Ucomely Dog Frisbee,Tough Dog Toys Dog Flying Disc with Small Rubber Flyer,Easy Floating Flying Frisbee for Water Pool Beach 2Pack

💓【SAFE, DURABLE FRISBEE FOR DOGS】 It’s made of high quality BPA free rubber, when designing with your dog’s safety in mind, our frisbees for dogs have been tested, and the molars are resistant to biting and not hurting the teeth, and are soft and moderate. It will not damage the dog’s teeth, so that the dog will not be afraid of the frisbee bottle game, and it is easier to train.
💓【SPECIAL DESIGN】 This set of frisbees for dogs consists of 2 dog frisbee for large dogs with a diameter of 9.2 inches, and a boomarang with a diameter of 5.9 inches and a 7.48*4.13 inch. Each small dog frisbee can form a frisbee with the corresponding discraft frisbee. A set of dog freesbie has a variety of flight trajectories, whether it is a puppy or a large dog, a set of flying discs can be satisfied.
💓【FUNNY OUTDOOR TRAINING TOYS】It’s light,durable,waterproof,and buoyant. They are the perfect dog water frisbee for lake, beach or swimming pool. Frisbee for dogs is specially designed for acquisition and retrieval, which can be easily captured.But please noted: IT’S NOT CHEWPROOF
💓【BRIGHT COLORS AND INSTINCTIVE NEEDS】 The whole puppy frisbee consists of multiple bright colors, which are easily found in bushes, leaves and grass. At the same time, there is also purple, which can distinguish the color of the dog, which makes it more attractive to the dog. At the same time, frisbee dog can stimulate your dog’s instinctive needs for play and encourage a lot of healthy exercise.
💓【DISC DOG TRAINING FRISBEE】Teach your pup a game that keeps them active, healthy and playful with our frisbee dog toy! Not only does dog frisbee training encourage physical activty, it keeps their minds busy by promoting mental exercise and supporting their instinctive need to play.

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