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Teskyer Double Sided Tape, 1.18 Inch Wide by 16.4 Ft Long, Free Cut Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Super Sticky Multipurpose Mounting Tape 1.18 in x 16.4 ft

(13 customer reviews)

【Product Specifications】: The size of this Teskyer Double Sided Adhesive Tape is 16.4ft x 1.1in x 0.078in (500cm x 3cm x 2mm ). This is the Teskyer extra thick super sticky Nano magic tape. Please be clear that ours are 16.4ft/roll and 2mm thick, while some others are 9.84ft/roll and 1 mm thick
【Heavy Duty Double Side Tape】: This Nano magic tape is made of acrylic material, our transparent double-sided adhesive tape is super adhesive and durable, removable, leaves no residue, no damage to surfaces, washable and reusable
【Perfect Tools-free install Solution】: Using our nano double-sided tape, most of the installation and decoration work in your life will not need to punch holes or use nails. No tools are needed, our tape can help you stick your stuff firmly where it needs to be
【HOW TO USE 】:1. Ensure the sticking place is dry and clean; 2. Let the tape cover the surface as large as possible; 3. Press hard after sticking and wait for 12 hours to reach the maximum stickiness; 4. Can’t stick overweight items; 5. After use, wrap it with a plastic bag and put it in the box for preservation; 6. Please do not use it on painted walls, it may damage the wall when peeling off
【Widely Used】: This Teskyer Double Sided Tape can be freely cut into the size or shape you needed and it is widely used in multipurpose, such as fix or stick power strips, photo frames, wall stickers, hooks, pictures, posters, carpets, car phone holders or other decoration items


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Compatible Material: Plastic. Size: 1.18 in x 16.4 ft. Material: Acrylic. Brand: Teskyer. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Office Products. ASIN: B096WX68CG. Manufacturer: Teskyer. Date First Available: June 9, 2021. Package Dimensions: 5.55 x 5.55 x 1.3 inches; 10.86 Ounces.

13 reviews for Teskyer Double Sided Tape, 1.18 Inch Wide by 16.4 Ft Long, Free Cut Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Super Sticky Multipurpose Mounting Tape 1.18 in x 16.4 ft

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  1. Ginny

    After removing the protective film, this tape does not stick to much of anything!!! Waste of money.Read more

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  2. Keith Clendenin

    I carefully removed this tape as instructed. This is what happened in my beautifully painted dining room. Terrible, misleading product. Same thing happened to my daughter. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS [email protected] Update: returned prod and got prompt refund. Seller compensated me for damage to my wall.Read more

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  3. KF

    The tape did not stick. I had high hopes for this, particularly based on other reviews, but it didn’t work for my needs. Bummer. Returned.Read more

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  4. Towana Rawlins

    This item wasn’t too good for me I didn’t stick in certain places and other places it will peel the paint off your wall so do your research before buyingRead more

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  5. Bmagurk

    I used this tape once and returned it to the package. The second time I went to use it, it was stuck to the package it came in. It will stick to cardboard but nothing else. I need to throw it out because the return time has lapsed. Don’t make the same mistake. Really maddening product considering all the hype on this site.Read more

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  6. Karen Scott

    Easy to work with, easy to peel off. No damage to walls.Read more

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  7. Anny Christensen

    I used this tape with my stocking holders, so they would fall off the shelf every time we dropped something in a stocking. After putting this tape down between the shelf and the holder, I could drop heavy bottles of slime and bottles of bubbles in the stockings and it held up. Even used the tape to loop through one stocking hook and taped it to the shelf and it’s holding it up. The only negative thing I could say about this product is it got stuck to the box. But it comes off so not even an issue, just had to peel the box off the sides of the roll.Read more

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  8. James Jones

    I actually cut strips in half using them to connect my bed risers to sliders. Worked better than expected, and very easy.Read more

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  9. Claire G.

