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Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset with Charge,15W Portable Voice Amplifier,Bluetooth Personal Voice Amplifier Classroom Microphone for Teachers,Yoga, Elderly,Training,Meeting,Tour Guide,Fitness ect

(7 customer reviews)

【CLEAR&LOUDLY VOICE AMPLIFIER】:This 15 watts voice amplifier speaker covers about 15,000 square feet (1500 square meters). The sound is clear, no distortion a nd noise. Original sound output even if a long time amplification, the listener will not have any discomfort. Give others the best sense of experience.
【POWERFUL BATTERY POWERED】:The original voice amplifier microphone has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable A-grade lithium battery, provides 12 to 15 hours of amplification time. HD display designed to give you real-time power, perfect for half-day or one-day activity.
【 MULTIFUNCTIONAL MINI PA SYSTEM 】:This Microphone Amplifier has multiple functional modes. You can use it as a voice amplifier, recorder, FM radio, Bluetooth.Besides, you can play audio via USB, TF Card, MP3, 3.5mm AUX. It is more stylish and practical than the traditional amplifier.
【PORTABLE MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER SET】:This amplifier is very small and portable, like a mini phone, you can use the adjustable belt to tie it to the waist/hang on the neck/on the shoulders, or put it in your hand or pocket, come with 270 ° rotatable microphone in line with the ergonomic design, more comfortable to wear.
【WIDELY USED】: It is the perfect amplification assistant for people with throat injuries or low voices. Voice amplifier portable microphone suitable for classroom, yoga teachers, elderly, trainer, singer, coaching, tour guide, presentation, instructor, speech, public address, conference and more.


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Wattage: 15 watts. Power Source: Battery Powered. Material Type: ABS. Color Name: Black. Date First Available: July 22, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #20,234 in Musical Instruments. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 26 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B09B1Y1F7B. Package Dimensions: 7.13 x 5.75 x 2.28 inches. Item Weight: 13.5 ounces.

Specification: Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset with Charge,15W Portable Voice Amplifier,Bluetooth Personal Voice Amplifier Classroom Microphone for Teachers,Yoga, Elderly,Training,Meeting,Tour Guide,Fitness ect

Weight 13.5 lbs

7 reviews for Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset with Charge,15W Portable Voice Amplifier,Bluetooth Personal Voice Amplifier Classroom Microphone for Teachers,Yoga, Elderly,Training,Meeting,Tour Guide,Fitness ect

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  1. Dawn

    Easy to use. I’m a teacher and projecting through a mask is very painful. This amplifier helps a great deal. Worth the priceRead more

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  2. Brighton

    not loud. FM has no working clear channel. Battery from 100 to 80 percent in minutes just while trying to figure out how to use it. 15000 sqft coverage is not true.Read more

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  3. Patrick

    Permite ser entendido aun los cubrebocas obligatorios por protocolo en aulas de alumnos (prueba en aula de 130m²). También los que siguen al mismo tiempo por Visio conferencia califican como buena el audio que los llega.Read more

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  4. Graeme J. Simpson

    Like a lot of similar products, this does additional things in addition to its main purpose. I’m ignoring them, however – not even mentioning them, in fact – as I intend using it as a voice amplifier, and for that purpose alone. So what’s it like? If you’re expecting the equivalent of a mic/amp set up and the attendant quality, you’re going to be disappointed. This is a single unit, and your expectations should be suitably scaled-down. My voice sounds fine through it: a bit on the ‘tinny’ sound, maybe, but that’s to be expected at this price point. However, if all you need it for is to address a few drunken souls at a leaving party – or something similar – it’s fine.Read more

