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Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector | STV-90 Version 2 | Laundry Dryer Snap to Vent 90 Degree Elbow

(11 customer reviews)

DOES THE TRICK: The Snap-to-Vent simple design gives you the power to hook up your dryer in just a matter of a few minutes. No more fiddling around with rigid metal dryer clamps!
SAVES YOU MONEY: Our silicon seal ring gives you an airtight dryer connection, making your dryer more efficient while using less energy. This means your clothes get dryer faster and you save money on your power bill!
AVOID THE HEADACHE: The STV-90 lets you to push your dryer up against your wall without kinking or crushing the hose and losing airflow. Simply slide it on and push your dryer back.
WORKS WITH YOUR HOSE: We’ve updated our design to fit any 4” vent ducting, whether beveled or straight. You don’t need to go searching for the right sized clamp anymore–we’ve got you covered!
EFFORTLESS AND DURABLE: Our sturdy elbow connector makes set up simple and a one-time project. Your STV-90 is sure to last longer than any other duct clamp out there!


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Date First Available: May 16, 2016. Best Sellers Rank: #5,877 in Tools & Home Improvement. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 4,363 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B01FF4ASTS. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Batteries Included?: ‎No. Number Of Pieces: ‎3. Item Package Quantity: ‎1. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No. Item model number: ‎STV-90. Product Dimensions: ‎6.25 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches. Item Weight: ‎8 ounces. Part Number: ‎STV-90. Manufacturer: ‎Design-Tek.

Specification: Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector | STV-90 Version 2 | Laundry Dryer Snap to Vent 90 Degree Elbow

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 4.5 × 5.5 in

11 reviews for Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector | STV-90 Version 2 | Laundry Dryer Snap to Vent 90 Degree Elbow

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Erika

    Exacto a las medidas, quedo perfecto y se ahorro el espacio, recomendadoRead more

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  2. Average Guy

    I wound up tossing the elbow pieces. The elbow piece does not stay on the dryer or the wall outlet. What worked though–and worked fantastically!–was the collar that attaches to the flexible hose. There are fingers that go inside the hose and grip it. Then you have a firm collar you can use to attach to things. I wound up putting the rubbery band on the dryer outlet and the wall outlet, then pushing that collar/tube on. It stayed put really well. If you wanted to take it off it can be done but it is really stuck firm so that you no longer have to worry about moving your dryer. The elbow does not stay on like that, it just falls off with the least movement. To be fair, the instructions say to push the dryer and that against the wall. That would keep it in place; the back of the elbow is flat as you can see from the picture. So, if you can get it there without it falling off, you’d be set. What I didn’t like about that plan is that it is deeper than I wanted; it keeps the dryer too far from the wall. Also, it depends on it all staying put. I added some pics and also a bonus video of how I moved my LG dryer. Take out the drawer (requires removing four screws) and then you can leverage it. I show moving it back but, surprisingly, using the same technique, if you lift slightly you can easily pull towards you as well. Taking out the drawer gives you access to a strong brace you can grab.Read more

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  3. jb3amz

    I generally don’t leave negative reviews, but in this case it is needed. This is a great idea, but simply does not work, at least for me. I am not a novice at this stuff. As others have said, it will only fit in certain perfect situations. I got it on with the gasket, but it is not a secure connection and will fall off. If you have to use aluminum duct tape, what’s the point, might as well use it on the hose itself. I had better luck with the straight connector, the elbow connector requires you to wedge it against the wall to keep it in place. Returned them both. Be warned, Amazon now defaults to drop off at Kohls, that would be fine, but nearest Kohls to me is a two hour drive, don’t think so Amazon.Read more

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  4. Charles W.

