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Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 2 Traps 2 Pack

(13 customer reviews)

2 Electronic rat traps
Kills rats with humane high-voltage shock
Kills up to 50 rats per set of four “C” batteries (not included)
Improved design: Easy to bait, easy to clean
No-touch disposal of rodents


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The Victor electronic Rat Trap is the ultimate in rodent control. It works by delivering a humane, high-voltage shock to effectively kill the invading Rat. This powerful device is capable of Killing to 50 ratsper set of fully charged batteries (4 C), making it a great value When you’re dealing with a sizable infestation. It’s also easy to use! Get started by simply applying a high protein bait in the provided bait Cup, place the trap in a location with high rodent activity & turn it on. The trap is equipped with advanced smart circuit technology, which senses when a Rat enters the tunnel, triggering the system to deliver a humane, high-voltage shock once the rat steps on the electrified plate. Since rats have the ability to restart their hearts After an electrical shock, This trap applies shock for 2 min to ensure higher kill rates. After making a catch, a green LED light blinks to indicate a kill. For your convenience, The trap’s design allows you to easily dispose of the dead rodent without having to see or touch it. The new & improved Design of The electronic trap has a removable kill chamber, which provides better plate access so you can easily clean & bait It in between uses. These traps require no poison or chemicals & can be used anywhere inside your home or business to ensure years of effective Rat control.

Specification: Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 2 Traps 2 Pack

Weight 2.46 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 3.54 × 4.25 in

13 reviews for Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 2 Traps 2 Pack

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Tori Gordon

    Updating this review. The first time I used it I got a rat. Ever since then, nothing. I put the peanut butter in, turn it on, it buzzes, and then the next morning peanut butter is gone and no rodent. I have done this for many nights and finally gave up and ordered a different trap from a different company. Note: This trap was actually on its side the next morning with food gone and no rodent. They are getting the bait and it is not killing them.Read more

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  2. KG

    The media could not be loaded. Followed all instructions, installed batteries correctly, hit the switch, watched the green light come on and heard the “buzz”. Watch the mouse walk right out of this trap. Did not work at all! I’m hoping this is just a defective unit.Read more

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  3. Benegeuse

    I bought this trap (February 2018) as a replacement for another that lasted me about 5 years. That one is no longer available but I wanted an electric trap because of how effective they are. The old trap died shortly after there was a fire in the building next door and all the mice were coming over into this building. It started in trickles, and I was making do with glue traps. But then it was getting out of hand. My kitchen smelled like mouse pee, and those bitches got into my Ritz crackers. It seems like a lot of money for a mouse trap, but in no time, I was tossing out mouse bodies every day. Sometimes multiple times in one day. In the first month that I set up this trap, I caught 20 or so mice in my kitchen. Now that the weather is dropping, they’re starting to make their way inside again. Pic is of the one I caught this morning. Looks pregnant, so this trap has just made a dent in the future generation in the ranks of the mouse intruders. In any case, this trap is a good investment. Easy to use, easy to dispose of the bodies. Smaller than my last one, but I’m only encountering mice in this apartment. I was dealing with rats at my old place.Read more

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  4. Gary R. Parker

    THIS is an exceptional electronic execution chamber for rats! I reviewed all of the brands available and chose this one as my best prospect, and I was right. What surprised me though is the fact that very little of the trap’s advantages were advertised before I purchased it. For instance, the clever physical design of the chamber resists the rat’s auto-response once electricity begins to flow and prevents him from spontaneously “leaping away” from the deadly electric panels. Also, since having caught/killed several rats, I noticed that the bait is always consumed before the rat is electrocuted — I suspect that there is 5-or-so seconds delay before the electricity flows, giving the rat time settle down and become less alert while enjoying the bait… then, it’s all over for him with a 2-minute constant electrical surge that kills him and assures no quick spontaneous restart of his heart… on a small scale perhaps, but some real engineering! My compliments to Victor. (BTW, the green light is not very good, but who cares)Read more

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  5. Paul

    I set this and a competing one in the back yard. We live in the city (Chicago), so there are plenty of rats around). The first day, the competitor’s product caught a … snail. Cooked the poor thing. I was all excited when I saw the red light blinking and you can imagine my disappointment when I looked inside and saw escargot. Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, against the house (a distance of only 15 feet), I was startled to see a tail sticking out of this trap. The trap was stuffed with a huge rat. It had to flatten itself to squeeze in the trap to get to the bait. Then… ZAP! Never got to the bait. I dumped it in the trash. It was a BIG rat. I put this thing inside a plastic container with a hole cut in it as others suggested, so I can use it outside. So far, I’m happy. The rats aren’t. ;)Read more

