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Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser – Premium Carbonation Machine with Two 1L BPA Free Bottles – Infuses Flavor while Carbonating Beverages (Bronze)

(9 customer reviews)

SPARKLING WATER IS JUST THE BEGINNING : Our unique sparkling water maker, with an AirCharge two-stage pressure release valve, allows you to infuse flavors directly into the bottle with no loss of fizz. Carbonate wine, beer or your favorite fruit and syrups in the bottle.
INFUSE FRESH FRUIT FLAVORS: With their wide mouth, it’s easy to add some cut up pieces of your favorite fruit into one of the two bottles included with this premium soda maker. Our bottles have measurements so you can get a perfect mix of your favorite syrups everytime.
3 YEAR WARRANTY: Our light-weight, durable (yes it’s plastic) design means you can sparkle anything anywhere. We are so confident, we are the only soda maker that offers a 3 year warranty for registered customers.
USES STANDARD CO2 CARTRIDGES (Not Included): Compatible with standard 60L CO2 gas cylinders that you can order separately on CARTGET or from your local big box retailer.
FREE RECIPE BOOK: our Australian-designed carbonated water machine comes with comprehensive, easy to read instructions and creative, delicious recipes. You will also receive access to our free recipe e-book and an option to join our community of beverage recipe creators who love to share their favorite healthy and cheeky beverage recipes.


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Date First Available: May 7, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #22,208 in Kitchen & Dining. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 129 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. Country of Origin: China. ASIN: B086DSVPT6. Manufacturer: TWENTY39. Item Weight: 3.37 pounds. Package Dimensions: 17.64 x 11.54 x 5.12 inches.

Specification: Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser – Premium Carbonation Machine with Two 1L BPA Free Bottles – Infuses Flavor while Carbonating Beverages (Bronze)

Weight 3.37 lbs

9 reviews for Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser – Premium Carbonation Machine with Two 1L BPA Free Bottles – Infuses Flavor while Carbonating Beverages (Bronze)

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Davis P

    I purchased the “Qarbo” Sparkling Water Maker to replace my older “Soda Stream” unit. I’ve owned 3 carbonators through the years. Qarbo’s compact size and style were factors in choosing it, but how it works was most important. This works similar to my 1st “Soda Club” unit that also had an injection cap that stays on the bottle. The Qarbo difference is adding whatever syrup and fruit you like to the water before carbonating. Once you’ve done it, the bottle stays SEALED and you place it in the fridge to stay good and cold until ready to serve. My 2nd unit, made by “Soda Stream,” has the injection nozzle fixed to the machine. This means they only recommend using water, with no syrup or mix-ins, when charging the bottle, else the nozzle can become contaminated or plugged. But here’s my BIG complaint about Soda Stream… when you’re done charging your water, you remove the bottle from the machine and much of the carbonation is lost. The colder you get the water BEFORE charging, the less carbonation you lose, but it’s still A LOT! Soda Stream water goes flat fast! QARBO solves this problem with the injection nozzle being designed into the cap. This allows the CO2 to stay IN your water and better infuse the flavor of your mix-ins into the liquid. Side note: I have a friend who carbonates his favorite white wine to make what he calls “Blue Collar Champagne” ha ha ha! I’ve used mine to carbonate ordinary frozen apple juice to make awesome Sparkling Apple that rivals that “name brand” expensive stuff in the thick glass bottles. Be sure to READ the assembly instructions so that you install your BYOB CO2 into the unit. I saw person complain that the base was flimsy when she dropped the bottle in it. You’re NOT supposed to do that! Simply twist your CO2 onto the charging assembly and then lower it into the machine. DONE! I’ve had my Qarbo a week and have used it EVERY day! It looks better on my countertop and WORKS better than the competition. 5-Stars!Read more

