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VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles Black 3 Gallons

(9 customer reviews)

Sturdy Fabric Material: Made of 300g of thickened nonwoven fabric, these pots are moderately permeable, and BPA-free
Great Drainage: Nonwoven fabric means the pots do not retain excess water, allowing your roots to breathe for healthier, more vigorous growth
Durable, Reinforced Handles: While the competition uses flimsy handles that are merely strips of the same fabric the pot is made from, we use serger stitches to sew handles onto the pot so they can support a full bag of soil
Portable Bags: Heavy-duty handles and rugged material mean you can move bags full of soil and plants with ease
Use It for Years: Grow bags prevent circling root structure; Combined with pruning and trimming roots, these bags can be used and reused for years


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Mounting Type: Floor Standing. Shape: Cylindrical. Color: Black. Brand: VIVOSUN. Material: Nonwoven Fabric. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #7 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 41,711 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars. Item model number: FBA_311001. ASIN: B00TF9E4UO. Manufacturer: VIVOSUN. Item Weight: 14.9 ounces. Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.7 x 9.8 inches.

Specification: VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles Black 3 Gallons

Weight 14.9 lbs
Dimensions 9.7 × 9.7 × 9.8 in

9 reviews for VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles Black 3 Gallons

3.4 out of 5
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  1. zap

    I planted blueberry plants in these this past spring and they have done really well in them. I keep these 20 gallon pots sitting on upside down milk crates to try to prevent the bottoms from rotting out and they are holding up very well and the handles still have no problem supporting the weight. 1 year update – My blueberries did so well in these 20 gallon pots their first year I decided to try a few more. This year I added more blueberries, some raspberries and blackberries. I swapped the milk crates for cinder blocks to increase stability plus I think they look less tacky. They were all picked up and moved around several times during the rearrangement and all the handles and seams are still holding up well. 2 year update – We purchased a new house last fall and they all made the move to the new house without incident. Not a single handle has failed and they are all holding up well (except for the one I hit with the weed eater). 3 year update – these bags are still holding up great and they now sit in a rock bed against the back porch. I’m confident they’ll make it atleast 1 more year. 5 year update – the bags that sit on the rock beds are still going strong. We moved them all a few times this spring to avoid frost damage and still have had zero handle failures. The bags on the concrete pool deck however are starting to break down and have moss growing on the outside. These bags are reaching the end of their lifespan and will likely be replaced this coming winter.Read more

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  2. Gsam

    I purchased a set of (5) 30 Gallon pots. I actually found these by accident when I was searching Amazon for a regular black plastic pots. As always the local box store sold them way too expensive. It was the picture of other VERIFIED PURCHASERS on Amazon that convinced me to give them a try. Have only had them for about three weeks and no negative comments. The picture is of a Pineapple plant being grown in the Fabric pot. Pineapple plants do not require much water and air temperature should be around 72 degrees. I like the fact that the roots will grow to the outer edges as well and will have air circulating to them through the fabric pot. Maybe no much but more-so if it were a plastic pot. It has been three weeks since I transferred my plant to the new pot as it was suffering from over watering in the plastic pot it was in. Since I moved it to the Fabric Pot, the yellow on the leaves (an indicator of too much water or root rot) has gone away. No over watering on Fabric pots. So far very happy! I will purchase more fabric pots and will be looking at the 15 gallon ones. Update 5/17/20 So this week I attempted to move one of my 30 gallon pots with full soil and a fully grown Pineapple plant in it onto a 5″ Plastic pallet so that the fabric pot gets air circulation not only on the sides but from underneath as well and keep the pot from sitting on the hot concrete. I grabbed the pot from one handle and I tried to JERK Lift it onto the pallet and created a 9 in tear on the the handle I grabbed it from. Let me be clear, this is not in anyway a knock on the fabric pot and it was my fault. I was merely being a “Guy” about the whole thing and not looking for any help to lift it from both sides. The pineapple plant is prickly so I was just trying to get underneath it and get it on the pallet. So here is the “GOOD NEWS”. I had a spare same size fabric pot laying around, so what did I do. I carefully Double-Bagged the existing ripped pot into a newer fabric pot and I WAS BACK IN BUSINESS. E.g. one fabric pot into another. Try doing that with a cracked plastic pot. Lesson learned, call my wife next time to come help me 🙂 I love this stuff and can’t wait to get my hands on the 15 gallon ones. Last time I checked they were out of stock. Stay tuned for more lovely pineapple fabric grown pics. Update 6/22/20 Finally have some good pics using the Fabric Pot Bags with full grown Pineapple plants in them. The bags must be a plus, as my wife and I are not experienced growers. Plastic pallets below Fabric Grow pots help keep them off the hot concrete and avoid having the bag rot due the weather elements. Pic 1 – A harvested Pineapple from a Fabric Grow Bag Pot, YUM ! Pic 2 – Original Pineapple that has been in fabric pot since we purchased the grow pot bags Pic 3 – Update from 9/22 Pic 4 – Update from 9/22 Pic 5 – Pineapple in blossom, YUM Pic 6 – Fully grown pineapple plants in 30 gallon grow bags Pic 7 – Side pic of pallet with another 30 gallon grow bag All in all we have three active 30 gallon bags and looking forward to more. These bags are great. Recommend them highly! Update – 9/22/20 – Cannot get enough of these pots. Take a look at the 9/22 pics. I cannot control the order of them when Amazon posts them but I wrote 9/22 on the image. One pineapple from these pots at about 14 inches tall. HUGEEEE. This was the double bagged pot that broke on me (my fault) months ago but going strong. Thanks againRead more

