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VetIQ Supplements for Dogs Calming

(8 customer reviews)

Contains No wheat, Corn or Soy
Helps to Manage Normal Stress
Helps to Promote Relaxation
Helps to Support Balanced behavior
Proudly Made in the USA
Included Components: 90 Chews


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Specially designed to promote relaxation during stressful situations, the Calming Chews from VetIQ contain essential ingredients to help give dogs the happiness they deserve. These veterinarian recommended calming treats help to manage normal stress, promote relaxation, and support balanced behavior in your dog. The ingredients help your dog to maintain a normal and relaxed disposition and to cope with external stresses by producing a calming effect on their nerves. VetIQ is proudly committed to creating veterinarian recommended products and providing access to the support dogs need most. With a hickory smoke flavor dogs love, the calming supplement can be given before or after mealtime.

Specification: VetIQ Supplements for Dogs Calming

Weight 11.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5.5 × 811.1 in

8 reviews for VetIQ Supplements for Dogs Calming

2.8 out of 5
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  1. R. Bryson Saul

    Our Boxers went counter surfing and ate the entire bag. Besides some major diarrhea there where no other signs or symptoms. If you are seeing success with these, it is most likely because YOU CALMED DOWN after administering them. Please correct yourself before wasting money trying to correct you dog.Read more

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  2. Mary E.

    I purchased these from Amazon. They were very hard, this is not the 1st time I have used them. The ones I bought at Target were nice and soft. Please let me know why they are not the same quality. Thanks , Mary bRead more

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  3. Adam

    I love this product. I give one to each of my dogs morning and before bed. Seems to be helping my dogs with arthritis. Both are 13 years oldRead more

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  4. stripmine

    I was so happy to find a substitute for the Greenies pill pockets, and I had very high hopes for these. However, when I opened the bag it looked like rocks rolling out. These pill treats were hard as rocks, and badly shaped. Most of them split in half when you try to get a pill into them and then you end up trying to pack dry crumbs around the outside of a pill. I found that you can get them moist and rub them in your hands and get them somewhat malleable, but I seriously expected better. Seriously, they just arrive yesterday and I’ve only tried to give them to my dog twice now. He gets three pills in the evening, and three pills in the morning. Unfortunately, between the three pills last night and three pills this morning, I have had to use 10 of the pill treats to get just six pills into him. At first I thought maybe I just received an old bag, but I checked the expiration date and they are good until 2021, so these are in fact fresh products. I realize that these things can become smashed and flattened during handling and shipping, so I’m not as upset with the shape of the pill treats as I am the texture of them. As soon as I fed them to my dog, he started trying to chew on one which was apparently like chewing a piece of concrete he ended up spitting it & the pill out on the floor. It took several attempts to get the pill into him and several wasted pill treats. If I have to use more than one of the pill treats to get my dog to take his medicine, then there is no value there. Two of these is more expensive than a single pill pocket, and I know with the greenies pill pockets my dog is not going to have an issue. I really dislike leaving bad reviews here on Amazon, but it’s clear that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem. If you read other reviews, the texture seems to be a primary concern amongst all reviewer’s. I can’t say that I would recommend these, and would advise anyone to try other products first. I have gone back and ordered some Greenies pill pockets, and will use these pill treats until they arrive. However, once the Greenies are here these are going into the trash.Read more

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  5. Tami A. Miller

    We also did not like these initially as a replacement for the Greenie brand as they were too hard. We found if we put them in same bag as Greenies they softened and worked great. We,a re going to try and place a piece of apple in with them instead to see if it softens. The savings of using these vs greenies is worth the experiment.Read more

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  6. Thomas Serface

    My dog doesn’t want to eat much. She never has… So, when she needed to start taking pills it was always a struggle to get her to eat her meds. We tried every kind of pill pocket thing on the market and she just tried to bury them or ignored them. We even tried just poking the capsules inside pieces of chicken, but it would dry out before she got hungry enough to eat them. I know she’s a weird dog. Then we found these Pill Treats. They work for us. I have using them down to a science. I put a pill treat the microwave for 8 seconds (softens it up) then I put the pill in and massage it into the center. The pill treat becomes very pliable after only the few seconds in the microwave. I can then, easily, cut it down to size with a butter knife. I get it as small as possible then feed her the pill and the rest of the clippings. She eats them every time. She likes the flavor, I think, but what works the most is that I can make it pretty small and it’s soft after microwaving. I have to use them two or three times a day. We’re very grateful to have found these.Read more

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  7. Jamis

    I’ve bought these before at Sam’s club. That bag was large and lasted me for years. Yes, years. They were soft and pliable. The bag I received from Amazon was dry and crumbly. They CANNOT be used as pill pockets as they do not wrap around the pill instead they break apart and fall off. I bought the bag from Amazon because Sam’s club no longer sells it by me. And I was nearly out and wanted more before I ran out. I stocked up. My return data was March 11th.So I cannot return them. I Just opened the bag today. I will not buy this brand again. Nor will I buy this sort of product from Amazon again. I guess I’ll have to choose a local store and buy from there. At least at a local store, I can feel the bag for dry or pliable product inside. My dogs like the taste. I could always hit]de a treat in these pill pockets. They are so big, I could break them up and use one pill pocket for two or three pills. This bag of pill pockets is now a VERY expensive treat. I do not recommend.Read more

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  8. regpinky

    The Rate Features for these dog vitamins give stars for Flavor, Pain Relief and Thickness. Really??? We as humans for a dog vitamin product are supposed to know this?? As if I’ve eaten one? As if I know how much it relieves pain?? And, as if it’s size or thickness was anything to judge the ability of a vitamin tablet to be chewed?? My dog seems not to mind them if I cut them in half and mix them with food, and the vitamins ingredients seem to be equal to that of most other dog vitamins. The cost of these however, and the seemingly good quality, makes this product something I would purchase again and again.Read more

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    VetIQ Supplements for Dogs Calming
    VetIQ Supplements for Dogs Calming


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