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WAVLINK USB 3.0 and USB C Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor with HDMI & DVI/VGA with Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB Ports, Audio for Laptop, Ultrabook and PCs, More Efficient Home Office Black

(11 customer reviews)

Built-in HDMI and DVI outputs each resolution up to 1920×1200 @ 60Hz, HDMI port supports resolutions up to 2560×[email protected] 50Hz with a single HDMI display only. Includes DVI to VGA and DVI to HDMI adapters are supplied for added flexibility, great for different home and office workspace applications.
System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7,& legacy XP systems. the driver installation via Windows Update. Surface RT, Mac OS/Linux are not supported. (Please refer to Display Link website for more system compatibility)
Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port 10/100 / 1000Mbps Ethernet, provides you with fast wired network connection. 4x USB 2.0 ports fulfill all USB 2.0 devices such as keyboard, mouse,printer, ect. 2x USB 3.0 ports for super transfer speed up to 5Gbps and 900mA of power, you can connect your usb peripherals or usb stick to solve external USB devices and high-speed file transfer for home office workers.
Docking station is suggested for use with web and productivity software; not recommended for gaming, cannot be mixed with non-DisplayLink USB adapters.
Build in USB 3.0 GPU certified by DisplayLink. Compact size, LED display status, easy setup, multi-function operation performance, bring a new life style for you. All of our products offer 12-month limited warranty.


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Input Voltage: 12 Volts. Total HDMI Ports: 1. Item Weight: 0.75 Pounds. Number of Ports: 13. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 8.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches. Total USB Ports: 6. Compatible Devices: Dell Latitude 7370. Hardware Interface: USB 3.0. Color: Black. Brand: WAVLINK. Date First Available: December 29, 2015. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #414 in Computers & Accessories. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,550 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. Batteries: 1 12V batteries required. Item model number: WL-UG39DK1. ASIN: B019XOJ874. Manufacturer: WAVLINK. Item Weight: 12 ounces. Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches.

Specification: WAVLINK USB 3.0 and USB C Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor with HDMI & DVI/VGA with Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB Ports, Audio for Laptop, Ultrabook and PCs, More Efficient Home Office Black

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 × 1 in

11 reviews for WAVLINK USB 3.0 and USB C Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor with HDMI & DVI/VGA with Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB Ports, Audio for Laptop, Ultrabook and PCs, More Efficient Home Office Black

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Reed Savory

    I have to say that this is the best dual-monitor USB 3.0 docking station out there that I can find, and I tested a bunch of them. It’s a good price, it’s reliable, and it’s worked well with every brand and type of PC I’ve tried it with (which has been six different brands/models of Windows 10 laptops so far), including two different models of Microsoft SurfaceBook and various models of HP and Dell. I’ve bought six of these so far (between home and work needs) for myself, my family members, and people at my office, and it’s been great every single time. Just be sure to get the updated DisplayLink software from the website, and update the DisplayLink software when new versions come out. That’s got nothing to do with this product in particular, just that Microsoft’s patches and updates have a history of breaking products that use DisplayLink chips.Read more

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  2. Tech Guy

    I am an IT guy spending at least 8 hours using laptop, LCDs, Scanner, printer, projector and number of USB gadgets including USB, card readers and audio devices. I had USB-C hub but it was consuming laptop’s battery and it wasn’t able to connect two LCDs at the same time from one input. I had to upgrade with something connectable to two LCDs and battery efficient as well. After doing little research under the budget i found this unit. This doc station is serving both purpose to me and graphics output quality is great too. I haven’t tested audio ports yet but i am sure they ll work just fine. I would highly recommend this unit to mid level IT people.Read more

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  3. Pedro K

    Very good product!! Works better and easier than I thought it would be, didn’t have to install anything, just plug and use it, I’m using extended dual 27’ UHD monitors, and have my speaker charging and plugged to the dock, as well as my usb 2.4 Bluetooth receiver to control my mouse and keyboard. Super recommend.Read more

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  4. Kristin

    I began a job working g from home in the last few months. I purchased this hub so I could add a couple screens to my Apple laptop, as well as use a regular keyboard and mouse. It has not disappointed! Using this I am able to have three different displays going at the same time (one on the laptop and two in separate monitors). I also like that this provides extra USB ports since Apple took them all off their machines. This hub connects to your computer through a USB port. I did have to purchase a converter for the Apple laptop since Apple no longer has any USB ports on their machines. My personal laptop runabout on Windows, and I like that I can easily switch this over if I am using that machine. I highly recommend for anyone who is working from home and needs a better set up than just a laptop. And for the price, you will get your money’s worth in productivity!Read more

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  5. Sherie D.

