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Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Assorted Ink, 4-Pack

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0.7mm fine point retractable ballpoint pen features a contemporary, stainless steel barrel that resists corrosion and is easier to sanitize than plastic
Easy-glide ink brings top of the line writing performance to your everyday needs, like note-taking, document signing, filling out forms and making lists
Durable stainless steel barrel resists corrosion and has a modern, attractive appearance with a non-slip grip for writing comfort and ease; Shorter length fits inside shirt pockets
Convenient metal clip makes these instruments a fantastic grab and go option, attaching to your pocket, planner or briefcase pocket
This 4-pack of sturdy ballpoint pens is refillable with Zebra Pen F-Refill; Built for boardrooms, courtrooms, medical settings, and personal use, the F-301 adds personal style to your work


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Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen is sleek, sophisticated and easy to sanitize. This hard-working metal pen brings industry-leading precision and stability to your writing. The refillable F-301 has a metal plunge, clip and cone for an executive look. Retractable ballpoint pens have assorted ink and a 0.7mm fine point tip. Corrosion resistant, stainless steel barrel is easier to sanitize than plastic. Shorter barrel slips easily into shirt pockets. Comfort grip matches barrel accents. Metal clip readily attaches to a notebook, planner, work bag or briefcase pocket. This 4-count pack of attractive pens with assorted ink is perfect for home, school or office. Includes 1 each of black, blue, red and green. Clean and stylish, this trusted pen is suitable for boardrooms, courtrooms, classrooms, medical settings, offices and job sites. It’s the right pen for any job.

Specification: Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Assorted Ink, 4-Pack

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

10 reviews for Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Assorted Ink, 4-Pack

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Brian

    These are my favorite pens on the face of the earth. I know that makes me sound like a bit of a dork… but, I’m a counselor, and I work in a school, and so I don’t get to have many nice things. These pens feel classy, but they’re not super expensive. They’re durable, and they’re clean, and they’re crisp. They write well, they’re refillable, and they’re easy to hold. I like that they come in different colors, too. I spend probably 20% of my gross income on Amazon, and, as much crap as I buy from this god-forsaken pit of financial despair, this is the one product that I would buy a hundred times over. These pens are fabulous.Read more

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  2. Caitlyn

    I’m a pen fanatic. I love all pens, I buy too many. I don’t wait to use up the whole pen before buying more. I have a problem. Typically my favorite pen is a gel pen that is thick, think like something like papermate ink joy. I love different colored pens too. I had never tried this brand before. I remember kids using it in high school and I was always thinking it looked like a really expensive fancy pen. I didn’t think I would like it because of the thin metal barrel. Let me tell you- this pen is a game changer for me. I tried it on a whim and love it! No ink skipping, it writes smoothly and neatly, my handwriting looks like someone else is writing with the pen because it’s so nice and neat looking! I don’t know if there’s really such a thing as a pen that can make handwriting better- but this would be it. And I don’t think my handwriting is really that bad, I have really loopy handwriting but when I get to writing fast it looks sloppy. This pen prevents that somehow. It’s beautiful and easy to read ink. The different colors are a bonus, I use it in my budget planner to help plan out my bills for the month. I think I’ve found my new favorite pen. Excited to try out the Zebra mechanical pencils next! Also-as a side note if you watch the Netflix series Daredevil (Marvel show)- I noticed one of the characters using this pen! Because it’s such an expensive looking pen probably. But the price is right on here! You’ll love this pen, trust me.Read more

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  3. Katie

    I got the multi-pack, with black, blue, red, and green. I really like the color variety (I love the green!), but I’ll be replacing these pens as soon as I find something I like better. I’m a College student with bad handwriting, so fine writers go a long way for legibility. These are definitely fine writers– good! But, I wasn’t super impressed with the pen itself. They get three stars, since they are, indeed, black/blue/red/green pens of very good construction quality– No problems there, and I’m not gentle with them. I’ve been using these pens daily for just shy of a month (I received them mid-September, it’s currently the 8th of October) Here are my observations with them: My issue is mostly that I don’t find them to be “smooth” writers. I don’t feel confident that they’ll actually write unless I’m being a bit more heavy-handed. Maybe I got a bad batch, but these pens do skip a bit, especially if I’m writing lightly. I also get some ink globs/clots/blotts, though, conveniently enough, none decided to do that while writing the sample. They feel– not “scratchy,” but “friction-y?” They don’t feel “smooth;” it’s like I can feel the friction in the rollerball when I write (in the ball itself; not the tip against the paper). Even after almost a month of use, they haven’t “loosened up,” and they still don’t “glide” across paper like a pen might. They feel more like a pencil than a pen. (Don’t let me deter you if you like that sort of pen, though!) My red pen is really starting to go. I have no idea if this is a fault with the red pen or just a random fluke. It’s only the red pen, even though none of the pens were treated differently from any other (though I do have a slight preference towards the green). Maybe I got a bad batch? Maybe I’m expecting to much? Who knows! I’ll try a few other pens and revisit this, maybe. I want a pen that’s very fine, glides well, and will write cleanly with minimal pressure. For now: I’ll give these a solid “Not what I’m looking for.” Not smooth enough, mostly, and I don’t have as much confidence in them as I’d like. I just ordered thePilot Hi-Tec-C Maica, 0.3 mm . We’ll see how they fare.Read more

