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VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller 40–108 ºF for Seedlings, Germination, Rooting, Fermentation and Reptiles

(12 customer reviews)

Professional, Reliable Results: Regulates and maintains your preferred temperature within a control range from 40–108 ºF (Temperature display range is 32 -210°F); Perfect for professional horticulturalists or the budding grower; Comes with a sensor probe so you can reliably track the temperature of your plant’s roots
High-Quality Construction: With an easy-to-grip hexagonal shape and made of an extra-fortified plastic, components will not rust or malfunction under tough conditions
Zero-effort Set Up & Operation: The controller comes with a manual but you won’t need to read it; Using just 3 buttons, you can set a temperature or change the display between Fahrenheit/Celsius in seconds
Use, Hang, Forget: Our controller comes with a hanging tab and wall mount along with a convenient angled socket to keep cords untangled and neat; Guaranteed to keep your growing operation perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Compatibility & Safety Guaranteed: Compatible with any heat mat and ready to plug in to any North American outlet


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Unit Count: 1 Count. Color: Thermostat Controller. Brand: VIVOSUN. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #3,894 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,868 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B015F4VFGI. Manufacturer: VIVOSUN. Item Weight: 13.1 ounces. Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 9.84 inches.

Specification: VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller 40–108 ºF for Seedlings, Germination, Rooting, Fermentation and Reptiles

Weight 13.1 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 3.94 × 9.84 in

12 reviews for VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller 40–108 ºF for Seedlings, Germination, Rooting, Fermentation and Reptiles

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Carl Simmons

    Worked fine for a couple of weeks then starting giving false readings. Was reading 90 and true temperature was closer to 70. Update to the last post. Vivosun contacted me, yes they contacted me, I never notified them of anything and informed me this unit has been updated with a newer model and offered to send me the new model, no charge and I don’t have to return the faulty unit. This is customer service going above and beyond the normal. Again thank you Vivosun. I changed from one star to 4 because of the customer service.Read more

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  2. William Anderson

    I bought this to control a heating mat for my corn snake. If set to 84° it will show it heating until it reaches 89° or even as high as 92°. Even with displaying these high temps the temp in the enclosure on one inch of aspen substrate shows 69°-70°, I verified these temps with three digital thermometers. This devices temp probe has to be defective. I attempted to compensate by setting it to temps in the high 90s but found the range of temps displayed were too inconsistent to make it work for me. I don’t think a person should have to do something like that in an attempt to salvage the $20 spent on it. I needed to edit my original review with a comment about Vivosun. I posted my comment in the afternoon the next morning Vivosun emailed me offering a replacement unit and asking what they could do to resolve the problem. I wouldn’t be afraid to buy one of these thermostats with that strong of a customer service policy.Read more

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  3. Mike B.

    I purchased 6 mats and this thermostat. I know you probably should not do it the way I did (do this at your own risk), but I plugged a 6 outlet surge strip into the thermostat and then plugged all my mats into the strip. I put the probe into one of the seed trays and all 6 were controlled perfectly. I combined this with the Vivosun mats and I couldn’t be happier. It helped facilitate a 100% germination rate and all my seeds germinated 4-5 times faster then without the mats. The thermostat was extremely easy to use, just set it and forget it.Read more

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  4. JD

    I paired the thermostat with the heating pad from the same company. Setup seemed pretty simple and I had things set up to stay at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. When I woke up in the morning, the display on the unit said 0.0, the heating element was stuck on, and the enclosure was 106 degrees. Good thing there were no pets in there, or else they could have died! Edit: this was not user error. I reset everything and had it working for a few days and it seemed fine. I tested with a temp gun several times a day to be safe and it was always spot on. After a few days, I stopped checking because it seemed fine, but I woke up one morning and saw it said 0.0 on the display instead of the actual temp and it was stuck with the heating pad on. The interior again rose to over 90 degrees. DO NOT TRUST THIS PRODUCT TO WORK PROPERLY. It could kill your plants or your pet if you don’t constantly check on it. Lowering my ratings to 1 star. The seller has no way to be contacted to fix this other than returning the item. I would happily take a replacement if it worked, but I need some acknowledgment from the seller that this won’t happen again with a new unit.Read more

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  5. Goofer

    This is an update (at 02/18/2019) of an earlier review from last year, spring of 2018. The replacement they provided is doing great for my seeding trays after2 years. In my experience, they will stand behind their product and make everything right if there are issues. Previous review is below: I bought this last year, Jan 2017. It was the old model that has been redesigned and updated since my original purchase. I had some major problems with it, but didn’t contact the seller at he time. As I was starting my seed trays this year and looking for a new unit, I decided to leave a review. Within hours of posting the review I received an email from the vendor offering to replace the old unit that I bought MORE THAN A YEAR AGO! I received the new unit today free of any charges and is working well. Anything electronic can go sideways sometimes, but I am truly impressed with this vendor and their willingness to go above and beyond and stand behind their product.Read more

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  6. Vtuc

    I was excited on getting this along with the heating mat to ensure that my fig cuttings that I had purchased from around the world would have the perfect conditions to root in. Unfortunately I open the package a week ago and tried it out and it is stuck at 77° and will not go any higher than that. The thermastate turns my heating mat off and I needed at least 20 degrees warmer than the house. I bought this despite some of the reviews of it being defective and this is another defective one. I have lost half of my figs in the process. I can’t recommend it and if it worked properly this would be a great thing to add to propergate you’re cuttings or to do seedlingsRead more

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  7. Stacy S.

