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Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)

(12 customer reviews)

DURABLE HIGH CAPACITY STAPLER – High-capacity desktop stapler is built for durability. Metal construction ensures that it reliably stands up to the daily demands of a fast-paced workplace.
STAPLES INCLUDED – Convenient package includes the sturdy stapler along with 500 Optima High Capacity staples. Stapler holds a full strip of 210 staples.
SECURES 60 SHEETS – High performance stapler covers your paper fastening needs, securing up to 60 sheets. Designed to work with Optima High Capacity Staples. Use with high capacity staples only.
30% LESS EFFORT – High capacity stapler requires 30% less force to operate than traditional staplers. Top loading feature allows for easy refills.
DURABLE DESIGN – Unique stapler is designed to reduce the effort needed for big jobs. Available in traditional black, it neatly blends in with your other desktop tools.


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The Swingline High-Capacity Desk Stapler brings strength and stability to your daily stapling tasks. Strong, metal construction ensures that this stapler stands up to the demands of a fast-paced office. Value pack includes stapler, accompanied by 500 Optima High Capacity staples. Stapler securely fastens up to 60 sheets of paper with each staple and works best with Optima High Capacity Staples. For use with high capacity staples only. It requires 30% less force to operate than standard staplers, allowing you to save your strength for your other tasks. Top loading stapler is easy to refill. Traditional, black stapler blends easily with the rest of your desktop supplies. This heavy duty stapler is built to take on big jobs..


Reduced effort, durable stapler offers maximum stapling flexibility. Click here to choose the right stapler for your needs. UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR EASIER STAPLING OF SMALL OR LARGE SHEET COUNTS
Streamline and simplify your workday with the Swingline High Capacity Desktop Stapler. This durable stapler offers maximum stapling flexibility by allowing you to staple between 2 and 60 sheets without needing to change the staple type or size. Plus, its unique shape is part of its reduced effort design. It takes 30% less force to staple with the High Capacity Desktop Stapler than it would if using a traditional stapler. In conjunction with Optima High Capacity Staples, this stapler delivers high performance stapling for all your daily paper fastening tasks. The metal construction ensures that this stapler is reliable and able to stand up to the daily demands of a hardworking, fast paced environment. Convenient and efficient this stapler delivers big power and fits neatly on your desktop for easy reach and ergonomic, reduced effort use. Available in traditional black color, this heavy duty stapler neatly fits in with other desktop tools and supplies.

Just one staple can fasten as little as 2 or as many as 60 sheets. The High Capacity Desktop Stapler is not only flexible but easier to use. The reduced effort design allows you to use 30% less manual force to staple more efficiently. Use with high capacity staples only.

Swingline is synonymous with stapling. Increase your productivity with a dependable stapler that you know will help you get the job done right.

High Capacity Desktop StaplerOptima 40 StaplerHeavy Duty StaplerReduced Effort Yes Yes No Metal Construction Yes Yes Yes Sheet Capacity 60 Sheets 40 Sheets 160 Sheets Staple CompatibilityOptima High Capacity StaplesOptima Premium / S.F.4 StaplesHeavy Duty StaplesHigh Capacity Desktop Stapler–Streamline your workday with a high capacity stapler. Using a high capacity staple you can staple 2-60 sheets of paper. There is no need to change staple type or size. This durable reduced effort stapler is easier to use, requiring 30% less manual effort when compared to traditional staplers.

Optima 40 Stapler–Use up to 50% less effort to staple as many as 40 sheets at once, thanks to the reduced effort design feature. The Optima 40 includes a Jam Free Guarantee and 100% Performance Guarantee when used with premium staples, and a QuickLoad front-end staple tray. Silver.

Heavy Duty Stapler–Perfect for all your more than ordinary stapling needs, this heavy duty model staples 160 sheets at once. All metal construction ensures long lasting performance. Additional features include front-end jam-clearing mechanism & an adjustment guide for easy, precise stapling.

Specification: Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)

Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 10.39 × 6.38 × 1.57 in

12 reviews for Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Julie C.

    For years, I’ve been one of those people who struggle to make a standard stapler work with larger packets. You know– double, triple stapling, or stapling both sides until it “stays.” More recently, I’ve resorted to paperclips, which don’t always stay put. I decided it was time to look for another stapler. I’ve used high-capacity staplers at work, but the staples are so thick & bulky, you can hardly remove them later if you need to make a copy. I wanted a stapler that would work just like the standard stapler– simple, no-nonsense, reliable. The “reduced effort” staplers all had mixed reviews, depending on whether it worked or not. I’m not a bodybuilder, but I think I can handle a stapler. This one works like a typical stapler, and it’s just a little bit longer (not like those huge ones that take up the whole desk). So far, I haven’t had any issues, and the staples are relatively easy to remove (slightly thicker than standard). I’ve already recommended it to several of my co-workers.Read more