    I used semi-rigid dryer vent hose instead of the more flexible aluminum foil/vinyl type ducting. The reason is the semi-rigid type is all metal and more fire-safe. The snap to vent 90 is a nice concept. But it has some problems – It does not work well with the all metal semi-rigid ducting. First it’s very hard to get the semi-rigid inserted into the snap-in collar, and then very hard to get the snap-in collar with the ducting attached to snap into the 90 degree “L”. Secondly being semi-rigid when you slide the dryer back it tends to want to make the 90 degree “L” come lose from the dryer. And finally, the 90 degree “L” is really relying on being shoved against the wall (baseboard in my case) to hold it onto the dryer. That will result in marks on the baseboard or wall I think. The fit between the dryer and the “L” is “iffy” in my opinion. And the vinyl friction sleeve that holds the dryer outlet connection seemed to not be quite a perfect fit to the inside of the “L” so when inserting the “L” onto the dryer most times the vinyl friction sleeve would get misaligned and not hold. The good: Nice concept, a push on “L” dryer vent end. The bad: Do not use this with all metal semi-rigid ducting. It creates as many problems as it solves in this case because of the stiff semi-rigid ducting. I would have returned it unused if I had known then what I learned in the installation. If you are going to use semi-rigid all metal ducting for fire safety reasons, get a metal 90 degree L instead. It won’t be any more difficult in the end and more fire-safe on my opinion.Read more

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  5. Tom C.

    It’s a really cool idea but not well made plastic. This was a total loss of time and money for me. I had to fight to get the hose to stay on when I figured a way to duck tape it on to make it stay it easily broke when pushing the dryer back. The plastic is so thin it will not hold up I never got to use it for 1 cycle. Was a total loss of what I paid for it. I think this has a lot of potential if it was made of metal or stronger plastic. Don’t take the risk like I did. If taking the time to write this stops one person from buying this product I would be grateful. If it stops most everyone then the manufacturer may take notice and build it stronger and redesign it.Read more

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  6. Will from Omaha

    You have to push the dryer against the wall or this WILL FALL OFF. That little clear rubber gasket does NOT keep this 90 degree turn in place. BUT it is alot easier than tightening a clamp in tight spaces. In the pictures you can see how tight my space was so I guess with THAT in mind it worked will. Not sure if it was worth the money. I did get the OTHER end as well to quick connect to the wall for the same reason I got this end.Read more

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  7. holz

    I liked the design for this on the website and when installing it now the “fingers” do seem to be a good idea for locking the hose in place. A couple of problems though: 1) I have a new GE energy-start dryer which works well, but the friction fit side of the duct unit does not slip on perfectly to the dryer, and it falls with little effort. I put a 2×4 behind it to help keep it pushed on, and am just hoping that the dryer does not move around much or get bumped, or it will fall off. I suppose if worse comes to worse, I will need to duct tape it in place, but that would defeat the purpose of this unit (for me anyway) in that I am hoping it will allow for easy maintenance and clean-out of the duct periodically. 2) The second issue is that the the vent on the dryer is recessed a bit and the dryer bumps out a bit in back. So, unless I want to run the duct sideways and then up (meaning that I need to push out wall to allow more space for the vent duct) I have to put something behind the dryer to help keep the duct fitting in place. So, in summary, the finger side of the unit is well thought out, but the friction side needs a little more work. I bought two of these, and will try the other one on an older dryer that we have — maybe it will work better.Read more

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  8. Sam

    I always get nervous of things like this, I usually assume it will catch lint in the corner or something but I’ve checked it. So far so good.Read more

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  9. Agostino Colavincenzo

    so easy to install, everyone should have 1 to nicely organize behind your dryer.Read more

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  10. Karl McQuillan

    New connection for dryer. So much easier than old traditional hose connectionRead more

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  11. J MAL

    Garbage product, does not fit the standard dryer exhaust and doesn’t stay fitted to the dryerRead more

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    Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector | STV-90 Version 2 | Laundry Dryer Snap to Vent 90 Degree Elbow
    Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector | STV-90 Version 2 | Laundry Dryer Snap to Vent 90 Degree Elbow


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