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YJHome Smart Cup Cooler Coffee Warmer Mug Desktop Mini Refrigerator Electric Travel Heating Cooling Cup Portable Beverage Drink Chiller US Plug For Desk Coffee Beer Milk Cola Water Wine Drink

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♥ Heating & Cooling Cup 2 in 1 — YJHome Smart Cup with heating and cooling functions. Cooling Mode keep the temperature at 2℃-6℃ (35.6℉-42.8℉). Heating Mode keep the temperature at 40-60℃ (104℉-140℉). Constant temperature for 24 hours. You can enjoy hot coffee/milk/tea/hot cocoa or cold beer beverage/water/juice/cola anytime, anywhere.
♥ Easy to Use — One button realizes the functions of turn on, turn off, cooling or heating. Three Heating/Cooling Methods: 1. Recommend: Pour beverage or water directly into the 320ml food-grade aluminum cup for cooling/heating. 2. Put the beverage can or beer bottle in the cooler. 3. Adds some water if you put the drink bottle directly into the aluminum cup. (Note: Please do not seal and heat carbonated drinks!)
♥ Upgraded Smart Heating Cooling Cup — Adopting TEC semiconductor refrigeration chip and strengthening the micro constant temperature control technology to achieve intelligent power saving. Transparent dust-proof cup cover can better maintain the temperature, speed up the cooling and heating of the beverage. Switch controller with temperature display so that you can know the real-time temperature of cooling or heating at any time.
♥ Intelligent & Safe & Portable — Smart cup cooler coffee warmer mug cup with auto shut-off design ensuring the safety. Food grade aluminum cup has strong heat and cold conductivity. The bottom of the smart cup has a non-slip pad to better improve stability. The white mini refrigerator with very small size: 4.23X4.23X9.3inch. It doesn’t take up too much space on your desktop when used, and it’s also very suitable for travel and business.
♥ Widely Application — Portable Mini Fridge widely used in the offices, homes, restaurants, bars, parties, friends’ houses, beaches, seasides, tourism. In summer, it can cool you beer, water, drink, yogurt, and fruit. In winter, it can heat milk, coffee, scented tea. Smart Cooling Cup can also be used to cool anti-fever patches, eye masks, and facial masks. As well as a perfect gift for friends and family on the holiday.


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Adjustable Temperature Control: Yes. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.53 x 4.53 x 9.45 inches. Pattern: 纯色. Form Factor: Compact. Brand: YJHome. Finish Type: 亮光. Color: White. Date First Available: July 19, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #639,532 in Home & Kitchen. Customer Reviews: 3.1 out of 5 stars 6 ratings 3.1 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B099RLBCS2. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Batteries Included?: ‎No. Material Type: ‎Plastic. Color: ‎White. Form Factor: ‎Compact. Part Number: ‎PK665. Product Dimensions: ‎4.53 x 4.53 x 9.45 inches. Item Weight: ‎2.21 pounds. Brand Name: ‎YJHome.

Specification: YJHome Smart Cup Cooler Coffee Warmer Mug Desktop Mini Refrigerator Electric Travel Heating Cooling Cup Portable Beverage Drink Chiller US Plug For Desk Coffee Beer Milk Cola Water Wine Drink

Weight 2.21 lbs
Dimensions 4.53 × 4.53 × 9.45 in

5 reviews for YJHome Smart Cup Cooler Coffee Warmer Mug Desktop Mini Refrigerator Electric Travel Heating Cooling Cup Portable Beverage Drink Chiller US Plug For Desk Coffee Beer Milk Cola Water Wine Drink

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Alberto

    very poorly in the cooling department! after testing for an hour it those not cool or cool fast enough! when it should have been under 20min, you only get a slightly bit of cool even after an hour! not worth it! especially for the given price of $46!Read more