    This is a must have if you are using a seedling heat mat. I killed off and/or prohibited germination of many of my first round of seedlings due to having a seedling heat mat with no thermostat. This thermostat is fairly straightforward and does what it says it will do. If you decide to use a seedling heat mat, do yourself a favor and go ahead and invest in one of these too. When I FINALLY broke down and got the thermostat, I had about a 95% germination rate. I had 100% success with my Jalapeno’s which I hear are notoriously difficult to germinate. The most finicky to germinate was the Brandywine Red, and I’m just going to blame that on the seeds/type of plant because of the 6 or 7 seeds I planted, I only got 3 to grow. But everything else (squash, zucchini, San Marzano’s, Sun Golds, Cucumbers, and bell peppers) germinated splendidly! I used this heat mat with it… The picture shows Day 5 after planting the seeds. So it’s obvious they took off quick with the heat mat. :)Read more

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  8. RollyP

    I don’t see the point of this .. I tried to incorporate it into the seedling growing process, but seemingly did not see the point as the Heating pad had a finite temperature level which at the point of germination will suffice; actual reason for invention of heating pad. To control the temperature is utterly pointless. I can see it being used for specialty flowers like Orchids or Constant monitoring of water temperature for Hydroponics, but it’s not built for that. Buy at your own level of understanding in regards to the process of seedling or flower germination. I found it useless and all in all, a nice to have but not needed.Read more

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  9. Very Satisfied

    I l-o-v-e this product. It takes the guess work out of trying to manage temperature of seedling soil. Easy to use and the display is very nice, big/clear so it can be read from a distance as you walk by. I ordered a second unit for use in the basement. Excellent delivery. One thing to note – when changing the setting, hold button down for maybe 3 or 4 seconds – works wonderfully well… I expect, I will have a better crop of seedlings now that the temperature is consistently controlled to the specific germination temperature for the specific type of plant.Read more

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  10. Joshua Taylor

    I have a 76-cell seed starting dome and a warming mat to go with it. I’m relatively new to growing from seed but I’m a particular sort of person and figured that consistent temperature was probably important for speeding up sprouting… …I was right. I notched a little hole for the cable out of the plastic dome and fed the probe through, positioning it into the center of the tray and set it to 75 degrees. Setting it was really simple, so I’m not sure what the other reviews talking about it being impossible to figure out were doing… Press and hold the top button for a few seconds then press up or down to set the preferred temperature; east peasy. My basil, cherry tomato and pepperoncini seeds have been warming with the help of this mat and they’re definitely sprouting quicker than before. I’ll have to take a look and see if Vivosun makes a multi-outlet, multi-temp model because not every plant’s seeds have the same optimum temperature for germination. In short? 5 stars from me. It works exactly as expected.Read more

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  11. Jonathan

    Dead on arrival. Returned and bought a different brand. However i really love the other Vivosun products so it may just be bad luck with this specific product Edit: VIVOSUN contacted me and offered a refund even if i didn’t ask anything, which i really appreciate. Since i already returned the item and got a refund from Amazon i declined the offer but i still appreciate they took the time to contact me and offer help. Vivosun really stands behind it’s product and provide perfect after-sale service. I’m giving it another star just for this.Read more

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  12. THC-ThatHighCandian

    EDIT: I just un boxed it to set it up and it looks nothing like the picture ? :$?? Is this a knock off is it real? I dont know why it all these seeem to come all scuffed up and damaged and porly packaged for other reviewers?? :$ tho mine was thrown in a huge box! And looks different now from other reviewers :$ no vinyl on screen or removable stickers it’s like it’s used ?? :$ Pros – vivo sun is great there tents , duct booster ,duct fan , Mylar, filter carbon and heat mat and pruners all work great This item (Not professional grade 🙁 false add it is entirely in accurate as a result the of my thermometer and hygrometer are showing 3 different read outs on heat level and it seems to fluctuate as well as sadly I can not recommend the ducting (has a lot of pin holes/ leaks) as well as the tent fans are just okay not 200Cfm (bought and tested With 2 annometters to be sure ! (Its 80cfm and 125-160cfm (first meter said only 60 on second speed was actually lower) I think that meter was brokenso this is readings on a 50$+ meter but so far those are all the products I have reviewed by them there raxhetnropes are good I know they have new one so coming out sorry I love this company it pains me to 1/5 them 🙁 This item could be a lot better if it was not flucuating 1-5• at all times 24/7 even when set at 19 goes to 19-24-27 then back down again.. :$ when it should be 19-22• across board tops I understand a 1• diffrence but this says professional in the title… and it’s sadly not sucks as most of your products are amazing (vivosun) Any one reads this know vivosun is great just odd item is a no go I have pointed some of those out shot as well as 5-8 of there must have / work great for price items 🙂 enjoy and stay happy and healthy! May your meds be 4 Eva frosty !Read more

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    VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller 40–108 ºF for Seedlings, Germination, Rooting, Fermentation and Reptiles
    VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller 40–108 ºF for Seedlings, Germination, Rooting, Fermentation and Reptiles


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