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  2. Stacy

    So far it works well. Last year I got a soda stream which quit working fairly fast. I do agree that the price is too expensive for what you get, but it’s not a secret how much you’re paying. The poor reviews about price are simply people that shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. It also states that it doesn’t come with co2 canisters. I like the fact that you can carbonate any beverage, soda stream only carbonates water, then you have to add your flavors. It’s almost black, gunmetal in color, I wish it matched the copper bottles. It is sleek looking and takes up less counter space than the soda stream. It also uses far less co2 than soda stream. 2-3 shots of c02 works, soda stream was closer to 10 shots.Read more

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  3. sunnydee52

    Unfortunately I had to return this item. It was not as advertised. It was made of cheap plastic material, did not come with a CO2 canister which it should have for the price point. If I had kept it and purchased the canister to be able to use it the cost would have been almost $200. Definitely not worth it.Read more

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  4. D. Osgood

    It is incredibly stylish and easy to use; putting the aerator in a separate (washable) cap resolves a lot of my “is this thing clean?” concerns. The overall feel is a bit flimsy–but there’s a metal plate in the base that should be turned 90 degrees to fix most of that feeling. The plastic bottles are simply too tall to fit anywhere inside a modern, remotely crowded refrigerator. I’m resorting to either 1) using the contents immediately; or 2) trusting them on their sides not to leak. Now feeling a bottle that would fit in a refrigerator door would be *really* nice right about now.Read more

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  5. B

    Great product, easy to use. It’s terrific that you can add your own fruit and fruit juices before fizzing up your water. Only complaint is that the bottom of the unit – which is all thin plastic- is loose and the heavy co2 cartridge might fall through if you lift the unit off the counter. You have to buy your co2 cartridge separately but Amazon sells plenty. But just keeping the unit on the counter the whole thing works like a charm. So great being able to adjust the carbonation exactly the way you like it, not having to go buy seltzer water anymore, and having to recycle all those plastic store-bought bottles.Read more

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  6. brenda Zimmerman

    It came with no instructions …The company said they would send me a PDF file but their file won’t open.. I haven’t been able to get it to work I have no idea how to use it.. I definitely regret buying this.. I feel like I just wasted my money..Read more

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  7. TheFresh1

    Don’t make the mistake I did. I saw all the raving reviews about the Aarke and got that one. And, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product and it’s actually made of metal too, unlike everything else nowadays that looks metal in the picture but always ends up being plastic. But I did that because every carbonator I looked at said you could only carbonate water with it, but I wanted it so that I could RE-carbonate beverages. And eventually I was able to do it with the aarke without getting soda everywhere, but it took a few times of creating a mess. Anyways I just recently decided to get a new one and then I saw this and it showed u could do it with fruit inside it and I immediately knew that with any other carbonator that would NOT work. So I got, and this thing is awesome!!! It’s great because you can put whatever you want in it, and you can also fill it with carbonation and not have it let out any excess co2 until you want to when you unscrew the cap. Then there’s like 2 stages of unscrewing it that allows you to let out excess co2, and then after that actually unscrew the top and drink. It’s really an amazing system. You have to remember to let the air out first before you fully unscrew it. But I’ve yet to ever even come close to having anything explode, so maybe you don’t need to wait for the air to come out, I just do to play it safe. Either way, if you want to fizz anything, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY!!!Read more

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  8. salt water girl

    Sadly I returned my qarbo. It looked so pretty but it was very lightweight plastic. Just didn’t have enough substance for my taste. I didn’t ever use it so I really can’t comment on that, but from a product / manufacturing perspective, I found it flimsy and just not worth the money.Read more

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  9. Kelli Sharp

    Device Was faulty did not work at all! I tried several different CO2 canisters all fitted but could not get device to work. I sent several messages to seller asking for advise in case I was missing crucial instructions alas not one reply to any of my 3 messages. Just an auto message referring me back to even though that is exactly from where all 3 messages were sent from

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    Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser – Premium Carbonation Machine with Two 1L BPA Free Bottles – Infuses Flavor while Carbonating Beverages (Bronze)
    Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser – Premium Carbonation Machine with Two 1L BPA Free Bottles – Infuses Flavor while Carbonating Beverages (Bronze)


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