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Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Black Cherry Small Tumbler Black Cherry

(13 customer reviews)

A pure cherry fragrance with hints of almond and cinnamon
Premium-grade wax that delivers a clean, consistent burn
35-45 hours burn time
Measures 3.5″H x 3.4″D
100% recyclable in partnership with TerraCycle

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Size:Small Tumbler| Style:Black Cherry This compact, 7 oz. Small Tumbler Candle mingles well in attractive groupings with candles of varying sizes. It’s also great for gift-giving or sampling Yankee Candle fragrances to your heart’s content. The brushed metal lid and modern shape keep this tumbler candle on-trend, and a single wick perfectly distributes the premium fragrance.

Specification: Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Black Cherry Small Tumbler Black Cherry

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4 × 3.5 in

13 reviews for Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Black Cherry Small Tumbler Black Cherry

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  1. Kayla

    This smell is addictive! I have it in spray form, jelly jar, and I just ordered car fresheners! The candle (when lit of course) is very strong, in a good way! My room instantly smells like lavender lemon. Also, the candle burns for a reallllllly long time. I’ve definitely burned it for over 90 hours, and it still has a ways to go before it’s finished. I probably have another 15+ hours left, which is why I just repurchased another candle! I usually don’t ever spend $20 on candles- but with Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender I’ll make an exception. It’s a really clean, fresh, yummy smell. Intoxicating, and appropriate for any time of the year.Read more

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  2. Bree W

    Bought this for my best friend for her birthday and it smells amazing!!!! DONT LET THE CILANTRO PART SCARE YOU OFF I wish i would have got 2 because now Im ordering 1 for myself and have to wait 2 days to burn it.Read more

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  3. Pat

    This candle hardly smells like Macintosh apples. It is very offensive, smells cheap and gave me a headache. I don’t really think that it’s a Yankee Candle at all, appears like a knockoff with Yankee Candle label just plastered onto it. This is not what I’m used to. I won’t be buying this againRead more

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  4. Robin

    I got this candle for my home office hoping the scent would be invigorating, as I have found lemon to be. I was very excited about its arrival to the point that I stalked its delivery progress like I would have a major electronic. Alas, I am super disappointed. The candle seems to burn well, and it probably burns long. However, it is sitting right next to my computer, and I cannot smell a thing, which is odd because I can smell scents as well as a dog. So, the search for an invigorating lemon candle continues.Read more

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  5. BGirl

    The scent from this is incredible and lasts the whole jar. Definitely a strong sweet and fruity scent, and being in the middle of an Australian summer where I’m picking and eating fresh raspberries I can tell you this Red Raspberry scent is completely on point! I have two indoor cats and dogs, and yet 5 minutes of this candle, guests are inhaling deeply and complimenting how delicious the house smells. I would suggest buying 3 different scents though as it’s easy to get used to one and therefore not feel it is as effective. Alternating will mean you always have a beautifully fragrant home.Read more

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  6. Jenny

    I love the Lemon Lavender scent, but am really disappointed with how it arrived (see photo). At some point, I guess the candle melted and altered the original state of it, to the point of completely covering the wick. I had to place the jar in a pot of boiling water to melt the wax, then dig for the wick and pull it out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to use it. All in all, it’s a great scent, sold at a great price, just know that this is something you might have to do, as well.Read more

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  7. Candle Harlot

    *Notes include* Top Notes: Apple Peels, Crisp Greens Mid Notes: Rindy Grapefruit, Juicy Macintosh Base Notes: Clove Bud, Sheer Musk The best apple candle on the market! Well used to be before it lost some of it’s throw. Goose Creeks Macintosh is better mostly due to it’s throw. I still like this candle enough to give it a 5 though. Village Candle make a version which is not as good but is cheaper.Read more

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  8. aly

    I have been buying YANKEE Candles for over ten years and I can assure you this this NOT. A real yankee!!! There is minimal scent even if I smell right next to to while it burns! A real yankee you can smell across the room Before you even light it! I burned this candle for over an hour and you couldn’t only Smell it if you were right next to it!!! I lit a yankee I bought at the actual store and within 5 minutes of it being lit you could smell it in the entire house! Do yourself a favor and pay and extra $5 and get it from The actual store and not here!!!!! Very disappointed in the seller AND. Amazon for allowing fake or defective products to be sold!!! I’m not going to hassle myself shipping it back, but I will never purchase one from here ever again! Buyers beware!Read more

