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Training Cups for Baby and Toddler, Silicone Learner Straw Cup with Handles, Sippy Cups for Baby 6 months+, 7oz

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Perfect Size: 7oz, the toddler cups come with 2 non-slip handles, which makes it easy and convenient for your little baby to hold and drink out of the training cups, it will be a good way to encourage your baby to learn how to drink independently.
2 in 1 Training Cup: This baby cup is equipped with a spill-proof cover, two straws and a straw brush. It can be used as an open cup or a sippy cups, providing more choices for your baby.
Safe Material: Made of food-grade silicone, BPA free, have no any taste or smell , silicone toddler sippy cup is durable and unbreakable.
Leak-proof and Splash-proof: The spill proof sippy cups for toddlers won’t break when dropped, and the structure of learner cup cover is specially designed to make it difficult to eject when squeezed.
Easy to Clean: Unlike other plastic kids cups on the market,our silicone baby straw cup is easy to disassemble to clean thoroughly, and it is dishwasher safe

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Unlike other plastic kids cups on the market, the latest design of the lids makes the toddler cup easy to disassemble and wash thoroughly to combat mold.

Our sippy cups are made of food-grade silicone, 100% BPA free, PVC free, lead free, designed to fit baby’s mouth and hands.

The cup edge is rounded off and the soft silicone staw protects baby’s gums or developing teeth.


Toddler sippy cups are suitable for microwave, freezer use and can be clean up easily in the dishwasher or by hand.

When your toddler tilts the cup, liquid will not come out through the lid, say goodbye to prized tumbler cups.


The baby cup is designed to fit baby’s mouth and little hands, straw cups for infants can hold up to 7oz.

The cup adopted the thread design to prevent water leakage and accidentally opening the lid by children, the lid and the body fit tightly, baby can hold the tiny cup easily without spilling.

The trainer cup will allow them to transition from a bottle to their first grown-up.

Specification: Training Cups for Baby and Toddler, Silicone Learner Straw Cup with Handles, Sippy Cups for Baby 6 months+, 7oz

Weight 3.52 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 5.51 × 2.76 in

8 reviews for Training Cups for Baby and Toddler, Silicone Learner Straw Cup with Handles, Sippy Cups for Baby 6 months+, 7oz

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Emilie C.

    I do appreciate that this straw cup comes with an extra straw and small cleaning brush for the straws. After trying this cup out I did find that it does leak a little bit, such as when held upside down. My son loves grabbing his water cups, gnawing it, flipping it upside down, squeezing it, etc – so this would not be “safe”. I’m back to using his previous sippy cup because this just won’t work for us right now. It is perfect for when he is a little older and can understand when I tell him not to play with the water cup. Don’t fill the cup up too much otherwise when you put the lid on, water will squirt out through the straw and cup. Overall while the cup is easy for my son to grasp, it just isn’t very functional for him at this age – he needs something a little more leak proof regardless of how he hold it or throws it.Read more

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  2. Karen G

    My 10 month old has a new obsession with pulling out straws from her cups. This straw hasn’t come out yet, which is great. I love that this has two handles so she can confidently hold it while drinking her water. It holds 7oz of water and I like that I can see what she has drank because of the markers inside. It’s pretty leak proof but sometimes once upside down, water will come out. Just not excessive, so that’s a good thing because I can usually catch it in time. The only odd thing is that when I fill it with water, if I simply push down the top to close it (without even squeezing the sides) some water squirts out of the straw. It’s all made of silicone so its very “squeezable”, maybe that’s why. I’ve figured out how to do it but just be aware. Good little cup and it’s easy to clean, especially because it comes with a straw brush!Read more

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  3. Wylee’s mom

    I wanted to try this silicone learner training cup for my one year old grandson who is learning to drink out of cups. He was instantly drawn to this cup and put the straw right into his mouth and started drinking from it. The problem is, he turns is upside down because he doesn’t quite yet understand the straw and when he does that it leaks everywhere. Even when he holds the cup and crawls around the house it leaks. I like the cup, it comes complete with a spare straw and a straw brush for cleaning. The weight is good, not too heavy nor too light. I like the handles in either side. The cup itself is easy to clean well. Overall a good cup with the exception of the occasional leaking when tipped upside down. I will continue to use this cup when he goes outside that way it doesn’t spill in the house.Read more

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  4. JSMeff

    Why are cups for babies so cute?!? The quality of this cup surprised me! For being a silicone cup, it is very sturdy. The seal is really strong too. Obviously if the cup is tipped completely over, it will leak around the straw, but otherwise no leaks from the side. So happy this cup came with a replacement straw and cleaner. Perfect transitional cup!Read more

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  5. Katie

    This cup is completely silicone. The top, base, and straw are the lime green silicone. It’s electric looking and bright. I like that there are two straws that come with the cup just in case something happens to one, I have a backup. Also there is a small bristled brush to clean the interior of the straw. This is an absolute necessity even though it is dishwasher safe. The straw has a stopper on it so that the child cannot pull it out of the top of the cup. I also find that it adds stability to the straw. The handles are silicone but they are sturdy. The child can easily hold the cup with one or two of the handles. The silicone on the handles is a thicker material. The handles are more sturdy than the cup itself I find. If the cup is squeezed too hard then the top will pop off. However just for normal use it will not.Read more

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  6. OneCent

    This is a cute soft cup for toddlers. Once filled, it doesn’t spill even if held upside down, except for a little bit that was in the straw already, which is good for when it’s knocked over during a meal. If any child squeezes it hard though, the top will pop off and spill, as the whole cup is soft. It feels really good to touch, sort of satiny silicon smoothness. It’s marked up to 7 oz inside the cup, but plan to fill less, or test with water first time. It spilled my test water first few times even though I didn’t fill it up, not only because the lid has thick sides, but because I’m pushing down some air with no vent. The straw is great for my toddler who can drink without a stopper inside the straw like some other spill proof cups.Read more

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  7. Kathleen San Martino

    This training cup is made of soft silicone. It holds one cup of liquid to the tippy top but a little less must be used to get the top on. The straw has a protrusion so that it cannot be pulled out of the top of the cup. It does not leak unless turned totally upside down, in which case it will leak through the straw. It is easy to drink through the straw as well. There are handles on both sides of the cup. The green color is great as well. It is packaged with an extra straw and a straw cleaning brush. For the current price of $9.97, this is a perfect training cup for toddlers who are just learning to drink. The silicone makes it safe and unbreakable as well.Read more

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  8. Yvonne

    This training cup comes with 2 straws and a straw cleaner. It can be used a regular cup or “sippy” cup and gold about 7oz of liquid. The cup is made of silicone so it won’t break when dropped. The top looks like a screw top in the picture but it isn’t. Although it doesn’t technically leak or spill when tipped on its side, because of the silicone material, my son was able to squeeze the sides together so that the lid popped off and spilled the contents everywhere so make sure you closely watch your child with this type of cup. I did like the face that the straw had a ridge to prevent it from being removed from the lid.Read more

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    Training Cups for Baby and Toddler, Silicone Learner Straw Cup with Handles, Sippy Cups for Baby 6 months+, 7oz
    Training Cups for Baby and Toddler, Silicone Learner Straw Cup with Handles, Sippy Cups for Baby 6 months+, 7oz

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