease of use when using recommended temps (190 – 220 deg. C) I will be trying out the gold soon.Read more

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  9. KrisB

    Purchased this for my wife as she was still “on the fence” regarding my 3D printer purchase. She has printed out some stunning Vases and xmas decorations. The filament came well packed, with the spool vaccum packed to prevent any issues. Using the data on the box, I created a “profile” for the filament on my slicer program (Cura) to ensure optimum settings when printing. The sheen on finished items is stunning and well worth the purchase. The filament is excellent quality and the price break for it make it a contender in the huge 3d printing market. I will be purchasing more of this, with the wife already eyeing up the silk bronze colour. Highly recommended and easy to use. This review is my own thoughts and I have not received any payment/concession from supplier in return for a favourable review.Read more

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  10. Blacksynth

    this is a strange PLA! its hard to snap which is good, functional objects if I bend hard tend to deform and bend in two if I use mole grips for force instead of snapping so thats good! and has practicle uses, layer adhesion is maybe the worst I’;ve seen, but 215c and 20% cooling helps a bit. the layer adhesion might be a problem if orientation can only be one way. but the tensile strenth is awesome and the finnish looks so good so I still give this 4 stars . I like it.Read more

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  11. Fred The Cat

    I’ve been trying several brands over the just few months with my Flashforge Finder printer. This has to be about the best I’ve tried, it prints well, sticks to the bed (with the usual later of glue from a stick). I’ve had very few failed prints, models are printed well with no weak spots. The gold it really bright and glossy too! All in all an excellent purchase.Read more

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  12. feebee

    I bought this filament as I wanted to make something special for myself and my wife’s wedding anniversary. I tried lithography for the 1st time and the colour and texture of the finished print of this filament is lovely. It printed at 210 degrees C and the hotbed at 60 degree C. My 3D printers is a Prusa MK3SRead more

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    SUNLU Clear PLA Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament Transparent PLA Dimensional Accuracy /- 0.02 mm, 1KG Pla Transparent
    SUNLU Clear PLA Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printer Filament Transparent PLA Dimensional Accuracy /- 0.02 mm, 1KG Pla Transparent


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