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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play with Fabric Case, Cushion, and Mallet ~ Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing and Mindfulness Black

(7 customer reviews)

✔️TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET- This high-quality 4” meditation bowl is made using traditional techniques by devoted artisans in Nepal. The entire process of crafting and etching the bowl is made by hand to be as unique as you are. The set includes a wooden suede mallet, hand-sewn cushion, and a lightweight hand-sewn fabric case with zipper for easy storage and protection when traveling.
✔️RESTORE HARMONY AND SHED NEGATIVE ENERGIES- When your body parts are vibrating non-harmoniously internally it can cause pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and hypertension. The deep tone of our chakra bowl can retune your body’s internal frequency and restore harmony, clear negative energies, induce deep relaxation, and improve well-being.
✔️DEEPEN MEDITATION AND YOGA PRACTICE- Use our sound bowl before starting a meditation and yoga session to tune your brain and body into readiness. The frequencies created by our singing bowl meditation set helps you enter alpha brainwaves which opens you to a state of peacefulness and prepares you for long and deep meditation and yoga sessions.
✔️THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Give your loved one this unique and powerful tool that delight the ears and heal the soul. Our singing bowls produce sounds that are relaxing and pleasant to the brain. They’re wonderful for home decoration and can clear negative energies and rebalance the vitality of a space.
✔️FREE eBOOK AND COMPASSION MANTRA FLAG- To help you properly utilize and get the best experience from our sound bowl meditation, your set will also include an ebook with instructions on how to play. The mini compassion mantra flag can add color to any small space and is believed to bring peace, happiness, and good health. We also back the quality of our meditation sound bowl with a lifetime warranty. Add Wish Well singing bowl to cart today and begin your journey of inner healing.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.4 x 5.1 x 4.1 inches. Material: Brass. Brand: Wish Well. Color: Black. Speaker Diameter: 4 inches. Material Type: Brass. Color Name: Black. Date First Available: July 25, 2019. Best Sellers Rank: #1,172 in Musical Instruments. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,085 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B07VRNG7J7. Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.1 x 4.1 inches. Item Weight: 1.15 pounds.

Specification: Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play with Fabric Case, Cushion, and Mallet ~ Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing and Mindfulness Black

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 5.4 × 5.1 × 4.1 in

7 reviews for Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play with Fabric Case, Cushion, and Mallet ~ Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing and Mindfulness Black

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  1. Lucci

    The media could not be loaded. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about these bowls but something just told me to get one, maybe a dream, or some type of message… I am no expert so I wanted to get something affordable. I took a whole day searching though Amazon. Reading reviews, comparing in the range of price between $20-40dlls. I wanted a real hand crafted singing bowl because I read machine made won’t sing, etc. By common sense, I realized that a perfectly made bowl (perfect painted patterns and so on) wouldn’t be hand made. So that is another thing I paid attention to, made sure it was painted by hand brush and trusted the seller’s specification on this being handcrafted in Nepal. At first, I didn’t want a brush painted one (with characters, etc.) but then I read about the meanings and all, so I went ahead and odered this one. Despite some negative reviews, I decided to give this bowl a try. I was skeptical because some people may have no idea how to use it (which is NOT hard at all) and already say their bowl is “useless” or not working. My husband nor I had ever used or had a singing bowl, never practiced, just saw a video of someone using one but it took me a few minutes just to make it sing loudly. When I first tried it, it didn’t sing. I tried 3 times within 10 to 15mins. My husband even told me to use the wooden part of the mallet on the bowl and that way it started to sing (thought I had used it wrong — the leather wraped part on the bowl — but that was correct). After the bowl started to sing, I tried using the mallet with the leather wrap touching the bowl again (like in the video) and the bowl started to sing higher and higher. So BEAUTIFUL! I am so very happy with this bowl. It is totally worth the price, and I recommend it despite I just received it yesterday — I just feel so connected and happy with it. I am a person that doesn’t like scratches in my brand new items or things that look “used” when buying them new, but I think this bowl is one of those things that does NOT have to look perfect for it to work. It is not a machine made item for it to have to just sit and look pretty, mine has some superficial scratches that don’t seem to interfere with the sound but I know it was “new” and hand crafted (not perfect) and that is the true essense of it which I like, is rustic in its own form. I think that these type of things also perceive your energy and if you look at it or hold it with negativity, I doubt this would want to sing for you or may sing and channel low vibrations/energies. You get what you give. Give it a try and be patient for a few minutes. If doesn’t work, leave it and try again later, when it finally sings, it feels magical.Read more

