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TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers

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TickEase is the only dual-sided tick-removal device that allows you to remove ticks from people, dogs, cats and all other pets with just one tool.
The fine-tipped, pointy design, was made specifically for the effective removal of engorged ticks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of fine-tipped or pointy tweezers for the proper removal of ticks for humans.
The slotted scoop is designed to quickly and easily remove engorged ticks from your pets and other animals. Simply place it against the skin, slide under the tick, and lift with steady even pressure.
Stainless steel tweezers safely remove ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement.
Includes a mini magnifier and tick testing instructions.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B00KI1I7BU. Manufacturer: TickEase. Date First Available: May 22, 2014. Item model number: 098667. Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 4.25 x 0.7 inches; 0.96 Ounces. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

Specification: TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers

Dimensions 8.4 × 4.25 × 0.70 in

12 reviews for TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers

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  1. Joel Robertson

    If you have a stubborn deer tick and need to squeeze firmly to get a good grip, then these tweezers will fail you. When you squeeze firmly, the tips of these tweezers will gap. Then when you then pull on the tick, thinking you have a strong grip, you just shred the tick instead. You can see in the first photo the tweezers just barely touching and the tips are already gapping. The second picture shows a very firm squeeze causing the tips to widen considerably (for a deer tick). The third and fourth photos are after I took a pair of pliers and gently bent the last 3/8 inch of the tips. Now the tips touch at first contact and stay touching while being firmly squeezed, but the tweezers should arrive in working condition.Read more

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  2. Renee K.

    Purchased a while ago hoping never had to use them but my husband had an attached female deer tick in a sensitive area this week. These worked beautifully to remove the tick intact. Steady upward pull caused it to release in seconds, could actually hear a pop. Used the service to identify est length of attachment, a difficult thing to do by eyes alone. I have Late Stage Lyme, never saw a tick or had a rash. Hoping to prevent my husband from the same fateRead more

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  3. fd5

    Two weeks after I get my tweezers, I find one on one of my dogs! On top of his head!! I couldn’t believe it. YIKES. but OK! Get tweezers – ps: have a little cap or tiny glass with some rubbing alcohol in it nearby – and do EXACTLY as it says: Aim it flat onto the skin area, press down a bit and slide it to the tick and snag it (it’ll work!!) and LIFT!! It’ll hold on tight for a second but keep lifting and suddenly it lets go! And its head will be attached (very very important). Drop it in the alcohol to die, and then compare its body to known lyme disease carrying ticks; call your vet if you are worried and bring it to them. And one week later – another one shows up. But now, I GOT THIS. – sounds goofy, I know. But this is my reality. My new reality.Read more

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  4. Lady LiberTEA

    Neighbors & family swear by this tool WHEN YOU FOLLOW PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS how to use to optimally remove from people & animals potentially disease-carrying ticks▬not grabbing them infecting you through your finger skin & risking leaving tick parts still embedded, nor a match heat risking driving panicked tick in deeper, nor peppermint oil to make a tick release you that unfortunately makes ticks vomit their diseased saliva into you. The broad end is for large ticks, and the fine-point end for tiny ticks like deer ticks. Wash/Disinfect Hands/Tool/Skin after use, saving tick in plastic bag for close examination/online comparison/mail for disease analysis as kit instructs if desired for treatment by specialist if tick tests positive or any reactions occur afterward inc but not ltd to flu-like symptoms or rash anywhere but especially Lyme Disease red bullseye target rash at site requiring full course antibiotics & follow-up checkups v. recurrrence after goes into remission. PREVENTION: – Cover in light-colored breathable apparel inc socks/gloves/hat, with loose waistband v. chiggers; – Mist clothing with natural insect repellent (some professional outdoorsmen use toxic inc with US Army DEET); – Afterward inspect apparel carefully move to laundry washing no guarantee kill but hour hot dryer does; – Inspect head/body; thoroughly brush hair/scalp over tub/sink; shower/shampoo as soon as possible▬hairstylists are finding ticks attached to kids heads!▬and regularly check animals coming into your environs. Mild winters & homes near the wilds reducing predators increase tick population.Read more

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  5. Amanda

    SUPER GREAT PRODUCT. I bought two, one for home and one for work. I’ve used both. Really easy to use for someone who has never had to remove ticks before, especially on herself. I’ve been able to reach places I didn’t think I’d be able to. Plus, its so much easier to grab hold than other tweezers I tried previously. I’m super grossed out by ticks and for anyone in that boat, who happens to live in tick areas… I would say grab two. And some alcohol. Some index cards, tape and a sharpie. This kit comes with instructions on how to mail in your tick to be tested. It’s 50$ to do so, and I’ve already been bitten like 8 times so I’m definitely not going to pay to have that done every time, but I’m saving the ticks with the date on the index card (tape the tick to the card and note the date and the location on the body) so later if you get a rash or feel fluish you’ll know which one to send in to be tested. Also good to have a pouch to put all that in.Read more

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  6. Amazon Customer

    You will know once you use these that there is almost no comparison. Normal tweezers are difficult to use on my dog and sometimes fur comes out with the tick. Not to mention making sure the tweezers grip close to the skin to get the head out completely. Regardless, the V tipped side of these works so ridiculously easily. It’s almost as easy as spreading butter, you just slide the tick into the V shape all the way down to the V point and then gently pull up/sideways. No hair pulled, no pain, my dog is infinitely more tolerant of these and it’s almost doesn’t even make sense to use normal tweezers after using these. Careful to note, the actual tweezers end of these comes to a dangerously sharp point. I never had to use them but I did lose the cap at one point and had to tape it up because it will puncture. I’m writing this because I just misplaced mine recently and so am ordering again. Stop reading reviews and get this for your pet!Read more

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  7. Ray S

    The paddle foot is very good. I use it to pulling back the fur to get to tick and it works great on the larger ticks. the reason for four stars is the pinchers are a little flimsy and do not grasp as strong as I would like. I trail bike ride every day in the woods and even though I have my dog on flea and tick meds I end up removing quite few each day. Worst season I have seen for ticks. The problem is they are so small and look like grass seeds and I use a flea comb to to help remove . I have been using coconut oil with a few drops of cedar oil and it has help trementiously but you have to apply daily.Read more

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  8. L. Haynes

    The tool looks to be well made, which is the most important thing. However, it didn’t come with the magnifier or testing instructions that are featured on the product pictures.Read more

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  9. mike

    well made and nicely finished product, glad I chose this one.Read more

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  10. Simon R

    In the event a twister tool fails if the tick is too small or hard to get at this tool will come to the rescueRead more

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  11. Jeffrey Glanz

    Very useful, got the little b*****dsRead more

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Very quick delivery,good quality product,really recommend itRead more

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    TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers
    TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers


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