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ULTRALOQ UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Electronic Door Handle, Black Lock (2nd Gen) Black

(9 customer reviews)

All-in-One Smart Lock: World’s most versatile smart door lever with 5-in-1 keyless entry including fingerprint, code, Knock / Shake to Open, mechanical key and smartphone control.
DIY Installation: Replaces your existing lever or knob on standard doors with a single hole (1-5/16” to 2” thick and 2-1/8” face bore hole) with just the screwdriver included. Ideal for doors with no deadbolts like side entry doors, garage entry, basement, wine cellars, home offices, bedrooms, offices, computer rooms, utility rooms etc.
Smartphone Control: Unlock, share access and see a Log of who’s entered and exactly when they did using smartphone App. WiFi Bridge (sold separately) is required for remote access.
Advanced Fingerprint ID: Instant access with 2nd Gen lightning-fast Fingerprint ID powered by self-learning fingerprint algorithm.
Illuminated Anti-peep Touchscreen: Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. Even at night with the bright backlight.


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Ultraloq UL3 BT (2nd Gen) is a revolutionary smart lever lock designed for everyone. With features like Fingerprint ID, it is an excellent solution for your whole family. Never get locked out again! The secure Anti-peep touchscreen allows you to enter a security code embedded in a random group of numbers. You can unlock your door using iOS or Android smartphone App and even your Apple Watch. You can share temporary Ekeys, and set codes for specific dates and times to your Airbnb guest, cleaner or dog walker. The App allows you to manage access and check the log record of who has entered and exactly when they did. It has an Auto Lock function, so your security can never be forgotten. In case the battery dies, just use the back up key to open it as any other lock. And this peace of mind takes just minutes to install with a screwdriver.

Specification: ULTRALOQ UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Electronic Door Handle, Black Lock (2nd Gen) Black

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6.3 × 3.5 in

9 reviews for ULTRALOQ UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Electronic Door Handle, Black Lock (2nd Gen) Black