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  2. T Stanley

    This unit is designed to chill and heat drinks using a thermo pad in the bottom of the machine. I haven’t tested the heating function at all, but I’m sure that works better than the chilling function. The main limitation of this device is the height of bottle it can hold. Its clearance is about 4 or 5 inches too short to hold a 16.9 oz bottle. I am going to try to chill down a bottle without the top on and see how that goes. I think it will likely still work. That means for heating a baby’s bottle, you’ll need to use the shorter bottles. One of the taller bottles would not fit. The next item to consider is how sensitive you are to noise. This is surprisingly loud. If you are in an open cubicle area at work this is noisy enough, you might get complaints. Even in a closed cube area, people may come over to figure out what is making the sound. This is louder than any computers or refrigerators. It’s whine is sort of medium pitch. In either case, it is very noticeable. But it is white noise – so different people will be affected differently. I work from home, so I’m okay with the noise but I do turn it off when I need to concentrate. Since it is a steady whine, my VOIP calls don’t pick up the sound. It cools better when the included metal cup is filled directly with liquid. Even to cool a canned drink, I add a scant quarter cup of water to the cup. This works by induction – so more surface area means it will chill quicker. And the bottom plate is where all the chilling happens – notice that cans have a small ring of metal that actually makes content. Air isn’t a good transfer medium – liquid is. This is easy to turn on and off: you just push the main button. It clearly displays whether it is heating or chilling. It also has a setting where it is only reading the temperature and not actively cooling or heating. The temperature is in Celcius and the instructions do not indicate a way to change to Farenheit. I usually just double what it says and add 30. That will get you reasonably close to what the readout is in F. However, the readout is no where close to what the contents are. In a matter of minutes, it will drop into the single digits and settle around 5 or 6 for quite a bit. Be assured, the contents are not at 42 degrees yet. It is likely just what the chilling pad metal is at. Also, this has not setting for how hot or how cold to target – it runs at max chilling or heating. But don’t worry too much – max won’t freeze a drink or boil water. And it is going to depend alot on the room temperature how cool this can chill. Outside in 100 degree summer weather isn’t going to be nearly as effective as inside an air conditioned home. Another tip is to flip the can every so often. Chillers that work fast spin the can. This does not have that ability so you can still do it manually. Just don’t shake anything carbonated. Oddly enough, the instructions say not to use carbonated drinks. But in another sentence it is clearly referring to carbonated drinks. In either case, I haven’t had an issue with using this product with them. I recommend this with reservations. Unless you have a specific use case, this likely isn’t the best machine for the job. But you likely will spend more for any other appliance in regards to chilling.Read more

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  3. Gary Fisher

    I’ve used thermoelectric / Peltier coolers for travel and camping but those devices are really too bulky to use in my office or kitchen (though I’ve done so over short periods). The YJHome Smart Cup Cooler fits nicely on a desk or countertop, looks like it belongs there, and works well for its intended purpose, which is to *keep* things cold (or warm), not to get them there from room temperature. A cold can of soda stays nice and cold all day, but a room-temperature can took about an hour to bring to drinking temperature. I’ve briefly experimented with the heating function, which works well but more for keeping things warm than for getting them there. Note that there is no “temperature setting” on the device; it can be put into cooling mode or heating mode, and will display the current temperature as it works, but it cannot be used to achieve a certain predetermined temperature. The device includes a very nicely made aluminum cup that is large enough in diameter to hold a standard drink can comfortably (the can, not necessarily the contents). That’s the best way to use YJHome’s Smart Cup Cooler, by putting a little water in the aluminum cup and sinking the can into that, which gives the best possible heat transfer – because a drink can is concave on the bottom, it has only minimal contact with the thermal plate by itself. Also, using the clear plastic cover limits how much room air gets around whatever is being cooled. The very best results, of course, come when the included aluminum cup itself is used to hold whatever beverage or food is being cooled or heated. Besides food and beverages, the YJHome Smart Cup Cooler is very effective for cooling or heating other things, from medications to biological samples to small parts, which could or must be at something other than room temperature. The operating noise is not unpleasant and in most environments would quickly fade into the background, but the device is not silent. I love mine and use it every day.Read more

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  4. S. J. K. Haley

    My first thought when I saw this item was that it looked interesting. Something that would keep drinks warm or cold without a large heating element or refrigerator. But my bottomline was that the item didn’t work in a way that is useful. Cool to the hand doesn’t equate with cold to drink, and the warming feature on my unit kept things tepid, at best. Cooling a can of soda from room temperature to cold and drinkable? Nope. Time after time, no deliverable Perhaps I got a bad unit? Well, it wasn’t noisy, but it didn’t deliver on its promises. Extra points were deducted for the lack of useable instructions and troubleshooting steps. Yes, I understand that pictographs are universal, but in this case, they weren’t helpful. The plastics felt cheap. For as much as I hate to say this, I cannot recommend this item.Read more

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  5. Dave Evers

    For some reason, this unit seems to heat liquids faster than it cools them down, but it’s nice to have the option. If you start with an already cold drink, this unit can keep it cold indefinitely. But if you’re starting from room temperature, it seems to take longer to cool the drink down than it does to take room temperature to hot for something like tea. Probably there’s a formula involved somewhere. But a really useful gadget to have around.Read more

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    YJHome Smart Cup Cooler Coffee Warmer Mug Desktop Mini Refrigerator Electric Travel Heating Cooling Cup Portable Beverage Drink Chiller US Plug For Desk Coffee Beer Milk Cola Water Wine Drink
    YJHome Smart Cup Cooler Coffee Warmer Mug Desktop Mini Refrigerator Electric Travel Heating Cooling Cup Portable Beverage Drink Chiller US Plug For Desk Coffee Beer Milk Cola Water Wine Drink


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