    I got this because I needed a universal dock that could handle both my Macbook Pro (2012) and my Dell Laptop. I have two monitors set up to do an extended desktop with a vertical stand for both computers. I got this dock because it was affordable and had a number of USB ports so I don’t have to detach a bunch of stuff if I need to use my Dell instead of Mac. I don’t use these for work, but sometimes I just need the PC for things my Mac has trouble doing. The Good: With both laptops it works, once I got all the settings correct when I plug in the dock it remembers my settings. I only have to change where the USB 3.0 cable is connected. The displays look great and I have no problem making the resolution is set correctly. This does exactly what I need it to with especially since I can store the laptops and the displays stay on (with some adjustments in the settings of my Dell at least). If you have a PC, you may have to set the “when the laptop is closed” setting to “do nothing” that way the computer doesn’t go to sleep if you want to be able to close it while plugged into the dock. The Mildly Inconvenient: I you are a Mac User this pertains to you. Yes, the most recent update of High Sierra (which is what I’m running), the software for display link and the communication of the USB 3.0 interface with the dock gets messed up. Some people lost connectivity, and others experience a lot of flickering. Display link has been working on trying to fix this; they currently released a driver that allows you to use Airplay to connect to a display plugged into the dock (as a clone or separate display if you use the built in as one). I have a 2012 mac so I’m running a thunderbolt/mini-display port to HDMI adapter, you may have the USB C and possibly more options (adapters) than I do for fixes. Here’s my solution for running an extended desktop display for a Mac with the ability to switch to a separate computer without having to plug and unplug stuff (except the USB 3 cable). Just note it usually takes me one extra try for Airplay to connect as a separate display, once it does it remembers the settings, if your resolution is not displayed under “scaled” options. You can click “scaled” while holding the “option” button to see more settings. I got this HDMI Switch – and a set of HDMI Cables (amazon basic). I want to be able to more easily switch between the PC and Macbook so I plugged the display link to one input on the switch and my thunderbolt adapter + HDMI to the second input. Then the output goes straight to my main monitor (the 27″ in the image). Since you can only connect one display when plugged into the Display link I use the airplay fix (in the new driver) and set it to a separate display. What happens is the mini-display –>HDMI is one display, and the display link dock via usb 3.0 is the second. If I need to switch to the PC I can just change the input on the switch and move the usb 3.0 connection to my pc and then both displays are running from the dock. This works for me, as you can see there are a lot of cables, but not everyone has the same amount of stuff plugged in as I do. If you don’t have a second computer you don’t even need a switch, just a second cable that runs from your mac to the monitor. An additional fix (if you’ve made it this far down) is revert back to snapshot of 10.13.3 for Mac OS. This is much more easily done if you use a time machine backup. I couldn’t do this because I use the dock as a connection to my external hard drive that I needed to backup before I reformatted it to use as a time machine backup. Either way, unless you want to spend $200 on a thunderbolt dock or other dock that does not run display link (almost all the universal ones do, I’ve checked) with a small adjustment by adding an extra cable or adapting my solution you can hold out until Display Link can update the driver to work with 10.13.4 and above.Read more

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  6. CW

    Initially I really liked this product. It provided a large number of USB ports, multiple monitor displays, and an ethernet connection for my work laptop. It was an easy setup that worked pretty much out of the box. However, after about 2 hours of use, the peripherals started to disconnect from my laptop (ie. The mouse would work but the keyboard wouldn’t, one of the two monitors would disconnect randomly, or the network connection would drop for a minute or two). There was no consistency to which device would stop working. Eventually it got to the point where I would have to reboot my machine to reestablish the connection. After two days of fighting with it, I’m going to have to return it to Amazon.Read more