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  1. Scott E

    I purchased this for my apartment building in December. A few things: first, I don’t own the building, but I am a longtime tenant. It is a 7 unit-building with three exterior entrances. The property manager lives in the building and runs the (absentee) owner’s company. We live a few blocks off Haight Street in San Francisco, and package theft for items left on the front porch has been an issue. I offered to purchase locks for the exterior doors (all three) if the property manager took care of the installation (and any flak from the owner). Since I plan on staying in the building for a long time, it was an expense that I was willing to bear. That out of the way, here are my impressions and those of my fellow tenants: Ease of Setup: 2 stars. It isn’t too difficult to set up the Utraloqs on first blush, and it looks like you can quickly copy the setup from one lock to another, but it is actually a pain if you are trying to create entries for multiple users. For our setup, the property manager and I were to be administrators. In my professional life, I have more than a passing familiarity with good security (technical and otherwise) practices, and I also set up a separate user account for both of us (which was good, because the property manager quickly forgot the administrator account that I had set up but had no problem remembering the user account). But for each unit in the building, I had to assign a number to each intended user, because you use the keypad to add all the new accounts and it is numeric only. I had to assign one for each tenant, and not each apartment, because the biometric captures only one finger per user account. Then I realized that some of us (myself included) wanted to record a finger from each hand, to make it easier to use if we were carrying a package, which meant I had to make two user accounts for each person that wanted to record two fingers. And while using the keypad is convenient in that you don’t need an app to add users, it is certainly a pain from the perspective of User Interface. It should be noted that there is a place in the Ultraloq App for you to add a name to a user, but more on that below. Installation: I didn’t handle this, a trained locksmith did, but he said it was painless and asked me about the locks, as he may start recommending them to others. Battery life: 5 out of 5. They have been in use constantly for four months with no issues. Batteries are AA, and I am using AmazonBasics rechargeables without an issue. Usage – Keypad: 4 out of 5. The keypad stays asleep (and dark) until you need to use it, then it wakes up. You type in your code and press the enter key, which is a symbol (look at the picture of the keypad if you don’t know what I mean). I have only had one person that couldn’t figure out how to use the keypad, and to be fair, there’s no indication that you need to press enter, but everyone else, from delivery drivers to cleaning services, figured it out on their own. Usage – Biometrics: 4 out of 5. The reader wakes up very quickly, and when it gets it right on the first try, it is amazingly fast. However, your mileage will vary based on the placement of your finger (relative to when you originally recorded it), the weather (if it is cold or very dry, the reader may have more difficulty than during warmer weather), the cleanliness of the reader (obviously, if it is smudged with mud, it won’t work so well) and the condition of your chosen finger. One trick that works when it’s cold or your skin is dry – touch the surface of your finger to your forehead, then touch the reader, and the additional transferred skin oil aids the reader in picking up your whorls and ridges. Usage – Bluetooth: NR. Honestly, none of us use this. I tested it and it works, but a sample size of one test use is insufficient for a rating. Usage – Manual Key: NR. The keys exist for emergencies and should not be used as a regular means of opening the locks. The company says this, our locksmith said this, and they definitely feel flimsy. Ultraloq App: 2 out of 5. The app exists. It shows you the locks. It works most of the time to open them. It has difficulty maintaining a connection when performing administrative maintenance. It lacks the ability to move most of the administration work from the lock to the app. It *does* keep a security log of who has successfully used the lock and any unsuccessful attempts, as well as administrative logins; however, it is difficult to maintain a connection long enough to download the log. It does monitor rough battery status, but I have found this to be very unreliable. Right now, I am awaiting the release of the bridges that upgrade the usability of these locks. In theory this will allow me to set certain codes to only work during certain days / times (like delivery drivers) and more easily administer the locks for the building. I purchased three of the bridges, but they have yet to be released by Ultraloq. In conclusion, despite the fact I didn’t just give everything five stars and say the locks are amazing, these are pretty good locks for the money. They do about 75% of what we need them to do, and they work flawlessly about 90% of the time. Not a single tenant has complained about the switch; on the contrary, almost everyone in the building has thanked me for purchasing them for the building. The property manager has left me with the responsibility of maintaining the user database until it’s a bit easier, but I don’t mind. Most of the delivery companies have no problems using the codes we have given them, with the notable exception of Amazon Logistics (who keeps leaving packages on the porch without even trying the code, but we are working on this) and OnTrac (although we may have them onboard now). If the functionality of the smartphone interface, the ease of adding, deleting, and modifying users, or the enhanced capabilities of the forthcoming bridges were addressed, I would not hesitate to give this five stars. Until then, this is not a perfect system, but I do recommend it.Read more

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  2. J Rock

    I bought this product for our home in a beach community. The door and lock are under cover and not exposed to wind or rain at all but are outside under the house. We have lots of friends and family come by so thought this would be a great product. We installed this 7.15.18. In September we had a friend borrow the house and they had difficulty opening the door. Only the admin code worked. Fast forward to 11.30.18 and I go down to let in a repair person. The door would say it would open and would not release the locking mechanism. Tried multiple times, with phone, keypad and fingerprint and it would not open. I had to call a locksmith in order to have them open which they did, in less then two seconds with a readily available item they were able to enter the house. While further examining the lock I noticed in less then 4.5 months there was noticeable pitting of the metal (please see pictures). This lock would never hold up even if I replaced it with a new one. I had to replace the lock immediately as I couldn’t just live without one. I contacted the manufacturer and told them of the issue and they said they would replace. I said that I didn’t want a replacement that I would like a refund. Unfortunately their product wouldn’t hold up as it had been only 4.5 months and it fell apart. The declined as I bought through Amazon. Thankfully the people at Amazon took this product back, but I wouldn’t buy again. Their customer service group has something to be desired. Buy this product at your own risk for exterior entry. The fact that it degraded in such a short period of time and was able to be bypassed by a locksmith in under two seconds should give you second thoughts.Read more