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  6. Amazon Customer

    The unit stopped working after zapping only one mouse. I tried replacing the batteries, but that did not work. I was using quality / name brand batteries. The Green “ready” light comes on when the unit is switched on. The Bait would be consumed each night, but no more rodents were dispatched. Product was not exposed to the weather. It was used in doors.(Garage)Read more

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  7. G E B

    Our South Texas area has more than its share of rats, and our rodent eliminator contractor did a very good job of sealing up our house to prevent more visits by rats and mice. Unfortunately, we still encounter rodents in our garage periodically, despite the exclusion devices installed by the contractor. Purchased the Victor M241 trap and sent 3 rats to their grave within a week. The Victor is very easy to set up and we use pieces of Starburst candy as the bait, the same as used by our rodent control contractor for the spring traps they had used earlier. The Starburst remains inviting to the rodents for a good amount of time, unlike peanut butter or other bait that dries out rather soon. Love the ability to simply glance at the Victor to see whether or not the green light is blinking and another rat has bit the dust.Read more

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  8. Gina WillowE Brice

    I am hoping to send it back bcuz it didn’t catch one single mouse or rat, I checked it so many times and I moved it to all different areas and I watched mice and a rat walk right over the top of the trap, I think its a design flaw, bcuz their snap mouse traps had a much bigger bait cup, The bait cup on the rat trap is so small,and I desperately needed something that was safe to put outbcuz I have 2 small dogs and and the xl snap traps would have taken off my doggies whole nose and there was one young rat that made it from the kitchen to our bedroom and there was no place to safely put the snap traps in our bedroom anytime of day, so I skipped buying fresh food for the week for myself so I could safely get the teenage rat out, I have tried all different smelly foods and various locations and I never caught a mouse or a rat? They just walked right over the top of the trap and I have a very expensive piece of plastic, that is useless to me ! Plus I have 5 item’s now that I am completely ANGRY about the quality of the products! What I learned is instead of reading the 5 star reviews, always read the 1 star reviews, I went back and read the one star reviews, thats where you get the real truthfulness about a product and how badly it works!!!Read more

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  9. BusBar

    All I’ve managed to do with this is make the rats fatter..they go in, take the bait and leave. Despite the device being triggered (it flashes green when it’s been activated by a rodent) it seems to have caught nothing. I’ve put in two sets of Duracell batteries to see if that makes a difference. No joy. So despite following the instructions to the letter, and even managing to get rodents to enter and take the bait. I have to conclude that this device is useless.Read more

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  10. sallamander

    Primed the unit with nuts as per instructions plus a few more near the entrance to entice the mice into it. Must have thought they were on to a good thing as all the goodies were retrieved by them without the desired electrocution. Continued with bait in and around the unit and then it killed two on consecutive days. Why it didn’t work initially is anyone’s guess and I seriously thought about returning the product. However, perseverance paid off.Read more

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  11. Nickynoo

    Brand new Duracell batteries….. tick Organic peanut butter…..tick Zapped rats….nope! It’s been down now for a couple of weeks and no success. I can hear ratty scrabbling about right near the trap. I’ll give it one more week with the peanut butter and then try something else, but I’m not impressed after spending nearly £40 inc batteries. Update….absolute waste of time. Found poo next to it and no zapped rodent. Very annoyedRead more

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  12. Binje

    Having had an unwelcome guest in the house in the shape of a rat I had tried a few of the non-lethal methods to see if they would make a difference. Unfortunately as the rat would not take the bait (both literal and metaphorical) I decided it was time for something a bit more direct. This seemed like a good option as it would probably not be as painful as the other methods. It seems that not only is this not painful, it is also not effective. I followed the instructions to a T, made sure I used good quality batteries (Duracells) and then used recommended bait (peanut butter). No joy on the first night but second night it was triggered. When I checked the peanut butter was gone and there was no sign of the rat. Tried it a few more times but every time the bait was gone but no rat. So overall, £40 down the drain and no results whatsoever. Useless product and a waste of money. Avoid!Read more

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  13. Veebs

    Does NOT work. New batteries, green light, put it down and nothing…. For 2 weeks… if it works at all it just stuns them then they get up and run away. Caught a mouse in our humane trap overnight (works brilliantly) but wasn’t sure how to kill it so fed it into this electric one and….. nothing…… the mouse ate the food and looked at me so I turned the trap off and on again and then it did work but the mouse was still very much alive just lying there stunned still looking at me, until about 5 minutes later when it jumped up and ran off…. Refund please! That’s 2 sets of batteries, put down in the perfect place and not a single mouse or rat just lots of poo and eaten bait.Read more

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    Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 2 Traps 2 Pack
    Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap – 2 Traps 2 Pack


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