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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Limited

(9 customer reviews)

Each character possesses unique weapons and skills to battle the monstrosities within this strange realm. Unravel the secrets of Eclipse and vanquish evil from Morimiya
Talk to characters, build relationships and forge alliances. Navigate the expansive cityscape of Morimiya City. Upgrade your equipment, play mini games and train in dungeons
9″ Deluxe White Shroud Statue, Blade Card Game Deck, 60 page Art Book, CD Soundtrack, Collector’s Box
Enjoy additional tales of the Wielders that weren’t depicted in the main story. Once you’ve completed the game, get access to an all new quest and carry on the adventure
Play as the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Brandish unrivaled strength and the powers of light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses


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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition includes: Tokyo Xanadu eX+ PS4 game with additional game content: new side stories, characters, modes, dungeons, quests, and more! 9-inch Deluxe White Shroud Figure – top-quality, hyper-detailed poly-resin sculpture of the mysterious White Shroud character, fully assembled and painted, with detachable display base. 60-page Exclusive Art Collection – full-color book featuring over 300 of dazzling images of characters and settings plus important information on the world of Tokyo Xanadu. Blade Card Game Deck – includes boxed set of 44 printed cards and 2-player rules, so you can take the Blade game into the real world! CD Soundtrack – with 10 music tracks from the game, including the opening song “Seize the Day” (lyrics by Kyo Hifumi). Collector’s Box – everything immaculately packed, including a separate printed carton for the White Shroud figure.

Specification: Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Limited

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9 reviews for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Limited

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  1. Bruce T

    What a deal for this. I honestly bought the game before coming across this collectors edition. The only other time I’ve bought a game “twice” was with my favorite Zelda game of all time; Majora’s Mask. I played this game on hard right off the bat despite getting my butt handed to me even on normal difficulty. Why? The combat and characters are just too fun. Every character you learn to love or hate pretty quickly. Most games with random NPC’s you don’t think they’ll play much into the story of the game but this was a surprising change. As I’ve played more of Falcom’s games I’ve realized they incorporate other characters very well into the story. That’s something many other RPG’s don’t even do! Combat follows a dungeon crawl style where you pick your stage, characters, get them set up and off you go. The fighting style varies per character but each one has their elements and style that fits various situations. Typically I would find a character that dominates for every situation bot Tokyo Xanadu does a great job in balancing each person. You will only control 1 person at a time but later in the game you have a few mechanics that let you leverage your other party members so switching around and training everyone is KEY (final battles, yes). You have quick basic attacks, charge moves, flying attacks, and projectiles. Movement is smooth and dodging is great for not only battles but navigating through trap areas. You will be very involved in the system, trust me. Dungeons range from straightforward paths to warp puzzles, spike pits, trap filled nightmares and TONS of recycled enemies. It’s an anime RPG, monsters will be recolored! I have to say after playing through some dungeons I thought were horrible the first time through, but after completing I just strived to better my time each playthrough. From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed Tokyo Xanadu. Being a newcomer to Falcom and their games, this was the one that launched me forward onto Trails of Cold Steel and Ys. Enjoyable to the very end with some sad moments, it plays a bit like you’re watching an anime series. The graphics don’t translate well since it was from a Vita but once you’re into the story and characters who cares?! I’ve heard this is their first venture into an action RPG style game and hope a sequel comes out in the future. I bought the game and after getting into it I had to get the collectors edition. You won’t be disappointed by this game if you love action RPG’s and/or anime.Read more

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  2. Ssssss

    I bought this game with very little knowledge of what it was about, mostly because the limited edition was on a good sale at the time, and I thought that the figure it came with looked cool. I finally got around to playing it, and I was really pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. I played on easy mode (because I’m here for the story, not for a challenging gameplay experience), and that actually struck a great balance for me between story and action gameplay. (It’s very heavy on the story. Full disclosure, one of my favorite genres is visual novel.) One thing that was a great touch about this game’s easy mode is that if you can’t beat a boss, one of the options you have is to try again with the difficulty lowered. I only used this a few times at the beginning, but it was really nice to have when I needed it, especially since I was able to do this more than once. The story was enjoyable. I’ve seen comparisons to Persona, but I haven’t played Persona (yet), so I can’t say how it stacks up. I think it’s probably good that I played this before playing Persona, though, because I doubt this game would benefit from the comparison. I enjoyed some of the characters a lot, though others really didn’t do anything for me. It’s clearly aimed at guys who want to collect waifus, but there are enough male characters that I was able to make a guy-only team (not hard, since you can only have at most three characters in your party at any time, which was more limiting than I’d have liked). I wish there were more costumes; the only DLC costumes are for girls (I hear there was a limited-time costume pack for everyone, but I got here way too late to get it, which is annoying). The story has some secrets and twists, and they were fun to see, even if I did guess a couple big ones from early on. (There’s one character in particular, a masked character, who as soon as he showed up on screen, I was like, “Oh, that’s so-and-so, obviously,” so that wasn’t exactly a surprise reveal later on, but I did enjoy it anyway.) Although I wish they’d done more with those ‘disguised’ characters after their reveals. A lot of things I wish had been explored more, character-wise. Anyway, overall, I liked it a lot. It did have plenty of room for improvement, though, and there were some things I wanted and didn’t get, which is why I’m not giving 5 stars. As for the limited edition itself, I still think the figure looks great. It’s a really good size (a full size figure, not a mini), and it looks good on my shelf. The inclusion of the ‘Blade’ card game is pretty neat, once you play the game in-game in order to figure out how to play it (it’s a pretty simple game, but kind of fun). Those are the good parts of the limited edition. The soundtrack really didn’t impress me (it’s incredibly repetitive and in many parts reminds me of a Pokemon game), so the inclusion of a soundtrack CD does basically nothing for me. The art book is … not great. An awful lot of the pages are devoted to lists of very minor characters, things that aren’t really even proper art, rather than including some of the actual pretty art that you can unlock in the gallery part of the game. A huge missed opportunity, IMO, and it makes the whole art book pretty blah. The game itself can be had pretty cheap digitally on PC and PS4 (it goes on sale a lot), so if you don’t want the physical stuff, I’d say just get it on sale that way. But if you like physical games and you want to display the cool figure, the limited edition is worth it (depending on what kind of price you can find; I got it on sale for less than $50).Read more