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  5. Anonymous

    Voice Amplifier for Teachers,15W Loudly Classroom Microphone for Teacher, 2500mAh Rechargeable I really do like this voice amplifier as it’s a Jack of all trades to be honest, for a voice amplifier in a classroom environment then it would be very suitable, as an FM radio, basic Bluetooth speaker, voice recorder (need a TF memory card) and it will also play music tracks from the TF card as well as from a USB memory stick. One can even connect this, via the AUX out, to a much powerful amplifier. For the price of £39.00, I would say it’s well worth the money, I’m very happy to recommend it. This amplifier comes nicely presented, inside you will receive the amplifier, microphone headset, micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm auxiliary cable, shoulder strap and some instructions. The instructions are okay to follow, I’ve seen much worse to be honest, they have quite a few illustrations which explains the functionality etc. The first impression I get from this is that it reminds me of the radio kits I used to build, that was some years ago when there wasn’t such a thing as Bluetooth, TF cards and USB was unheard of, showing my age here 🙂 It seems well made, has a plastic exterior, an LED display, 5 rubber control buttons, on top we have the extendable aerial for the FM radio, 3.5mm sockets for AUX and microphone, micro-USB charging port, and a volume/on-off rotary control, not forgetting the two metal loops allowing for the shoulder strap to be attached. On the right hand side you will find the ports for the TF card and USB stick. This amplifier isn’t weatherproof at all, all the ports are open along with the open grill for the speaker, even though one could use this outdoors, it wouldn’t be suitable for use in the rain. The microphone headset is just a microphone, no earpieces or anything like that, however, they’re very comfortable to wear for long periods, I had this on for nearly an hour and I honestly didn’t know they were their apart from the obvious microphone stick. This microphone arm can be adjusted in whatever position you like and it will stay in place. The cable coming from this headset is about 1.2m long, not the longest and it has really been designed to have this amplifier attached to ones self via the shoulder strap, a belt clip would’ve been more useful although this hasn’t been designed into the unit. I have tested all the functions out of this amplifier, so I’ll talk about each one under their own headings. I would point out that it’s best to fully charge this up to 100% before first use as to prolong the overall battery life. The rechargeable battery installed in this amplifier is of a 2500mAh capacity, thus charging this up from flat, via the micro-USB cable, will take a few hours. Also, as I mentioned towards the end of my video, whilst this is on charge, it can’t be used, none of the functions work, this seems to be a slight negative issue, if you’re using this in a conference room or classroom and the battery goes flat, then you would have to wait whilst this charges up, the manufacturer states this battery should give up to 15 hours usage, in reality and as I’ve always found with rechargeable batteries and the stated running time by the manufacturers, it’s always best to half their figure, so I would say 6-8 hours depending on volume level. When you first switch this amplifier on, the battery level is displayed for a short period. FM RADIO The Fm radio offered a good reception, as shown in the video, the built in extendable aerial will need to be raised first, this extends to about 20cm. One can manually search stations or you can hold the arrow key down and the amplifier will automatically search for them and store the stations. Switching through the stored stations is simply done by short pressing the arrow key. The frequency is displayed on the amber coloured LED display, this information will be shown on the display for about 15 seconds before going off to conserve battery power I presume. VOICE AMPLIFIER Now this is rather effective, in the video I didn’t have the volume turned up that much and apart from the microphone probably too close when I was talking, the sound was loud and clear. At no point did I notice any so called current noise, even when I turned the volume right up. One can always purchase a wireless microphone and attach the receiver module to the 3.5mm microphone socket instead. BLUETOOTH Connection was very quick, I just selected Bluetooth mode on the amplifier and opened up settings on my phone and immediately got connected. I used Amazon Music to play some tracks, there wasn’t any distortion but the sound quality wasn’t the best, this isn’t a dedicated Bluetooth speaker offering ground rumbling bass etc, you will just get a sound quality equivalent to a cheap, small plastic radio. Now, the Bluetooth built into this unit supports TWS, which means that if you had two of these amplifiers, they would connect to the same Bluetooth signal from my phone and the output would be in the form of stereo, although I wouldn’t see the point in buying two of these for that purpose. TF CARD & USB STICK The TF and USB ports function as playing back music tracks or voice recordings, navigation of tracks is done via the front controls. Now, if you wish to make a personal voice recording, this is where you would need to have a USB memory stick or TF card inserted, voice recording isn’t possible without either of these. The recording quality is very good for the quality of the microphone supplied, of course this could be improved if you were to purchase a separate, more refined microphone. AUX OUT The auxiliary out allows this amplifier to be connected to a much powerful amplifier, the cable is supplied but that’s only about 50cm long, one could always use a wireless module but that would involve more money and to be honest, I don’t see the need for connecting this up. So, that’s about it, before I forget, the weight of the amplifier is around 370g, so it isn’t heavy at all. I’m very happy to recommend this amplifier and this is sure to be very useful for many people in different scenarios.Read more

