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Terra Matcha Authentic Japanese USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder for Traditional Hot Tea, 30g Tin (1.06 Ounce) Organic Ceremonial Matcha 1.06 Ounce (Pack of 1)

(7 customer reviews)

ORGANIC CEREMONIAL MATCHA: indulge in a cup of organic japanese matcha green tea. naturally sweet, earthy, and packed with antioxidants, terra matcha’s matcha green tea is a cup of calm and the perfect way to start your day.
MATCHA TEA AT HOME: making the perfect cup of matcha tea requires 1 person, 2 minutes, and 3 essentials: terra matcha’s organic ceremonial matcha, hot water, and a whisk or frother. experience the magic of matcha from the comfort of your home.
HARVESTED IN JAPAN: grown and produced in southern japan, our usda-certified organic matcha follows over 150 years of tradition. it is shade-grown to produce the iconic jade-green color and natural sweetness associated with traditional-style matcha
MORE THAN MATCHA: enhance your daily lifestyle with a boost of antioxidants and nutrients. it’s perfect as a morning pick-me-up and has about half of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee, offering continuous, calming energy that lasts for hours.
HIGH QUALITY MATCHA: we competitively price our matcha with affordability, health, and wellness in mind to provide the best quality organic matcha green tea for a balanced mind, body, and soul.


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GTIN: 860005773800. Item Form: Powder. Flavor: Organic Ceremonial Matcha. Package Information: Can. Brand: TERRA MATCHA. Tea Variety: Green. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Grocery & Gourmet Food. ASIN: B093Q6PH7H. Manufacturer: Terra Matcha. UPC: 860005773800. Package Dimensions: 4.88 x 2.24 x 2.17 inches; 1.06 Ounces.

7 reviews for Terra Matcha Authentic Japanese USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder for Traditional Hot Tea, 30g Tin (1.06 Ounce) Organic Ceremonial Matcha 1.06 Ounce (Pack of 1)

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  1. Leila L’Abate

    A five -star culinary rating is different from a 5- star ceremonial grade rating! This is by far better than any of the “premium” culinary matchas I have tasted. I assume the bitter flavors come from the summer leaves they use, which might prohibit them from claiming to be premium culinary grade. But this is the only culinary grade matcha I have tasted that also has sweet notes, probably from very good quality spring leaves. I got this on sale on Amazon Prime day, but even full price it is a bargain! I wish I had ordered 2! The blend of spring and summer leaves gives it a nice complexity of flavor, with strong vegetal notes. It is a vibrant yellowish green before and after mixing with water, and it mixes very well, despite not appearing or claiming to be finer-textured (and more expensive) stone-ground! Unlike my premium culinary grade matchas that have received great ratings and online reviews, It’s too good to mix with milk or sugar, though you can, but why waste a good thing? I LOVE this, and it is saving me from a disappointing bad batch of “premium” culinary grade (usually that brand is better) that truly needs coconut powder or something added to be both palatable, and easier on the stomach… I am looking forward to subscribing when it becomes available! Thank you Terra Matcha, for being all you say you are! You ROCK! I studied Urasenke style Tea Ceremony back before matcha was so trendy, 23 years ago, and have tasted the best ceremonial-grade matcha available THEN, (only one brand was organic and msg-free then) and also look forward to tasting their (relatively) inexpensive ceremonial grade! When and if I activate a smart phone, I will post pictures!Read more

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  2. Gandalf the Gradient

    Was looking for matcha to make ice cream with and this brand was recommended to me by a friend. It is exactly what I was looking for – great flavor, easy to work with, organic, the prettiest green color, and clearly very high quality.Read more

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  3. CW

    I just tried my new matcha, and am loving it! Im not a milk drinker, so used coconut/almond milk with a bit of honey. Grabbed my frother to mix it all up and voila! Delicious matcha!Read more

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  4. Emily

    I don’t know what I was sold. It’s not mixing into water? I’m left with watery tea with huge clumps. And I know how to make matcha tea I’ve been making this for years. It’s terrible. Disgusting. What is this? This is not matcha tea.Read more

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  5. Kathleen San Martino

    My goto match is PANATEA ceremonial grade from Japan. This is also from Japan and I wanted to see how it compares. It is important that Matcha be made with quality leaves from a trusted source in Japan that has their leaves regularly tested for lead and other contaminants. Selectively sourced Matcha not only tastes good but is supposed to be healthy too with lots of antioxidants and other components. This matcha is very good. I used one heaping matcha scoop’s (i.e. chashaku) worth with 3 ounces of 180 degree water and then whisk to a froth.This “electric green tea powder” makes a good, slightly frothy, vegetable, and slightly sweet brew. It also dissolves relatively well, although not as well as the PANATEA brand. Unfortunately, I cannot find, either on the can or on the Amazon site, whether this matcha has been tested for contaminants. This is a very good ceremonial matcha and the current price of $17.90 ($19.90 minus $2) is a lot cheaper than PANATEA matcha which is double that for the exact same amount of 1.06 ounces. For those who consume matcha regularly, I recommend getting the following items or the equivalent. -chawan (match bowl) -chasen (matcha whisk) with chashaku (matcha scoop) and matcha spoon -chasen naoshi (matcha whisk keeper / stand)Read more

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  6. Cat, Chris and Family

    The media could not be loaded. To be honest, before I received this, when I looked at the low price of this I figured this would not really be a true ceremonial grade quality. Usually ceremonial grades run around $10 higher than this for this for this amount. My expectations weren’t very high. I was surprised to see that this is actually a pretty decent ceremonial grade. Look at the beautiful bright green vibrant color this is! Sometimes, I am able to tell what the quality is of my ceremonial matcha just by the color alone before even tasting it. This lives up to its claims. It tastes like ceremonial grade as well. It is a smooth, mellow grassy taste and it has natural notes of sweetness in it, characteristic of ceremonial grade matcha. It doesn’t have any bitter notes that are associated with the lesser grades. If you want a frothy matcha with some foam at the top, try using a whisk. This does beautifully with it. Considering the price this is currently being sold for, I will be making this my brand I purchase from here on out.Read more

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  7. Hunter Warrior

    This is a good ceremonial grade matcha powder for the price. It is a very fine powder in bright green color. It dissolves easily in 160°F hot water and whisks to a slight froth. The flavor profile is earthly and vegetal, and has a mild sweetness to it. I like that it is organic certified and the quality is very good. It also makes great, delicious matcha latte. This comes in a metal can sealed with a pull tab lid. It also has an outer screw-on lid with a sealant ring inside to keep it airtight after opening. Mine has a best before date of about 16 months from now. The ingredient is 100% organic Japanese matcha green tea. Product of Japan. Overall, this is a good ceremonial grade matcha, especially for the price. It is delicious and good enough to make ceremonial matcha tea. Also great for making flavorful matcha latte. The price is very reasonable for the quality and taste of this Japanese matcha. It is worth giving it a try.Read more

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    Terra Matcha Authentic Japanese USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder for Traditional Hot Tea, 30g Tin (1.06 Ounce) Organic Ceremonial Matcha 1.06 Ounce (Pack of 1)
    Terra Matcha Authentic Japanese USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder for Traditional Hot Tea, 30g Tin (1.06 Ounce) Organic Ceremonial Matcha 1.06 Ounce (Pack of 1)


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