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  3. Steve

    First off, I did not realize that the game would be all spoken in Japanese, with English subtitles. I guess this isn’t a big deal for hardcore gamers, but I found it a real bother to turn off the distracting Japanese voices and spend the whole game reading, and reading, and reading. The battles are fun, but the rest of the game is tiresome due to all the reading of long conversations between characters. The graphics are good but not like Persona, and the music doesn’t even come close. Why they chose to include a CD of the lackluster soundtrack is beyond me. It’s not a terrible game, just not an especially great one, either.Read more

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  4. Bernardo Angulo

    If you’re always looking for affordable collector’s editions, you have a great deal here. The game itself is an above average JRPG, very reminiscent of Persona 4 but maybe not quite as flashy or stylish. It bears the Falcom pedigree, though, which means is a solid, well crafted game overall. What really matters is the content of this item and the content delivers. The quality, detail and size of the figure included is simply awesome for the price (be aware that the figure is 100% rigid, so it doesn’t have any kind of articulation). Another important thing about the figure is that it comes packaged in its own box, which is also very nice with colorful pictures. You’ll also find a deck of cards but they’re not as fancy; they feel cheap and the printing looks very pixelated. If you’re planning to use them frequently, you’ll have to be very careful. Finally, you’ll find the almost mandatory artbook and soundtrack CD, both of them are ok. In short, you’ll be hard pressed to find another special edition with so much content for this price. Whether you like JRPGS in general or consider yourself an avid collector of Falcom games, grab this one as soon as you can.Read more

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  5. T

    The game is the game. If you enjoy a good RPG there’s enough to keep you entertained. It is heavy on story and dialog, though, so if you are impatient to get to the action, be aware. As for the other contents, I am very disappointed with the Blade Deck. It is printed on low quality board game card stock with low-res images. The cards even have the spurs on the side from where they were punched out of the print sheet. Very disappointing. The statue is a fantastic piece, however with a great size and presence. It is bigger than the game case. The artbook is good, has some character informations as well. I love Falcom artbooks. Soundtrack is a soundtrack. So overall, I am pretty happy. I had bought this for the card deck, but the statue more than made up for that disappointment.Read more

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I’m going to be straightforward here the game and items that comes with it are awesome, but the price is just not worth it. This limited edition doesn’t feel like i am getting +$100 worth of content even though i really should. I honestly think that Aksys should’ve added a steelbook and put all the dlc onto the disc rather than having to download them. What really sucks about this is that I paid $109 and something cents for it when I should’ve just waited for EB Games to had it on sale for $50. You may still be able to get it from EB Games, but I’m not guaranteeing anyone if they still have them. If you’re interested in buying, I suggest that you wait until price drops at least close to $80. Since Tokyo Xanadu is a pretty low-key game with a very small fan base, I highly doubt that the limited edition would sell out anytime soon.Read more

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  7. Jonathan Boudreault

    This is a great game! Looks like a Persona game but it is an action RPG. Have enough elements by it’s own to not be a simple rip-off and have it’s own identity. I’m not far in the game but I’ve been hooked to Tokyo Xanadu instantly. Also, the music is superb. Just play it. I won’t say more on the game, this is Falcom. About the collector; I would have expected more stuff for the price. This is very expensive for what’s inside the box. The figurine is very beautiful by the way but it’s not justifying the price. You have a CD with selected tracks in it, a small artbook, a card game and the standard game that come with a manual. Maybe 120-130$ max is what it’s worth but 190$, my god they’re greedy. For the price, I would have suggested aksys to at least add a steelbook and a big official artbook with hardcover.Read more

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  8. Forcisstus

    Excelente edición, los extras de muy buena calidad, solo que la caja de empaque de Amazon llegó un poco golpeada pero el producto llegó entero. El juego solo cuenta con subtítulos en inglés.Read more

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  9. Daniel

    La calificación no es del juego o de la edición en si, es por el estado en el que llegó el producto. La caja llegó golpeada de las esquinas y con abolladuras en varios lados.Read more

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    Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Limited
    Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Limited


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