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  3. Chris G

    I am extremely disappointed with VIVOSUN’s new gallon, which is no longer a gallon. They shrank their bags. The old (dirty) bag was purchased only 4 months ago. The diameters of both bags still measure 6 inches. However, as you can see, the new 1gallon bags have shrank from 8 inches tall to only 6.5 inches tall. Therefore, the product information is now wrong. Volume was reduced from 226 to 184 cubic inches, a 20% reduction from 1 gallon to 0.8 of a gallon. I want a refund! Also, I now must check the 3 gallon VIVOSUN bags I just purchased for shrinkage as well. Maybe they are shorting customers on all their bags.Read more

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  4. @TheBakedNurse

    I purchased the five pack of 3 gallon pots, I’ve purchased this brand twice now because I have been happy with them. I have some of the name brand Smart Pots, but these are just as good, for a lot less. There’s a difference between a 3 (or 5 or 20) gallon hard pot, and fabric pots. Fabric pots you can fill up to the very top with your growing medium. Hard pots you need to leave a couple inches because there’s no leeway with them. I’ve been using fabric pots for awhile now, and this is all I use. I included a picture of one of my plants at harvest. It was 33cm tall and yielded a bit over 2oz dry weight flower. After that plant was harvested, I rinsed the bag out, then started my second grow in them. For growing medical cannabis plants these are fantastic. I tend to stick with 3 gallon pots. You can use these pots over and over. Allows lots of oxygen to the roots and helps with overwatering. Plus you can sit these on any surface, even if it’s uneven, because these will settle into the area. So you don’t have to worry about it being wobbly or falling over on uneven surfaces. The handles are a must have in my opinion. If you have a rootbound plant that you can’t remove the pot to transfer, but don’t want to lose the plant, you can just stick the entire plant and its fabric pot, intact, into a bigger size pot of your growing medium. The plants roots will grow through the fabric into the bigger pot! I had a plant I didn’t re-pot in time, was desperate to save her, tried this and it worked. It did stunt her growth some obviously, but she flowered up decently to my happiness. Never had any tears or ripping issues. Literally no problems at all. Came vacuumed sealed with a free pack of reusable plant tag labels.Read more

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  5. Shawn M

    If your Canadian and are growing, buy this bag. The plants grow so quick in them. The roots explode as the bag is extremely breathable. The bigger the roots the bigger the plant. Healthy roots, healthy plant. The bag being black the sun keeps them warm which advances root growth as well. The fabric pot is the way to go, you can rotate your plant to ensure even sun distribution through the canopy. What a well made bag. Ive purchased other fabric bags over the years but I will now only buy Vivosun fabric bags. They are extremely well built and are extremely breathable for my plants. Out of the dozens I’ve bought from Vivosun I had one that had a small issue with one bag and they were quick to fix the issue. I have bought 1,5,10,30 gallon fabric pots from Vivosun I transplant the plant from pot to pot as the plant rapidly grows. Once in the 30 gallon pot its still easy to rotate the plant around in these fabric pots.Read more

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  6. zen

    I filled one up with soil and wondered why it wasn’t sitting properly. Every one was sewed improperly on the seam causing a pocket to form. The quality control is obviously lacking on these.Read more

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  7. Bikepacking Mama

    Update: these pots promote mold… I just had to dump out a bunch of my plants because they smelled like mold. Also out of all my plants the ones in the regular plastic pots are thriving while the ones in the fabric pots have barely grown and should be full grown plants by now. I had to cut with scissors all the way down the pot to get my plant out so I didn’t harm the plant. So no I will not be buying these or recommending them. I had also left them on the stairs to our sunroom for one day and didn’t even water them and they left huge mold spots on the steps that are going to be there for life now so there’s that. Old review ; I’ve only just started using these and they are pretty good. What I don’t like is when I lift it up and put it down all of the soil bunches away from the sides of the pot. Other than that we’ll see I guess.Read more

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  8. Rachel

    I bought these pots on a trial basis to see if they were better that the large rubber pots I used for planting vegetables. I planted one of each pot with the same planting material, the same planting time, the same location and sun exposure. I planted Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Yellow Beans. The Bean seeds in the Rubber containers came up faster and were stronger The tomato Plants grow faster and have fruit before the Vivosun pots. Cucumbers are doing well in the rubber pots but not good in the other. Replanted them again but still not much. What works best for “ME” is the rubber pots. The vivosun are strong and well made, Easy to transport, dry out very fast.Read more

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  9. Jeanne Poplar

    I put 2 cherry tomato plants in one container and I’ve never had tomatoes grow so large…ever. these things are amazing and I dont have to worry about winter storage. We dont have any soil in our yard so I have to container plant. I’ve tried many and these are by far the absolute best. So yourself a favor and buy 2 sets…make it 3 and give them as gifts to fellow plant grower lovers.Read more

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    VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles Black 3 Gallons
    VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles Black 3 Gallons


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