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  6. S Bruce

    I had mixed expectations of this device, but was pleasantly surprised. The main reason for this was the sound quality. The device itself looks fairly basic, bordering on primitive. It’s quite heavy for its size, which I’d assumed was probably more to do with the battery pack than the speaker. However, it does seem to have quite a kick to it sound-wise. It’s capable of projecting a good distance, not just with voice but also playing music. The quality isn’t audiophile, but akin to an old school FM radio; you wouldn’t use it for a party, but for a tour guide, or for making safety announcements at the start of a Parkrun for example, it does a remarkably good job- and as that’s what I was intending to use it for, it’s 5 stars from me already. I could criticise the lack of bass or something like that, but that’s not really the point. The headset feels and looks cheap, yet it’s surprisingly comfortable thanks to a fair amount of padding. The mic quality is better than it looks though, and when positioned close to the mouth, does manage to get a decent clear input. The good news is that it’s also a completely standard microphone connector so if you already have a better microphone or headset, you can just swap it in. The extra features are a bit of a bonus. The FM radio receiver has a decidedly 1980’s feel to it but it’s perfectly good for BBC FM channels and for a bit of listening to the radio while down on the allotment, this wouldn’t give you plush quality classical on Radio 3 but it’s more than adequate for a casual bit of Radio 2 or some talk radio. The TF (microSD) card slot is for both playing from, and recording to. The latter is a feature I didn’t even know about until I read the manual, although the round record symbol button should have tipped me off, so I haven’t had a reason to test that out. Playing an MP3 from a microSD card is fine though. Navigating through a lot of files on a card is a painful one-by-one process so if you need to play the same song or a pre-recorded announcement on repeat, it’s really handy, but it’s not going to replace anyone’s old iPod. The story’s the same for the USB port, which is for reading USB sticks and works exactly the same way. Though this device has an internal battery, the USB port doesn’t double as a charging output, so you can’t double this up as a power bank unfortunately. There’s one functional limitation that caught me by surprise just slightly- you can’t use this device whilst it’s charging. When the microUSB power input is being fed into, nothing else on the device works. This feels like a slight oversight- if you come to use it and find the battery is flat, you can’t just plug in an external power bank then carry on straight away, you’ll have to wait until it’s charged enough. For people who might want to use it all day, that seems like it could be a little problem. The technical specification in the manual strangely doesn’t mention the capacity of the internal battery- so far it seems good though, but will it last for a whole day’s constant use, no. Better-sounding and more versatile than I expected, I think there’s a lot of different potential uses for which this voice amplifier could be a rather good fit. Yes it looks a bit cheap and old-fashioned, but it works.Read more

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  7. Albert O.

    I’m not really sure what this is trying to be? Voice amplifier, radio, Bluetooth speaker, voice recorder? The danger with this kind of thing, as in trying to be all things to all people, it runs the risk of doing none of them that well. That’s exactly the case with this. This doesn’t do any of it’s functions overly well. It would appear its primary purpose is as a voice amplifier. It works, the sound is reasonably good and clear. The volume isn’t overly loud, fine for small, close gatherings, but nothing more. The microphone is a joke really, what on earth is the point of a wired one? It makes the whole thing awkward to use. Radio? Forget it, it’s really poor, couldn’t manage to receive anything interference free. BT speaker? Haha, I don’t think so. Voice recorder (using a memory card)? Yep, I guess, but all smartphones these days have this feature. Overall, this isn’t (in my view) worth the money. It seems reasonably made, but quite crude, and the instructions are poor, though to be fair it doesn’t take much working out how to use. If you want a voice amplifier with good sound, and the bonus of being able to play music properly, in decent stereo Hi-Fi sound, I recommend buying a PROPER Bluetooth speaker and a BT microphone (or a BT adapter for this one). This will do the job properly, be much more flexible and fit for purpose. I hope this has been useful.Read more

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    Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset with Charge,15W Portable Voice Amplifier,Bluetooth Personal Voice Amplifier Classroom Microphone for Teachers,Yoga, Elderly,Training,Meeting,Tour Guide,Fitness ect
    Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset with Charge,15W Portable Voice Amplifier,Bluetooth Personal Voice Amplifier Classroom Microphone for Teachers,Yoga, Elderly,Training,Meeting,Tour Guide,Fitness ect


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