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  4. Somethingsomethingdarkside

    It’s a zebra pen…. need I say more? Of course I should. For those that have never used one, let me just tell you that I have been using the SAME PEN for almost 10 years!!!!! I am very OCD about my pens. This thing has lasted me 2 husbands, 1 dog, 6 moves, and many late nights at the bar writing down the wrong phone number for a guy who looks like a future ex boyfriend. I’m pretty sure this pen has super powers with how long it has lasted… Also, you MUST get the fine point. If you’re like me, and don’t like the thickness of lines that you get from other pens, these are a must have. ** Update 1/2019: I finally lost my pen; it was a sad day in my household…. condolences can be sent in the form of a new Zebra pen. :'(Read more

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  5. Randall Erwin

    Of course these look great and are sturdy. Unfortunately, they are not smooth writers. Some of my sticky notes they skip and don’t like to write on. Regardless of the paper, they are kind kind of not smooth and have too much friction. The ink is rather bland and boring and I don’t like the way they feel when they write. Now I do have one of the Zebra G-301 (I think, the paint is rubbed off) Gel pens and that writes phenomenally. The ink is great and is bold even though it’s thin and easy to read. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in colors, so I tried these, and they are a dud, unless you just value something that looks nice over how it writes. For now I’m swapping back to my Pilot Precise V5 roller balls for my red green and blue, and I’ll keep my Zebra G301 gel for black (because it really is amazing).Read more

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  6. vicm3

    Me gusta mucho la marca zebra la F301 es la pluma que traigo de batalla, por supuesto tengo una bic azul para cuando la piden prestada en la oficina pero las que uso más son este modelo, no he roto ninguno aunque ya tengo un par que deben rondar la década lo que si he tenido que comprar los repuestos que en cualquier papelería medianamente grande se pueden encontrar originales o genericos, yo prefiero los originales puesto que incluyen un resorte de recambio que es la siguiente pieza que se gasta con el tiempo. En los repuestos no he podido encontrar más que tinta azul y negra, el rojo no lo uso tanto pero quería tenerlo en este modelo de pluma y fue más barato comprar el paquete y tener extra el verde, que comprar directamente con zebra el repuesto de color rojo (costo + envio) era un poco menor que el costo total de este paquete. No son tan cómodas como una Sheaffer o tan firmes como una Parker, pero cuestan una fracción del costo de las otras y sus repuestos también son económicos y al menos son tan durables como las mencionadas.Read more

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  7. Montana

    I love these pens! I have a lifetime of bad luck with pens and it’s rare I find a pen that doesn’t give me problems, these are the pens that make me smile. They never let me down, my go to pens. I’ve had two black ones for a few years and decided to purchase the 4 pack multi color, they write just as nicely as my other 2 year old black ones.Read more

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  8. vicm3

    Que había de color rojo de estas plumas, cuando he comprado sus repuestos he visto que hay azul y negro, el rojo me pareció una buena adición y el color de las plumas me gusto, de hecho tengo un juego azul, son cómodas para escribir y me gusta el punto fino que tienen. Tendré que buscar el repuesto de color rojo aún cuando no lo uso tanto como para que se acabe pronto. El único pero que les pongo es que la parte de plástico es totalmente de plástico en lugar de ser un añadido sobre el tubo de metal, por lo que si se llega a romper, aunque son muy resistentes, es más fácil remplazar la pluma completa que arreglarla o al menos no he buscado mucho tiempo un repuesto y para lo que cuestan no sé si valga la pena. Ojo hay un juego de plumas de este mismo color donde todas son de tinta negra o azul y sólo cambian los colores de las plumas.Read more

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  9. Drugger

    Breaks at the joint very easily. There’s no point in these being steel if they’re just as fragile as a 3 cent Bic plastic pen. The tip is also too fine. Cuts paper if you’re not careful. Broke within the first day and got ink all over. Worst pens I’ve used so far.Read more

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  10. tfstar08

    I’ve been using these pens for several months and I love them. The stainless-steel barrels are stylish and practical. The ink flows smoothly and doesn’t smudge easily. Refills are easy to find and the black and blue ones are economical (I’m not sure why refills for the red pen cost more). These pens do have a narrow barrel which can cause hand fatigue during long writing sessions.Read more

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    Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Assorted Ink, 4-Pack
    Zebra Pen F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Assorted Ink, 4-Pack


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