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Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 2 Traps

(9 customer reviews)

Kills mice with humane high-voltage shock
Kills up to 100 mice per set of four “AA” batteries (not included)
Improved design: Easy to bait, easy to clean, no touch disposal
100% kill rate: Beveled columns trap mice in place


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The Victor electronic Mouse Trap uses innovative technology to deliver a high-voltage shock, eliminating mice in S. This powerful device is capable of Killing to 100 miceper set of batteries (4 AA), making it a great value. It’s also easy to use! To use, simply place a high protein bait in the provided bait Cup, place in a location with high rodent activity & power on. Advanced smart circuit technology senses when a mouse enters the tunnel, triggering the system to deliver a humane, high-voltage shock. After making a catch, a green LED light blinks to indicate a kill. The kill chamber is conveniently removable so you can easily dispose of the dead rodent without having to see or touch it. This removable chamber also makes baiting easy. The new & improved Design of The electronic trap provides better plate access so you can easily clean it in between uses. Plus, the tunnel design & Built-in safety switch, which deactivates the trap when opened, helps to protect children & pets. The unique tunnel design & beveled columns serve an added purpose of holding mice in place over the electrified plates to prevent escapes. These traps require no poison or chemicals & can be used anywhere inside your home or business to ensure years of effective Mouse control.

Specification: Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 2 Traps

Weight 1.12 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 3.2 × 1.8 in

9 reviews for Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 2 Traps

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Jennifer L. Carlson

    I have used a few of these for years and they were amazing. Unfortunately, they stopped working after several years (no complaints about that) so I replaced them with the same brand and am far from pleased. Initially, the construction is sleeker, but less sturdy than the older models, which were essentially thick rectangles. We had a chipmunk into the garage and was able to rip the top right off of the trap and steal the bait from the sides. I could forgive that because it’s designed for a mouse, not a chipmunk, but that is not the end of the deficiencies from the older models. Next is the indicator light – in the older model, when something was inside the trap the indicator light would continuously blink. It was a strong, bright light so it was impossible to miss. Under the newer model, the light is much smaller and only blinks once every 90 seconds. If you do not catch it at the right time while you are passing through an area, you will miss it. Additionally, I am not sure how many hours it will blink before stopping, but I caught a mouse and never saw the light. The only reason why I know I got one in the trap is because of the horrific smell, which prompted me to check the trap. Inside was a thoroughly decomposed mouse. Finally, it is not truly “no see” like the older model was. True, you cannot see the mouse inside the trap (hence my smelly problem above), but in the older model the lid to the trap side was hinged on to the body of the box, so one could just stick your hand into the garbage can, flip open the lid and just listen to it fall without ever seeing the nasty critter. I learned the hard way and under the new model the lid is not hinged on and if you try to just flip it open, you will not only hear the mouse drop in the garbage can, but also the lid. This left me with the difficult decision of whether to trash the whole component or a reach my hand into the garbage can to rescue the lid which the dead mouse was on. Since then, we have learned that the only way to undo the trap is to remove the lid, thereby seeing the dead mouse, then throwing it out. I will say that they are effective in killing mice, but are not as good from a disposal perspective as previous models. I hope they take the feedback and make some improvements.Read more

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  2. Gapeach

    I am in awe of these things. Our home was invaded by mice and weeks of trying to trap them in conventional snap traps caught NO mice. They consistently managed to steal the bait. I bought these and set ONE up in my bedroom near where we had heard them in the walls and I thought they might be entering my room… within 30 minutes i caught TWO MICE, one right after another. Fast forward a few days and we stopped hearing the mice. We caught 15 mice in a week!!!!! And now we have no mice. We cleaned out our master closet and put one in the floor there, to stay forever. We put another one permanently near the dog’s food dish, and a 3rd I bought locally, went under the kitchen sink. We have cleaned up all evidence of the mice and are seeing no signs of new activity. Those traps, however, will stay on guard, with fresh bait weekly, for future invasion attempts!! My ONE caution about these traps- while they do electrocute the mouse quickly and it kills them instantly… it’s LOUD when it happens. The first time I heard it I about had a heart attack!! It sounds like you strapped the mouse into an electric chair!! BBBBUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZAP!!! Seriously, it went on for like 10 seconds, it was kinda horiffying and I could smell singed fur. Which is why I no longer have one set up near my bed!!! It woke me up!! BUT cleanup is super easy, and no, you don’t have to look at the mouse if you prefer not to. Although FYI, this trap does no visible injury to them, so no blood or guts involved. I pull them from this trap and toss to my chickens, who will fight over it as a prized treat…Read more

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  3. uvahokie

    The media could not be loaded. So easy. Baited with feta cheese (only cheese I had), the little pooper was killed first night. Went right in. Zzzzzapppp. Easy dump out. Bait again.Read more

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  4. Stinney

    I’m using these in a shed where the mice like to get into my stuff, usually my lawn tractor engine. I was using conventional mouse traps and most of the time the mice were defeating them and not getting caught. I bought these and WHAM, no problem catching and cleanly killing the little varmints. Unlike the old spring traps, I don’t have to deal with the mess a spring trap can cause when it kills a mouse. I don’t have to deal with issues removing the mouse from the trap, any possibility of snapping my fingers in the trap, nice and clean removal of the mouse, just open and dump them out (no touching). For anyone that’s squeamish, you don’t even have to look at the mouse. Most of the time they don’t even get to touch the peanut butter I put inside, so I don’t have to rebait, just have to reset the switch and all set to go again. The only improvement I would suggest for the product is to change the end where you put the bait into a door that can be opened, like the battery door. That way, you can put the peanut butter in the little cup easier. Right now I use the flat end of a wooden skewer to pack in the peanut butter. It works but it’s not the easiest thing to do. Otherwise, this is a great product and I actually bought more because I was stupid and left the shed door open and they got soaked by a downpour. So make sure if you’re using them in a structure outside that they are well protected from the elements.Read more

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  5. Marisa_fdz

    Muy buena y fácil de usar; solo le puse una kroqueta de perro y cayó rápido el ratón; la volví a poner y cayó el otro. Muy practicaRead more

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  6. Careylee Suttie

    Bought 2 traps, set them first night, had 2 dead mice in the morning. We were delighted. Easy to remove dead mouse without touching and easy to set. Peanut butter worked a treat.Read more

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  7. Vivienne Wellington

    I live in the central west of NSW Australia and we were in the grip of a mouse plague. As much as I don’t like mice running all over my house, I didn’t want them to suffer either. This appliance killed them quickly, easy to use and made life so much easier.Read more

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  8. Sonya

    Loo, good although I haven’t used it yetRead more

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  9. ボレゴ

    Pues es para un ratón bebé porque más grande no cabe, al ver las trampas parece de juguete.Read more

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    Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 2 Traps
    Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap – 2 Traps


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