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Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray for Gym Equipment, Yoga Mats, Boxing Gloves and Sports Pads, 16 Ounces (1-Pack) 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

(13 customer reviews)

PERFECT FOR ALL SPORTS EQUIPMENT AND PADS – Amazing at cleaning and deodorizing football, hockey, lacrosse and soccer pads; yoga mats; boxing gloves; running shoes; gym bags; and all other sports equipment.
GREAT FOR ALL GYM AND FITNESS EQUIPMENT – A multipurpose sports cleaning and deodorizing spray that works great to clean spin bikes, treadmills and other cardio equipment. Also great for gym benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and other gym equipment.
100% NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, NON-IRRITATING & NON-TOXIC – Naturally-derived freshener formulated from a proprietary blend of essential oils and cleaning agents. Completely free of artificial fragrances, ammonia or other harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, ruin your equipment or harm the environment
TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT MANAGERS & GYM OPERATORS – Vapor Fresh is used and truested by professional, college and high school sports programs as well as some of the top gyms and fitness centers nationwide.


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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Health & Household. Item Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces. Scent: Fresh. Brand: Vapor Fresh. Item Form: Liquid. Specific Uses For Product: Yoga Mats. Country of Origin: USA. ASIN: B005ECO9XI. Manufacturer: Raw Athletics. Date First Available: July 24, 2011. Item model number: 93005EACH. Package Dimensions: 10.12 x 6.3 x 2.05 inches; 1 Pounds. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

13 reviews for Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray for Gym Equipment, Yoga Mats, Boxing Gloves and Sports Pads, 16 Ounces (1-Pack) 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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  1. Nick

    Perfect general athletic spray! We have a Peloton bike that is pretty much soaked in sweat after every ride so I give it a light spray down with the this and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Leaves my bike looking and sleeping brand new every day. I also just spray this into my bike and running shoes. Very fresh scent that won’t overpower the room.Read more

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Works and smells GREAT! I use this for my hockey gear and without this spray my girlfriend would not allow me to keep my hockey gear near our apartment. I have been using the spray for about a year and can’t imagine anything else. My gear SMELLS and FEELS CLEANER when I use the spray. There have multiple times where my teammates asked if I had a cologne on instead of avoiding me on the bench. Not to mention that it is 100% all natural active ingredients so I can feel good about it being on my gear. 10/10 would recommendRead more

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  3. Dinomoto

    I bought these for my workout gear (gym bag, boxing gloves, shin pads, headgear). I think this product mitigates odor and perhaps might kill some bacteria but you have to make sure you let the product dry well. If your gear is already stinky, then there’s no help for you from this stuff. If you want to prevent your gear from getting stinky in the future, I think this product helps out, along with proper cleaning and storage techniques. The spray is even and fine, and the smell is great (like essential oils). Does not smell chemical-y and does not come off on my skin when I use my gear. No residue, even when I don’t wipe it off.Read more

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  4. Jessica Clarke

    My husband and I love this spray! We were lucky to find it during this crisis and have used it on so many items. It is not only working for our sporting equipment, but also our couches, chairs, and pillows without fading the colour. It has tea tree oil which is also sensitive to the skin and has an abundant aroma. The smell isn’t overpowering and doesn’t last an excessive amount of time, which is also great. This spray has definitely helped us to feel more comfortable while sheltering in place and allows us to disinfect our more sensitive items. We will certainly purchase more soon because I’m sure we will go through the bottle in the next few months while we are disinfecting so often to ensure everything is kept clean.Read more

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  5. Jennie

    I got this to clean my yoga mat. Due to the current shelter in place orders I have begun working out at home more. I like that this is all natural. I didn’t want to use a product that would could harm my mat or irritate my skin. Also when I was researching cleaners, I noticed some reviews stated that some sprays left a residue or made their yoga mats slippery. I’m glad to say that this spray dries completely and does not make my mat slippery. It smells good, very fresh and clean but not super strong like cleaners tend to be. Overall I really like this product. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because I think $11.99 was a little pricey but I’m also very frugal. Haha!Read more

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  6. wannabe perfectionist

    I work out at home frequently and I wear a waist trimmer belt, workout vest, gloves, and elbow sleeves every time I work out. Since all of these things I wear get soaked with my sweat after working out, I was looking for a way to get rid of the odor and decided to give this product a try. I spray liberally after the workout and it seems to help removing the sweat odor immediately but it does not remove it completely as I can still smell the sweat odor the next day after the areas that have been sprayed have been dried off. However, I can’t even imagine what the odor would be like if I don’t use this spray so this definitely helps reduce the sweat odor. I hope this helps and if it did, please click on the helpful button below!Read more

