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Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand, 1 Gal 1 gal.

(6 customer reviews)

No stink, essential oils formula is safe for use around kids and pets (when used as directed)
Long lasting and rain resistant formula
100 percent money back guarantee
Inside and outside rodent prevention
Keep mice and rats out


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Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use is engineered to safely and effectively deter mice and rats from entering homes. Featuring a no stink formula that is long lasting and rain resistant, this easy, ready-to-use formula is tested and proven to prevent rodent entry, nesting and foraging. Through essential oil technology, it delivers a smell and taste that rats and mice naturally hate while remaining safe for use around kids and pets, giving you both protection and peace of mind.

Specification: Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand, 1 Gal 1 gal.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 8.25 × 11.38 in

6 reviews for Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand, 1 Gal 1 gal.

3.2 out of 5
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  1. J Andrews

    I sprayed a heavy dose of this stuff around my bbq island. I also sprayed in all the gaps where I thought a rat had been getting in. I set up an arlo camera to monitor if there was movement. This stuff does absolutely nothing. The rat walks right past it multiple times without notice. Don’t waste your money.Read more

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  2. craig

    Well when I sprayed this on the side of the house it’s got a minty smell I sprayed it in the garage sprayed it around the backyard ever since I’ve sprayed to deter the rats I have not only attracted a couple more rats but I’ve attracted to possums a skunk and a raccoon that seem to like the minty scent. Will not buy again I live in Buena Park California and some of these animals should not even be in this area my dog looks at me like I’m a traitorRead more

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  3. Marina Sailor

    After taking my wifes car in for a detail, the technician noted some chewed insulation in the hood pad. Bought this product and sprayed the entire engine compartment and undercarriage. 10 days later, way more chewed insulation, and even found a dead one in the engine compartment as well. Do not waste your money.Read more

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  4. WC

    Same price as the local box store, but unlike the big, orange, pit o’ despair, Amazon actually had this in stock! This spray works well for dissuading mice from entering the house. Simple spray on every 30 days or so (more often if it rains), and the scent makes most of the furry little buggers go elsewhere. It’s a mix of oils of clove, mint, garlic, and I think citronella… the end smell reminds me of the old fashioned ribbon candy we’d get at Christmas, just stronger. The one downside is the lack of clear instructions for assembling the sprayer. Tomcat needs to make a more visually oriented (in other words, USE PICTURES) assembly and operation instructions. Simple rundown on assembly: -Red plug on end of hose- Stick in hole in cap on bottle. Push down hard until you hear it snap into place. It’s kind of awkward to hold the edges and press, but it will pop into place. -Unfold the sprayer until it clicks into place. It can fold back down pretty easily, so be careful with bumping it into things. -At the bottom of the sprayer wand- Pull the little plastic tab out of the battery. Yup, it has a battery powered pump that uses AA batteries. No squeeze triggers to wear out your trigger finger! Yay! -Tip of the sprayer- The tip has three different settings. Off/Stream/Off/Spray. (Technically, that is four, but two settings are OFF, so…) Make sure you open it to stream or spray BEFORE you press to trigger. -Cap On Bottle- Remember where you plugged in the red end of the hose to the bottle? There is an open/close turn switch there. You need to set it to OPEN for the liquid to come out. Save that for last so you don’t accidentally spray yourself fiddling with the spray wand. It has a spray range of about four feet, and a little goes a long way. I sprayed the foundation as well as spraying a line along the bottom of the siding. Used maybe a third of the bottle. Plenty to reapply for the next month or two.Read more

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  5. The Hermit

    I was overrun with mice. I had tried peppermint, to no avail. I had set the peanut oil trap, and caught over half a dozen in just a few hours one night! It was me or them; so, I went looking for the Tomcat someone had recommended… I got the spray in order to chase the little dudes away from my personal space, and applied some of it here and there, under and behind sofa, stuffed chair, and so on. I also got two bait stations; so, once the spray had been applied, I baited each station and put them about eight feet apart on the floor — one under the dining table, and one near the microwave oven. Then, I laid down for a nap — and slept like a baby (I hadn’t slept for several nights for the noise the mice had been making…)Read more

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  6. Jeannie Hufford

    An old, vacant house next door to me, was recently torn down…..within a couple days after that, I began having problems with mice, which I had never had prior to that. I didn’t want to put out poison, as I have pets….didn’t want to use traps, as I didn’t want to hear the snapping sound….didn’t want sticky glue trays….I just wanted the mice gone…I searched online & found this product & decided to give it a try. I sprayed the baseboards all through my home, sprayed outside around my home & inside my garage. There have been no mice since then. The smell is slightly potent at first, but not over-powering….has a nice woodsy-minty smell. Best of all, no dead mice to deal with. Fast & easy to use. I am very pleased with this product & highly recommend it. It met my expectations.Read more

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    Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand, 1 Gal 1 gal.
    Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand, 1 Gal 1 gal.


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