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  9. tomika55

    Leider hat diese angebliche Lemon-Lavender Mischung keinerlei Lemon abgekriegt. Daher nur 1 Stern. Seit einigen Jahren bemerke ich einen riesen Unterschied in Duftnoten u. -stärken bei Yankee Candles. Wie bei vielen Produktion wird anscheinend auch hier getrickst und gespart. Katastrophe! In diesem Glas wird der Duft nach kurzem immer penetranter und verursacht tatsächlich Abneigung und einen Hauch von Kopfschmerz. Lem.-Lav. war einer meiner Lieblinge gewesen, weil er herrlich angenehm u. zart nach wirklicher Duft-Komposition roch. Eine gelungene Mischung! Ebenso Lemongrass-Ginger. Was toll begann ist jetzt nur noch Geldmache u. Verarsche. Warum? Die aus den USA riechen traditioneller u. echter, als diejenigen, die sonstwo innerhalb Europas nach-gepanscht werden mit abweichenden Inhalts- u. Duftstoffen. Bei den “Europäern” steht dann hinten drauf: Yankee-Candle Company Limited/ Subsiduary of /Une Filiale de Newel Brands……usw. Die Angaben sind dermaßen klein geschrieben, dass man sich extrem anstrengen muss, die Schrift überhaupt entziffern zu können. Früher waren die Gläser zudem eingeschweißt, was die Düfte haltbarer machte. Heute stehen sie teilweise Jahre, zumindest Monate auf den Regalen und werden zig mal von Kunden geöffnet, um hinein zu schnuppern. Daran riechen ist natürlich ganz okay, sofern die samples später nicht verkauft werden – Thema “Verfallsdatum” – denn Düfte verflüchtigen sich ja bzw. können sich im offenen Zustand verändern, bis hin zum ranzig werden mancher Inhaltsstoffe. Es kommt jedenfalls immer häufiger vor, dass Yankee Produkte stark abweichen. Als Fan muss man also mit Argusaugen u. Nachforschung etc. pp. ständig hinterher ist. Zum Ko…..! Das Glas ist kaum abgebrannt und fliegt in die Tonne. Teure, super ärgerliche Angelegenheit. Meine Kritik bezieht sich hauptsächlich auf die Hersteller, da der Verkäufer nichts für die Inhaltstoffe/Herstellung kann. Aber jeder Händler sollte künftig mehr darauf achten, woher die Ware stammt u. ob es sich bei seinem Verkauf z.B. um Ausstellungsware handelt. Diese Angaben einfach mal bei den Produktinformationen mit angeben. Ruhig einmal vorangehen u. fairer, professioneller Warenauszeichnungen ergänzend beschreiben. Es darf auch im Handel “gemenschelt” werden, u. bitte nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit.Read more

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  10. Nina

    I think lemon and lavender is one of the best Yankee Candles! I use it in the evening and on the next day when I’m back from work my house still smells like the candle. It’s amazing. I would say if you’re not a fan of strong smells, use the smaller candles instead because I believe the large jars have a much stronger smell than the little ones. I personally love it and would definitely buy again in the future.Read more

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  11. Elle Richmond.

    I bought 2 black cherry large candles as this is my favorite scent and I thought I was getting them at a really good price. What a waste of my money I will never ever purchase from this company again. They must be old stock and they just burn a hole right through the middle and then burn out. I am very upset as one was for my daughters birthday and another for a friend. Very disappointed.

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  12. Rosie

    I should have read the reviews but considering it has 4.5 stars I never questioned the genuinity of this yankee candle. It is pale in colour, white wax spots on top, little to no scent at all. The wick is awful and let out bigger flames and smoke on the first light. I wanted to love it, trimmed the wick and had it burning for hours – no scent. A tiny bit. Wasn’t until I just came to the reviews I realised it is either old wax or completely fake. Disappointed but amazon customer service amazing as per dealt with it straight away and have refunded me for a return. My brother brought a cinnamon one also which had some of the same issues though the scent is nice and powerful but says his has burned through a lot quicker than usual. I do not recommendd.Read more

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  13. m

    Yankee Candles provide good value in their mid market position, with attractive lidded jars and pleasant fragrances, although I would urge doing some in-store sniffing before purchase where possible to check the smell is to your taste. For best burning experience, keep the wick trimmed to no more than 3mm and use a candle snuffer to extinguish as that helps prevent the wax going everywhere. This is an attractively scented candle, perfect for dinner table, lounge, bedroom and as a secret Santa/stocking. The lid helps keep the dust off between burnings although this one smells so nice it is unlikely to get a chance to accumulate dust in this house.Read more

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    Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Black Cherry Small Tumbler Black Cherry
    Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Black Cherry Small Tumbler Black Cherry

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