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  7. Ann

    I’m so grateful to have discovered this spray during COVID-19. I use it to wipe groceries rather than inhaling the toxic fumes of typical disinfectant brands. It smells like fresh summertime lemonade and offers a nice consistent spray until you get to about 1/3 left at which point you need to be more careful about keeping the bottle level. This may not be alcohol or bleach based, but Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Lavender Oil (Lavendula angustifolia), and Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus globulus) are all proven antivirals. I’m still using stronger hand sanitizers when necessary, but this helps me wipe down a week’s worth of groceries in bulk without getting a headache. UPDATE: I removed one star because you can’t take the lid off and get the last bit out of the bottle, then re-use the bottle for another spraying purpose. I’m also wondering if this means the bottle can’t be recycled? This is a pretty big design flaw for something which is advertised as “natural.”Read more

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  8. MB

    This is the only product I have found that works reasonably well. Unfortunately anything that does already stink, it will only temporarily mask it. I do find the cost unreasonably expensive for what it is and how much you need to use in order to treat your gear. Thinking about trying to get and mix my own with similar ingredients, as I’d have to believe this has a significant markup.Read more

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  9. Mike Deeee

    Update 01/28/2020…. Oof, the price keeps climbing, Vapor Fresh is pricing themselves out of the market. As is the case, there are always other products out there, and to justify a 30% opens up the door to try other brands. I have tried all of the sports odour sprays on amazon, and this one is by far the best. As a rule, I did not expect this product to take my son’s goalie equipment from putrid (which, his equipment is not, nor will ever be in that state of smell or odour) to like new, and you should not expect that from any spray on sports equipment. Today’s equipment is so high tech and is practically all synthetic that you can literally wash your sports equipment. What I would suggest to those with pesky or putrid equipment, is to: Step 1, use pure vinegar on the smelliest part of your sports equipment (for my son, it is the goalie gloves) by literally pouring it on. Step 2, after letting them sit for 5 minutes or so, fill up a very large bucket or a laundry sink full of very warm water. Pour a the remainder of the gallon of vinegar in the sink. Place goalie gloves in sink and let sit for 90 minutes, agitate them every half hour or so. Step 3, do not rinse the equipment in water, but instead take them out and let them drip for about 5 minutes. Then, use the Vapor Fresh spray on the wet equipment and spray them really well. Step 4, take your equipment outside (if it is still warm) and let them dry out. If you have to dry them indoors, hang them in such a way so that you can then use a house fan to help dry out the equipment. Take special note of trying to hang the equipment in such a way so that water has a source of escaping the hockey equipment (like the gloves, hang them upside down). Sports sprays like Vapor Fresh are designed to get you through a hockey season, but there is not substitute for washing out your gear every 6 months or so with water and vinegar. I have heard of people washing out there equipment in the dishwasher, but I personally find that disgusting and bad for your gear. I believe the heat of the dishwasher is too high for equipment to be washed in. And I also believe some people use there washing machine and I find that too harsh. The smell comes from the bacteria trapped within the hockey equipment, and vinegar kills bacteria (hence, no more odour) Pros: + It is price below average in cost, so I like the savings. + The bottle spray works, right to the very end. Many of the bottles that come with the sports sprays are either damaged in shipment (too fragile) or stop pumping. The Vapor Fresh bottle is strong. + The smell of the spray wears off after 5 minutes or so leaving you with no scent on the equipment, but at the same time it neutralizes any residual smells. + The product does not affect my child’s skin, as I spray his goalie gloves before placing them on a glove dryer. When he plays with the equipment, he is not affected by the product in any way. Cons: – I wish Vapor Fresh was available in a refillable type container, it would represent savings as well as have a lower environment impact (less spray bottles to recycle).Read more

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Very nice product smells very nice and works well …the bottle was a bit small and didnt last that long I wasnt able to buy another one but its not availabel right nowRead more

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  11. Andrew Mundy

    Reordering. It works well on hockey equipment in a rocket dryer. Keeps the stink down when used.Read more

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  12. johal1988

    The scent is actually quite nice and it does a surprisingly good job of keeping the foul smell at bay for my hockey gear (even the gloves). Definitely recommend this product.Read more

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  13. AIME

    Used to clean my boxing glovesRead more

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    Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray for Gym Equipment, Yoga Mats, Boxing Gloves and Sports Pads, 16 Ounces (1-Pack) 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
    Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray for Gym Equipment, Yoga Mats, Boxing Gloves and Sports Pads, 16 Ounces (1-Pack) 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


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