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  2. Toni Rose Mercado

    The media could not be loaded. Ive been looking at different singing bowls online for the longest time and decided to finally take the plunge and purchase some. I’ve tried singing bowls in person and always wanted one but could never justify the price. The prices on here were really affordable so I decided to buy all the color options to see which one i liked best, but honestly they’re so beautiful i think i want to keep them all to gift to some friends and keep a couple for my home. Prior to purchasing, the seller emails you all the details on how to play them to ensure the best execution of the product. I liked the thorough contact and how detailed the instructions were. The packaged arrived very securely, with bubble wrap around each component, and even included some cute tibetan flags as a nice extra gift. There was an additional booklet on the singing bowls enclosed. I bought all four: the all black, the black/bronze/blue, the green and the red. My personal favorite one was the all black! I’d say all of them looked as pictured on the site. 3 Of the bowls came in a matching bag, one came in a box. Both forms of packaging are really pretty and travel friendly, both are nice! Shipping was really speedy also which is a huge bonus! I am thrilled with my new singing bowls and can’t wait to use them for meditation and yoga and any time i just want to relax my mind. Enclosed is a video of me using them. Im still getting the hang of it but as you can see, quality is great and they sing beautifully! If you’re looking at these please buy! You won’t regret it :)Read more

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  3. Coleman Creations

    The quality of this bowl was well beyond what I expected. They Weight on the bowl was perfectly centered allowing this clear sound to radiate from its core…. I am new to the world of Tibetan bowls and for this to be my first I am highly impressed. I will definitely be a returning buyer as my bowl collections grows. I also want to add the special touches that were given to me as a consumer, the production of each bowl is uniquely hand crafted to ensure that no one has your bowl but YOU. How COOL is that??? Right Extra Dope!! I highly recommend!!Read more

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  4. Phat Kat

    The item itself is gorgeous. Even better than pictured. I was disappointed that it didn’t arrive in a box, however. It was wrapped securely with bubble wrap and even more plastic and an incredible amount of tape, but it was shipped in a padded Amazon bag. I was hoping it would arrive in a box, because this is a gift and now I have to purchase an additional gift box for presentation. That being said, the satin case, bowl, pillow and wand look fantastic. I can’t comment whether it sings or not because I haven’t tested it. I purchased the black and gold and it is definately masculine enough for the recipient I’m giving it to. (If that is a factor that’s important to you.) I feel good about giving this as a gift, and after seeing it in person, will probably buy one for myself as well. EDITED TO ADD; after the recipient opened this gift the bowl did sing. It has a beautiful, soothing tone and works perfectly.Read more

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  5. Roxanna Ramos

    The media could not be loaded. After looking over the different color options I decided to purchase the black and I have no regrets! its just as beautiful as it is advertised. I’m shocked that it is so affordable, this bowl is unquestionably good quality. The bowl was packed carefully for nice shipping. With the bowl came a mini tibetan flag banner (cute!), a matching bag (love), and a tiny booklet with information on the bowl. I was also emailed information on how to use the bowl when i purchased it. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to make the bowl sing, but I made sure to read/watch all the info and it was surprisingly really easy. Overall a very nice product, it looks great around the house and I’m excited to use it for my next yoga session with my friends.Read more

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    First timei have a singing bowl and it’s sounds very good once I’ve learned how to use it. Comes with it’s case, cushion, mallet and mantra flags. The love theset, the case may smell like strong plastic at first but left it open to air near the fireplace on my selenite charging base and the smell is gone the next day.Read more

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  7. DanV

    à venirRead more

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    Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play with Fabric Case, Cushion, and Mallet ~ Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing and Mindfulness Black
    Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play with Fabric Case, Cushion, and Mallet ~ Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing and Mindfulness Black


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