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  3. Techie

    This lock is ALMOST the complete package, It’s easy to use, has great features. The fingerprint identification is fast, key entry works great, and flawless bluetooth. I love the little perk where you can knock on the phone in your pocket 4 times and the lock will open. I love that it keeps a log of entries as well, and that the keys and fingerprint reader are backlit. Seems really high quality build. Easy handle change for direction of door. The only feature that this lock is missing, is the ability to send a ‘key’ to another smart phone, so that you can remotely provide access to a third party. Since the lock already works with my phone’s bluetooth, it would seem to be reasonable to expect a software upgrade in the future where the company provides this ability. I should be able to send a ‘key’ to someone else’s phone that would enable their phone’s bluetooth to open the lock, similar to what August and others do. I hope to see that feature in the future, which would be the final element to make this lock perfect.Read more

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  4. jhovudu1

    Nice design/build quality. But the fingerprint recognition simply does not work. I use this lock at my office for an employee-only door for about 25 people. We ALL have trouble with the fingerprint scanner occasionally not recognizing our fingerprints and not letting us in. We’ve tried re-scanning, wiping our fingers, cleaning the glass, etc. The fingerprint access works about 50% of the time, and there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason when it works and when it doesn’t. Sometimes the same person will fail about 10 times, then on the 11th time (doing nothing different) the lock decides to work. It’s become so frustrating that we all just enter our 4-digit codes instead of using our fingerprints — which entirely defeats the purpose of getting this device. Not sure if the company can come out with a firmware update or not (perhaps the tolerance threshold is too high?) but for now (May 2018), I cannot recommend this product.Read more

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  5. Edinbda

    we have a small office of 4 staff. We were looking for an efficient system that we could operate without keys, give temporary access and also record comings and goings. A fancy key fob system was really expensive and needed a separate It unit connected to a server. I found the Ultraloq UL3 BT on Amazon and could not be happier with it. It was easy to install (just follow the instructions) on a retrofit door (I would not be sure about a completely new install where you would need to drill holes, but that would be true of installing any lock). We had a door with an existing lock, so the holes pre-cut and it was as simple as remove the old one and install the new one. We bought and installed two UL3 locks, one n the front door and one on our document storage room. The finger print scanner does not work first time every time, but the same happens on my phone. At times it might take two or three attempts. We have not had staff leave yet, but it will be very easy to remove their access rather than have to replace locks every time. We can also grant temporary access, as we have to contractors to work on weekends. I am really happy with this lock and would have no issues with buying it again when there is a need on another door.Read more

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  6. Jim E

    The media could not be loaded. I needed a lock solution for my office which blocks casual access to unauthorised people without the faff of having to use/remember keys or fobs. This is perfect. It’s sleek and doesn’t look obtrusive, and works perfectly. High quality finish on the components and the mechanism has a reassuringly solid feel when in use. I particularly like the three-way access design – fingerprint, user code and master key. Having a user log that shows activations history is an added bonus too. It’s a well-thought out solution and I genuinely believe that you get what you pay for with these sorts of things, so suffice to say that I will gladly buy another of these locks when I need the same faff-free restricted access for another door. Highly recommended.Read more

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  7. michael armstrong

    Bought for a small office 8+. Easily installed and very easy to set up. The available phone App is very useful too. Battery life is more than adequate and whilst the reader does not always read the fingerprint first time, neither does my £1000 smart phone. The lock developed a fault after 6-7 months and I really cannot commend Ultraloq enough for their response, as 2 days after contacting them I had a replacement delivered. I wish more companies would stand over their product the way these guys have. All in all this is a great value for money product backed up by great customer service.Read more

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  8. Tyler

    Purchased for a small office. It recognises fingerprints on about 1 in 20 attempts. The batteries also need changing after about 10 days with just a few uses a day. It was returned and I received a full refund, but it doesn’t really compensate me for all the time involved fittings and programming it. Oh, I also now have a big hole in the front door!Read more

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    I have recently purchased the particular product and was working perfectly, After a few weeks a message to replace the battery appear on the screen. Then I replace the battery and after that, the front handle was not able to open the door. Also, a message of “Door is open” appears but the door was not opened. I contacted the seller to send me a new product and advice the way forward but never reply to my emails. Note that all electronic purchases are subject two a minimum 2 years warranty. I highly recommended not purchasing products with this particular seller!Read more

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    ULTRALOQ UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Electronic Door Handle, Black Lock (2nd Gen) Black
    ULTRALOQ UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Electronic Door Handle, Black Lock (2nd Gen) Black


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