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  7. KIPH

    Well this is something i was a bit unsure about as i have never owned/used one before but i have to say, i am extremely impressed! I thought i was going to struggle installing the device judging by a couple of the reviews that i read but it was not the case, i turned on the computer, connected the display link via usb, windows installed it for me and that was it…working!lol As you can see from the pictures (which aren’t the best, sorry) i have connected a external HDD, a second monitor and connected to the internet via the LAN port on the device itself. Everything just worked! Main reason for purchase is it is being gifted to my bro who has a Microsoft surface book, they have next to no ports on it which he has found very frustrating! With this though, his problems will be solved when going away on work and having to connect to other peoples kit. Pros.. Everything just works, super simple, tidy box to store it when not in use and looks pretty slick. Cons.. Box it comes in is a bit bulky to use for travelling & the instruction slip included isn’t the best but to be fair i could understand it but didn’t even need to use it. I haven’t tried this with a MAC so no idea how the install process would be, but i can confirm it is a breeze on Win 10….Plug & Play.Read more

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  8. Philip McDonnell

    I spent ages looking for dual video unit that would work with my works’ Surface Pro 6 and my ageing twin HP ProDisplay P221 DVI/VGA monitors. These monitors are not DisplayPort types and cannot be daisy-chained (I learned this with each attempt to solve my problem). I went through a couple of splitters (not knowing I needed a dual video output unit) and other units that were dual video but were for multiple PCs too. Eventually, I took a chance on this WavLink. I say took a chance because it says the drivers are on a CD. Seriously? Do PCs even come with CD/DVDs any more with streaming services two-a-penny? The SP6 doesn’t, obviously. But, I need not have worried. I plugged the WavLink in, fiddled with the settings of the SP6 and within moments I had both monitors functioning as extensions to the SP’s high resolution screen. So, for a fraction of the cost of a 34″ widescreen monitor, I have my old HPs working perfectly.Read more

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  9. Peppe

    Bought to expand the connectivity of my laptop. As per product description, this docking station is able to add the following outputs: – 2 monitors outputs ( one via HDMI and another via VGA/DVI) and 2 USB 3 port , 4 USB 2 ports, 1 ethernet Accessories: It comes with a leafleft, with the essential instructions, a CD driver, a charger ( for UK socket), a DVI-VGA adapter and a USB cable. Installation: With Windows 10 (I have Windows 10 v. 18.03) the docking station is recognised immediately as soon as plugged in, so there is no need to install the drivers. Usage and Impression: Tried different monitor/tv configurations And in all the conditions this docking station was able to deliver optimum performance ( I was able to play both YouTube and movies through the connected screen) I haven’t been able to test the gigabit Ethernet since my router is very far from my laptop and I don’t have a ethernet cable) Worth mentioning that this docking station works also with USB 2.0 ports, even though in this case you will see decent performance only during web browsing but some dealy in the video reproduction ( probably due to both my CPU speed and USB2 bandwidth)Read more

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  10. Steve

    This item is fab as a single dock for all your connections, taking one USB port to run 6 usb items, your speakers, an ethernet connection and most importantly, two supplementary screens. Gone are the days when you want to run an extra screen as well as your laptop. These days we want two extra screens and this gadget allows you to have two extra screens each showing different output. Easy plug and play, it worked really well and it was the cheapest I could find. Really pleased with the purchase and the seller was both cooperative and efficient and the item literally arrived on Sunday after a Saturday evening order.Read more

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  11. D. Gee

    I have an office that at night the temperature can drop. I find that to get the docking station to drive my 19″ monitors I need to give it time to warm up, as at lower temperatures the bottom 1/3 of the screen is corrupted. So I put the docking station on when I turn the heating on in the morning and come back when everything has warmed up a bit. In tech speak I think it works over a consumer temperature range rather than a commercial temperature range.Read more

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    WAVLINK USB 3.0 and USB C Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor with HDMI & DVI/VGA with Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB Ports, Audio for Laptop, Ultrabook and PCs, More Efficient Home Office Black
    WAVLINK USB 3.0 and USB C Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor with HDMI & DVI/VGA with Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB Ports, Audio for Laptop, Ultrabook and PCs, More Efficient Home Office Black


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