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  2. Joe2

    Works very well and rounds up the staple legs, but the following stapler – also by Swingline – is much easier to use. On that one, the handle moves further, so you don’t have to press as hard – it somehow swings down (‘er pun intended!) and the larger leverage seems to get the staple in with less force needed. (But maybe this one has an advantage that you get more exercise! It’s like the gas prices; some say cheaper is better; some say worse – because more driving = more pollution!!! Gotta see the positive!) Swingline Stapler, Optima 70, 70 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Silver (87875) It goes up to about 60 sheets then starts hiccuping. If you need even higher capacity this is the one: This one: https://smile.amazon.com/Swingline-Heavy-Stapler-Capacity-39005/dp/B0006HUPU2/ref=sr_1_38?keywords=swingline+staple+remover&qid=1564720745&s=apparel&sr=8-38 Both work well. (Note: Although the larger one has a significant amount of one-star reviews, I believe it’s just becasue people were not using the correct staples. You cannot use regular High capacity staples with the 39005; you need special Heavy Duty staples which are even thicker than the ones for this stapler.Read more

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  3. SavageSmurf

    This is the best stapler I’ve ever used. Pros: -high caacity: I’ve put 60 over pages through this stapler with no problem. -small size: This stapler is much smaller than other high capacity staplers available. -function: This stapler is effortless. Most staplers make a click that you can hear and feel as the staple goes in, but this one just glides through the paper, without even a tactile change in pressure. -Great value: At under $20, you will not find a better stapler. Cons: -This does not use regular staples, but thats not really a problem–just something buyers must be aware of. Buy this stapler.Read more

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  4. Dennis & Veronica

    Area where stapling happens is very far in and curve of the handle downward creates problems trying to hold paper where I want. I end up wasting more staples with this thing than any other stapler as it seems to require a good whack to ensure staple fully actuated and if my hand is holding the papers in place, I dont want to do that. I found I was limited on what I could use it for, like I could not use it to replace a staple in a small address book due to it not fitting open in mechanism. Like the long staples but have little accuracy with this design. Recommended if you dont care about precision and like to whack the stapler, which to me is an issue when precision is desired in placing staple.Read more

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  5. Christina Davis

    Lightweight, for how solid and well-made it is. Works as expected almost effortlessly. I was worried that a high capacity stapler would require the use of more force to get the staples through a hefty stack. In fact, it is easier and less annoying to use than my regular stapler. I will still keep my regular stapler for staple jobs of a few pages, since obviously that type of stapling job would require regular sized staples. If you use a high capacity stapler on only a couple of pages, then the staple would be very loose fitting… and then you may give it less than a 5 star rating… and then people will think you’re an idiot.Read more

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  6. Rambo

    We prefer a different Swingline model, offered on Amazon (link is below). Though it only works for 40 pages, not 60, and is around $3 more at this time, the size is more manageable – not quite as long. This helps to fit into a desk drawer more easily. Also, importantly, we like a stapler that is only as long as the part where the staples come out. The 60-staple version, by comparison, has a long overhead that extends inches past the red part where the staples are. We prefer this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004DMCVBW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1Read more

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  7. AMA

    This is the best stapler for thick paper bundles I have ever used. I have to staple fat stacks of paper at my work a lot. We have a few heavy duty ones at work including this one. The others were terrible. This one always worked great for me until we started putting in different (wrong?) staples in it. So I got my own to keep at my desk and note what staples came with it so I can make sure I always get those. Its been great so far!Read more

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  8. Lisa

    Purchased this stapler to replace the exact same model number that had been around for 5+ years. My office has a high volume of paper going through it and a lot of larger documents that need to be stapled with a specialty stapler. This bad boy does the job and then some. Super easy to use, not much pressure required and the job is done. Pardon the pun, but this stapler is a staple in our office, can’t function without it!Read more

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  9. Julie Dudgeon

    I’m not sure what happened to this stapler, but when I received it, there was tape keeping the packaging closed. I took the stapler out and put staples in and it wouldn’t staple. I got my son to try, and nothing. I can’t return the stapler, so I’m out $$ that I could put towards another stapler. Maybe the stapler was already broken when I received it…Read more

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  10. John A.

    This is actually a nice, solid stapler (which is more than I can say about most other Swingline stapers)! Solid metal construction, the stapler has a nice weight and heft to it which makes it pleasant and easy to use, it easily and effortlessly staples through 50 sheets of paper. The loading/feed mechanism is not the best, seems like a possible failure point but considering the stapler’s overall quality and very reasonable price I don’t see this as a deal breaker. If the stapler had a slightly better load/feed mechanism it would be a solid 5 star. At the price this stapler sells you don’t get much in large capacity staplers, this makes this stapler excellent value for the money. With a bit of care the stapler should last a long time in a small office or for light commercial duty. I recommend this stapler, you will be hard pressed to find a better stapler at this price.Read more

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  11. David B.

    I have purchased a number of these staplers for business and home use. They take a special size staple, but they rarely jam. Good quality build. I highly recommend these. The oldest one I have must be going on 7+ years and it’s still going strong.Read more

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  12. BJ

    J’utilise cette brocheuse depuis des années et elle fonctionne super bien. Maintenant j’en ai une à la maison. Excellent investissement. Les broches coûtent autour de 9$ pour 2 500. (#35550 de Swingline) Pour un usage domestique, ça va durer très longtemps.Read more

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    Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)
    Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)


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