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Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions Fertilizer Yard

(5 customer reviews)

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: If you’re looking for a professional quality spreader for your garden, this broadcast spreader from Titan is a must have. This versatile tool will keep your property looking great.
DURABLE LAWN EQUIPMENT: Unlike many seeders, the Titan spreader is easy to use and wont require constant repairs. This roller tool is one of the best options on the market for quick and easy operation that you can depend on season after season. All Titan tools are built with rugged materials made to last.
LARGE CAPACITY DRUM: Constant refills while spreading can disrupt your rhythm and prolong the process. That’s why the Titan broadcast spreader bucket holds up to 50 lbs. With our spreader, giving your grass the nutrients it needs couldn’t be easier.
QUALITY AXLE & TIRES: Like all Titan products, the difference is in the details. Work like a master gardener with this rugged machine. The axle and tires on our broadcast spreader are made with quality materials that won’t break down over time. It’s the best tool for reliable and dependable garden treatments. Our spreader features 3 flow settings.
GREAT FOR MANY TERRAINS: Our broadcast spreader is efficient and effective on a wide variety of terrains. Its easy to maneuver around trees, roots, and brambles. It also runs smoothly on turf or sod without damaging grass. Treat your lawn with a professional Titan broadcast spreader today.


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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #35,191 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 355 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B01L0QZM82. Manufacturer: Titan Attachments. Item Weight: 25 pounds. Package Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 15 inches.

Specification: Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions Fertilizer Yard

Weight 25 lbs

5 reviews for Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions Fertilizer Yard

4.2 out of 5
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  1. D. Fox

    As a guy who is really big into DIY type stuff, I thought that other people leaving reviews were just, no offense, incompetent at following instructions. I primarily bought this thing because it seemed like a great value, and because if what the other reviewers said was true about difficulty of assembly, I was up for a challenge. And boy, a challenge it was. The diagrams, while very detailed, are SO detailed that it’s very difficult to really understand where parts are supposed to go, and I found that even after putting a lot of effort into studying the components, I had to trial and error (which required some significant disassembly) on two separate occasions. Once with the axle boots on the wheel hubs, and once with the screws, because it the instructions actually called for the wrong size with the handle column cross-brace. This meant that during the very final step of assembly, you’re supposed to have two screws that were used earlier, and you have to remove the wheels/etc to reclaim them. It was not fun. Typically I drink a couple while I’m working on projects. I would suggest saving them for the end when you’re left with exactly ZERO left over or extra components, you’re gonna need your senses sharp for this one. 5 Stars for Sturdiness and Value, 4 Stars for the Instructions and Assembly. Probably would have been 2 or 3 if I didn’t enjoy the challenge. Note – Full sized, easier to read instructions can be found here: more

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  2. Dual-500

    Having gone through numerous drop type and broadcast spreaders, it’s nice to finally get one that not only works well, but will last for years. After the unpacking and assembly phase, aired up the tires and one was flat the next day before using the spreader. Didn’t deduct from rating, because the tubes are $5 each so I just ordered 2 with brass curved valve stems and changed them out. Easy to do, took about 15 minutes for both. Also a word on the assembly, the normal things – marginal instructions and not enough washers. I’ve assembled plenty of equipment, so I have washers in my shop and put them on all fasteners. The notable things that many whine about are out of the way. These are no big deal and what you end up with after making a few minor “corrections” is more than worth the effort. These things are built rugged and the large pneumatic wheels are real nice. They roll well over the lawn and handle bumpy areas with ease. Everything about these spreaders is heavy duty, controls, linkage, material gate, wheels, tires, axels and most importantly the gear box. I used it for first time yesterday, spread #120 of fertilizer on lawns and flower beds. The distribution pattern is very even and perfect width – not too wide like many broadcast spreaders. One other noted performance feature is the material delivery rate it’s capable of and the adjustment control handle. They work great, easy to set the rate and the on-off works well to shut it off crossing walkways/driveways/etc. If you’re using tree spikes to feed trees this is a much better alternative. Having talked to a number of arborists over the years – most of them don’t use spikes. Why not? Too expensive. A root system on a tree is essentially a balance underground to what’s above ground, not quite as deep, but similar. With this spreader, I can easily feed all my trees using cheaper general purpose fertilizer in the 15-10-12 range. My live oaks in the back yard need ~2lbs of nitrogen per tree. Take a 30lb bag of 15-10-12 which is 15% nitrogen content and do the math. 4.5lbs of nitrogen, so 1/2 bag per tree. Walk the spreader around the tree close to the trunk under the drip line with the spreader set on the higher end of output. 15lbs it will evenly distribute in two laps under a tree. 4 laps total and 3 lbs of 15-10-12 is quickly spread under the trees at a fraction of the cost of spikes. Spread at walking speed is probably just under 8′ which is where I like it – you can adjust walking speed for wider or narrower spread. The Titan is a keeper, should have gotten one years ago – would have saved time, money and frustration.Read more

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  3. windsor383

    This spreader has a handle long enough that I don’t have to bend over while walking around pushing it! This was a major irritant about the old Scott’s unit. This spreader also has a much larger material bin and wide tires. Fewer stops to refill; no ruts created in soft ground and better mobility over uneven surfaces. Assembly was easy after figuring out how to install the axle bushings. The directions aren’t very clear in this area. First the frame is assembled, with the axle/gearbox captured in the bushing holes. Then the larger bushings can be installed from the outside (wheel side) of the frame, and pushed into the slot until the flange is against the frame. Finally the smaller bushings can be installed, also from the outside of the frame. After the plastic washers and the wheels are installed and retained by the caps, the bushings are locked in place. Seems like a pretty clever design, just not explained or depicted well. The machine works just fine.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Most customer comments would reference how difficult it is to assemble I googled (S50 lawn spreader video) and two fellows showed in detail how to assemble I made sure I had all the parts, set up my iPad and assembled the spreader, took about forty five minutes with a coffee break in between, very easy and the Titan is ready to go.Read more

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  5. huntz

    Worst directions I’ve ever seen. Luckily I still had my buddies earth-way spreader to look at, so I could figure out how to build this stupid thing. Tires are way too tall and the spreader just shoots straight into them creating a ton of mess and messing up the “Spreading”. Tires are also pointy like an innertube tire for a dolly. They should be relatively flat for a lawn. There is no edging feature on this which at it’s price point, It should have. The materials seem solid enough but it’s NOT A GOOD SPREADER. Packaging was poor too. Box came in with a support rod sticking out, because all of the components are basically thrown into the box loose. DON’T BUY, BUT IF YOU DO ANYWAY, SCRAP THE DIRECTIONS AND LOOK AT A PICTURE OF ONE SOMEWHERE. They aren’t just bad, they’re incorrect!Read more

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    Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions Fertilizer Yard
    Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions Fertilizer Yard


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