    I’ve been waiting for my son to put up a blind in my bathroom for nearly six months. I got fed up of waiting so bought this tape. I’m 73 years old, but was able to put up the blind myself using this fantastic tape in 3 minutes! Can’t recomend it enough. THANK YOU.Read more

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  10. B. A. Taylor

    I had just the job, to try this out on. My mother in law has a net curtain rail that keeps falling down, with a couple of squares of this double sided tape, it’s now stuck fast, so much so it didn’t quite line up properly, but I couldn’t unstick it to move it. So it stays where it is. The roll is so sticky, it was difficult to get it out of the bag, as the side of the roll, stuck to the inside of the bag. So I would put it back in and store it in the bag after you have finished using it, otherwise it’s going to stick to everything it comes into contact with, or attract every bit of fluff in the vicinity of it. Just use like any other double sided tape, cut a piece to the length required, and stick it down, don’t stick it to painted surfaces, as it will tear off the paint if removed. Then remove the protective film, on the tape you have stuck down and stick your object to it; it’s so strong, as I said, I couldn’t even move the rail hook once I’d stuck it on to the tape. There must be no end of jobs you can use this for, and I would thoroughly recommend.Read more

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  11. Spartan

    *Update: the tape has begun to unstick…unsuprising as even pricier tapes have also failed. I guess there is no averting from more permanent solutions. If you’ve used double-sided sticky tape before you will immediately know how hit or a miss these can be, often too weak to hold anything up for even a day. I sceptically picked this up for a simple job, to stick an extension lead to the back of my TV stand. A few days have passed and this against all other flimsy sticky solutions continues to stay up! The tap comes in a fairly large size, 3cm wide and 500cm long. As you may notice from the pictures, the tape is assuringly thick, feeling like a layer of jelly. I particularly appreciate the fact this layer of adhesion avoids using the white peelable type that always leaves a greasy, sticky residue when peeled off. I found it easy to swiftly cut to size and stick a lengthy layer to my 6 socket extension lead. I held low expectations for a lead jammed full of plugs and subsequently weighing quite a bit. Please note, for any level of adhesion, this will all depend on the surface that it is stuck on (generally needing a smooth surface), I knew this would stick on plain wooden backing but just not how well. The extension lead continues to hold with this double-sided tape! It’s been more than a week but it seems in a better hold than my previously botched duck-tape solution. I will give it a long time and update my post if that fall comes to happen. In the meantime, I am impressed by the bond between the lead and the wood. I tested if I could peel this off without any damage or residue and sure enough, with enough of a pull the jelly layer peeled off cleanly. In all, if you need a cheap, simple double-sided solution this may be it. For heavier items, anything close to hanging a mirror or a frame, I highly suggest seeking a stronger tape bond.Read more

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  12. acee

    I have used sticky patches made of a similar, but thinner substance, before for sticking up photos and light items and been happy with them. This tape is thicker and much stronger than those patches so can be used for securing larger items such as plug banks, light electrical items etc. Being supplied as a large 5m roll means that it is possible to cut off exactly as much as is required. I would advise you not to make the same mistake I did after using it for the first time. I threw away the plastic bag the roll was contained in and put it straight back in the cardboard box. The next time I came to use the tape I had to cut the box off the roll as the edges had stuck to the box. There are countless potential uses for a double sided sticky tape like this. I have found that it sticks really well to any smooth surfaces. The Teskyer tape can take over the role I previously used sticky foam patches for. Double sided foam patches are good for semi-permanent fixings but they have the problem that they are impossible to move once stuck. The Teskey tape is different in that it can be pulled away and be re-stuck and yet is strong enough to replace the foam patches in many applications. I see this now as an important part of my DIY box of tricks.Read more

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  13. AutasticDad

    The Teskyer Double Sided tape was certainly strong, though you’ll need to be careful as to where you store it! The box contains the tape in a plastic bag. At the time I didn’t think of keeping the plastic wrapping, but wish I had!! I noted early on that the tape was super sticky on the sides. This stuck to everything! I foolishly had out the tape back in the box by itself and when returning the tape had become very stuck to the box (see pictures). This ultimately is a small gripe though that hopefully could be sorted in future. The tape feels soft, squishy and stretchy. I found it stuck well to surfaces that most tape struggles to stick to (like a car dashboard). Ive been using this to hide cables in our cars and also hold up a network switch on the back of a desk for 2 weeks now. Everything has held well so far. For £7.99 (with a 10% voucher at time of review) this is well priced in comparison to equivalents from 3M. You get a lot of tape in the box and it’s held well so far. RecommendedRead more

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    Teskyer Double Sided Tape, 1.18 Inch Wide by 16.4 Ft Long, Free Cut Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Super Sticky Multipurpose Mounting Tape 1.18 in x 16.4 ft
    Teskyer Double Sided Tape, 1.18 Inch Wide by 16.4 Ft Long, Free Cut Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Super Sticky Multipurpose Mounting Tape 1.18 in x 16.4 ft


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